UGG Bailey Bow II Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
UGG - the brand that stormed the market in 2003 and found most young adults and teenagers put them on their bucket list. When Oprah added them to her 'Favourite Things', the brand exploded overnight, and it hasn't looked back.

UGG boots are renowned for their warmth and comfort. Yes, if trendy, quality, branded boots are what you are in search of, then, well UGG is a great choice.

Available in a range of colors, the UGG Bailey Bow II boot is a really gorgeous-looking pair of shoes and great for wearing with jeans for a casual day out. The bow at the back adds that bit of detail that makes this boot stand out from other UGG’s.

The traditional suede is used for the body of the boot and it rises further up the calf with the sheepskin lining poking out of the top, another feature that I think adds that little bit more zazz to the look of the boot.

I’ve never been disappointed with the UGG brand; you get a quality pair of boots that feel like slippers but look better. Your feet will gladly receive these beauties.

If you’re not sold on the brand, then let’s see if I can convince you with some further info.
UGG Bailey Bow II Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Beautifully feminine and stylish design

Pre-treated for stains and water

As comfortable as slippers

Treadlite sole


High price

Can fit on the small size

Key Features


These boots certainly aren't made for a hike up a mountain; however, they are pretty though and great to wear with dresses, jeans, as a casual day boot, or to dress an outfit up at night. They offer great comfort, which is a bonus to any woman. We all know too well how it can hinder your night/day if your feet start to ache from uncomfortable footwear.

With sheepskin fur lining, the Bailey Bow II boots are ideal for winter nights. Your feet will be nice and toasty whilst you go about your business.


The Bailey II is a gorgeous pair of boots, they look the part and you’re not going to find a better-known brand than UGG. These UGGs offer two great features, they are pre-treated against water and stains, meaning there is no concern for being caught in the rain and them turning that nasty shade we see so many other boots turn. They also feature a lightweight sole for greater cushioning and durability.

Twin face sheepskin and suede is a truly beautiful combination making this boot easily a fashion statement to your outfit. They are true head-turners.


Here are the statistics; they are 16% more durable, 20% better traction on wet and dry surfaces, and have cushioning that lasts 25% longer, so they are improved from previous UGGs. The Bailey Bow II's have a treadlite outsole which gives great cushioning for the sole of the foot. The treadlite sole is also perfect for flexibility.

Sheepskin and suede are materials that will last. Sheepskin contours to the shape of the foot and resists compression, so it isn’t going to give way and go from a cushioned cloud to a flat pancake!


You are looking at UGGs so don't be surprised that, with their stature in the market, they have a heavy price. UGGs may be pricey, but they will surely last you and give you great comfort.

They can be partnered with anything, they aren't just a boot for a certain outfit, they can be worn with multiple attires, so your money is being well spent.

I can’t say much more than that, if you want quality from an extremely popular and luxurious brand then expect to put your hand a little further into your pocket.

Comparison to Similar Boots

If the Bailey Bow II’s are slightly too girly for you with the bows at the back of the shaft, then perhaps you may wish to look at a pair of different UGG's.

The UGG Classic boot are equally as fashionable and have all the same attributes that the Bailey Bow's do. The difference is they have an 8-inch shaft.

Another pair of lovely boots you may wish to consider are the TF Star Cow Suede Leather Boots. These are equally pleasing to look at and have a waterproof shell, so they may be better for you if you are looking for a pair of boots that you might want to use in wetter conditions. They are also much cheaper than UGGs and have a nice pattern on the material which would add to any outfit.

The difference with these boots is due to the waterproof shell you can use these boots in the snow also.


I really like the UGG Bailey Bow boot; they are extremely feminine and versatile. The tan color is a great one to add to your outfit and with the option of further colors, you are sure to find a pair that suits you. The inner wool lining is a fabulous material for winter and the fact it resists compression is a bonus.

Yes, they are expensive.UGG is a brand that is liked by celebrities and many influencers, so if you want to wear brands that are in trend, well you're going to pay for them. You can purchase them from many high street retailers which is another bonus.

Final words – Beautiful, stylish, and worth the money.