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By investing in the innovative technology that gave way to the new age of connected smart scales, you step right into the future, or onto the future. Why spend your money on a new scale when the one you already own works perfectly fine? The one you already have probably does work fine, but it also probably doesn’t read your body composition. And even if it does read more than just your total weight, it most likely isn’t able to be connected to devices in order to sync your information to an app. With smart scales, they can.

Smart scales come in handy for gaining insight into your potential health risks and what you have too much of or not enough of, such as fat. When you use a smart scale you can prevent health risks, reverse health risks, and even catch the early warning signs of conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease. Smart scales can also help in your weight loss or weight gain efforts, as well as muscle gain and other goals.

The Qardiobase 2 records your weight (in pounds or kilograms), BMI, and changes in body fat, muscle, bone, and water composition. It can record weight from nine pounds to three hundred and ninety-six pounds, or five kilograms to one hundred and eighty kilograms. This scale works great on flat surfaces as well as surfaces like carpet. A lot of scales can’t be used on carpet or other soft areas.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Full body composition

Works on carpet

Sync other compatible devices

Free health app

Weight loss companion


Comparatively expensive

Mixed reviews


In 2012, Rosario Iannella and Marco Peluso were inspired to revolutionize the way that we monitor our personal health. They set out to change the industry for healthcare by offering smarter, more effective, and easier solutions. That process began with making patients, doctors, users, and providers of healthcare more conscious. Rosario and Marco brought about innovative technology and top of the line design to provide the best user experience in the industry.

Today, one-third of adults are actually living with a heart condition that is chronic. Before, there was no easy way to monitor your heart health unless you wanted to sacrifice parts of your lifestyle. Qardio exists so that the future might just include healthier and longer lives.

The first product the company offered was QardioArm in 2014, which is a monitor for your blood pressure. The cool thing about it is that it is wireless and connects to the Health App through Apple. Two other products joined the lineup in 2015. These were the QardioBase and QardioMD. The first is a body analyzer/smart scale and the latter is a dashboard for doctors.


The QardioBase 2 records your weight in either pounds or kilograms, BMI, and any changes in your body fat, muscle, bone, and water composition. Keeping track of your metrics will help give you a broader view of your health overall so that you can determine where you may need to make lifestyle adjustments.

It is very beneficial to keep track of your weight on a regular basis, for a few reasons. When you pay attention to your weight, you can use it to help determine whether you’re healthy for your height, although that’s not the BEST way to determine your health, it’s body composition. But, when you watch your weight, it will encourage you to keep making better decisions in your everyday life.

When you measure your body fat, it can assist you in determining where you need to make adjustments in your lifestyle. If you’re overweight, obviously cut back on fatty foods. If you’re underweight you’ll want to begin a diet of healthy fats to help you gain the right kind of weight. Your BMI will also help you determine how much of your weight is due to fat.

Knowing how much water you’ve got in your body is going to help you become healthier as well. We all know that we need to drink water, but not many people take it seriously. Seeing it laid out in front of you though will help you stay encouraged to hydrate. The more hydrated you are, the better you’ll feel, and the more effective your efforts will be.

Weight Loss Companion

Something that people have been worried about for all of our entire existence is weight. Too heavy, too thin, just right. With today’s society and social media, it’s only getting worse. Everywhere you go, you see impossibly small women who are photoshopped and beauty touched. Don’t worry about your weight in order to please society, though. Manage your weight to give yourself a happier, longer, healthier life.

Something as simple as stepping onto a scale every morning can make you four times more likely to successfully lose your weight and keep it off. There’s no better compatibility partner than the scale because it sends your results right to your fingertips (in your phone). Watching the number on the scale is a stressful game for anyone. That’s why this scale has a setting that can give you a smiley face or a frowny face instead of giving your results in numbers so that you’re more likely to stay motivated without all the stress.

Use the stats that this scale and app provide for you, along with your activity tracker and nutrition tracker in order to use a triple threat against your weight struggles. Set goals for yourself and do what it takes to reach them! Make sure you’re ingesting enough to keep you going. Your biggest competition is yourself. Your biggest motivator is yourself.

Nutrition Tracking

The metrics that the scale measures, along with the benefits you can enjoy from the Qardio App, make it easy to use your health and fitness information to help you not only set goals but to achieve them as well. This app can be linked with your MyFitnessPal app so that you can keep all of your information in the same place, making your journey that much easier.

Via your MyFitnessPal account, you can set calorie goals for yourself and keep track of what you’re eating and drinking all day. You record everything you ingest into the app, it will evaluate the nutrition facts and let you know how you’re doing. It’s not necessarily always about the calories, so MyFitnessPal will break down the other nutrients for you too so that you know where to cut back or get more.

When you track your intake and output (eating/drinking and exercising), you become much more likely to succeed. The trick is to stay mindful of what you’re putting into your body and what you’re doing to make up for it.

Every time you step on your QardioBase scale, the results automatically sync to your Qardio App. View your results in convenient, easy to understand charts, and figure out what kind of lifestyle you need to adopt in order to live the way you want to while staying healthy at the same time.


Who would have thought there would come a day that the tools we use to determine how much our bodies weigh would be able to read so much more, or that they’d be able to transmit that information from the scale itself to another device that isn’t connected to it by a cord? It’s amazing how quickly technology advances. We are in that world now, and the industry is filled with these smart products.

The QardioBase 2 is equipped with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection abilities. Use either to connect to your Apple, Android, or Kindle devices. Your Apple device needs to be no older than iOS 10.0. In order to use this scale and the Qardio App with an Android device, it must be no older than Android 5. Kindle, Android Wear, and Apple Watch are also compatible. Bluetooth must be 4.0.

The Qardio App can also be connected to multiple compatible devices, such as the QardioArm (blood pressure monitor) and the QardioCore ECG monitor. Could it get any more convenient than being able to keep all of this information in the same place?

Qardio App

The scale/Qardio App can sync with some of your favorite apps in order to make your health and fitness goals easier than ever to track and accomplish. Some apps that you can sync to your Qardio account are MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Chronometer. It’s much easier to track all of your health when you can keep it all in the same

Track your nutrition on MyFitnessPal and your exercise on your phone’s fitness app, and pair the two apps with your Qardio App so that you can collectively get a look at your overall health. The scale can recognize up to eight users, each of which will get their own account so that the scale can keep the information personal and private. There is a setting on the scale for guest users as well.

With the Qardio App, you can also enjoy the added feature of pregnancy mode. You can enter your due date into the app and it will get to work tracking your progress during every trimester. It will show you charts and tell you how you should be growing and changing. You can even enter photos into the photo diary in the app to keep track of your tummy size.

Suggestions For Use

This scale may claim to work on any surface, but as a general role, you want to make sure you’re setting your scale on an even surface, even if it’s soft so that you can get the most accurate reading. Sometimes, the soft surfaces aren’t even enough and will alter the results. So just be careful and maybe do some test runs to see if the scale is reading the same on the carpet as the hard floor.

Before stepping onto any scale, you always want to make sure that your feet are dry, clean, and bare. This will help eliminate any debris, sweat, etc that may interfere with the readings. Be sure that you’re standing evenly on both sides of the scale, not leaning forward, backward, or sideways. Leaning will skew the results. Also, be sure to enter accurate information into your Qardio account in order to get the most precise results.

Make sure you store the scale in a dray area. Bathrooms are typically where you see scales, but some bathrooms don’t have proper ventilation and end up with a lot of moisture hanging out in the air. That’s not good for this scale. Also be sure to keep it away from anything magnetic, as it could affect the accuracy of the scale or even cause damage.

Bottom Line

Smart scales are quickly becoming a very hot item and the old style scales are quickly becoming relics. What worked perfectly well for so long now has gotten a complete makeover. Scales used to only be able to generate a number for you. That’s it. Just a number on a screen. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, though, scales can read your body composition so that you can know what your number actually means.

If you’ve got too much fat, not enough fat, your bones are losing mass, you don’t have enough muscle, or you need more water, you can find out by stepping on a scale. If you have any potential warning signs or risks of certain conditions, you can detect them and track them with a scale. The possibilities are plentiful when it comes to this technology.

For added convenience: The scale will vibrate when the reading has been completed. This feature is convenient for all, but especially for those who may be visually impaired. Also, the scale does not require batteries, though it is wireless. It comes with a USB cable to charge the scale. However, the scale only needs to be charged about every twelve months. You may charge it anytime you want, though.