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Headphones in today’s market cater to the active person as well as the busy person. Companies understand that consumers are after headphones that will stay put. We also want dependable audio quality, comfort, and wireless convenience. All, of course, with a long battery life.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit 500 on-ear headphones offer up all of the above. This headset can give you as much as eighteen hours of playback. All on a single charge. And they will automatically enter DeepSleep mode if they're left on or disconnect from your phone. So your battery life will stretch even further!

The Backbeat Fit 500 also has a protective coating. It guards against sweat and splashes to keep you grooving. And there is plenty of Memory Foam cushioning for lightweight comfort. They could easily become one of your gym bag essentials.

Their Bluetooth connection is incredibly strong. It is strong enough to keep you connected up to thirty-three feet from your paired device. With Plantronics' signature audio technology, you can count on perfectly balanced and rich and sound. Plantronics packed these headphones with a ton of features and loads of value. They're just the thing you need the next time you hit the trail or head to the gym.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Beautiful design

18-hour battery life

iOS/Android compatible

Moisture protection

Comparatively cheaper


No carrying case included

Consumers report connectivity issues


Polycom and Plantronics joined forces and are now known as ‘Poly’. Together, they are a communications company that is driven by real human connection and conversation. Every day, we pay attention to (even without realizing it) verbal cues and body language in order to decipher what somebody is trying to say to us.

Poly continuously finds new ways to incorporate these cues in consumers’ video and audio communication outlets so that they may replicate a face-to-face interaction. The company is passionate about this technology because they care about building intimacy, breaking down walls and crossing oceans, and nurturing the beauty of human interaction and connection.

Poly also cares about worldwide issues such as diseases, conflicts, hunger, lack of opportunity (in work and education), and discrimination. The company has many people who are focused on coming up with ideas for solutions to some of these problems. One heartwarming thing that Poly does is provide resources such as volunteers, mentors, and donations worldwide in order to help people gain access to the healthcare, education, and understanding of the world that they deserve.

Poly is also passionate about being kind to our planet. The planet that provides every single thing that we need in order to survive. Therefore, the company does its part in keeping the planet, the children who currently inhabit it, and the future generations, healthy.

Sound Quality

How do you end up with the sound in your headphones? Almost everybody has probably asked themselves this question a time or two. The answer is ‘driver’. The driver is the element that is located inside of a headphone. It converts electrical signals into audible sounds. It’s kind of like a miniature speaker inside of your headphones.

The parts that make up a driver unit include voice coils, a diaphragm, and a magnet. Drivers are typically measured by their diameter length and recorded in millimeters. The driver can be useful when you’re trying to figure out how the headset measures up with the quality of sound it produces. The drivers on this headset are forty millimeters.

These headphones go over your ears and therefore shut out a good amount of external noise. Over-ear headphones have bigger transducers which make them able to produce a better sound with better bass as well. Your ears being enclosed will ensure that you can enjoy your audio to its fullest potential.

This headset is equipped with advanced acoustic technology (AATC) in its speakers. AATC was founded in 1996 and produces top-of-the-line acoustic products like speakers, transducers, buzzers, sirens, indicators, earphones, etc.

Sound Isolation

Most commonly, when somebody puts on a pair of headphones, they’re trying to focus on their audio and tune out the rest of the world. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite band, watching a new movie, studying, or relaxing, you will love the sound isolation provided by the memory foam in the ear cups and headband.

Sound isolation means that the headphones are able to actually block external noise out via insulating materials. Even when you have headphones that have exceptional noise cancellation properties, you still want to have quality sound isolating properties as well. This way you can achieve the best possible effects.

Foam is a great material to use for sound isolation. There are many reasons for this. First, foam is light and soft, so it won’t weigh down your ears and head or irritate your ears. Foam is comfier than rubber.

Foam is also great because it is form fitting. It will be more efficient at blocking noise because it will conform to the shape of your ears. Because it can mold to your shape, it is able to create an effective seal that prevents external noise from coming in and any internal noise from leaking out.


This headset has a microphone in it that allows you to answer your calls and even access your voice command applications like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. There are controls on the headphones (the piece on your ear) that will give you the ability to skip song tracks, play/pause your music and/or videos, adjust the volume, and even answer and end calls.

There is one switch that slides and that is the power switch. There is also a button with the play/pause sign on it so that you may pause and resume conveniently. There are a forward button and a back button that you can use to change the track selection.

If you are connected to a device that has a voice assistant, you can connect it by pressing (and holding) the button used to call out. After two seconds you should hear a prompt on the phone. To answer a call, all you need to do is push the call button. To decline a call, press the call button and hold it down for two seconds.

If you want to call back the last person you dialed, tap on the call button twice in a row. If you press the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time you can turn the mute on or off. If you lose your headset, you won’t have to tear your house apart looking for it. Simply download the app on iOS or Android called Plantronics Hub, use Find My Headset in the app, and your headset will set off a tone.

Battery Life

For most people who use wireless headphones, the plan is to use them for a good portion of the day. Whether it be for phone calls, background music, watching movies, or gaming, it is important that the battery can live up to your demands, or at least give it a great shot.

Most of the time you can find the expected life of the battery advertised in the product description, based on an estimate from the company. When it comes to wireless earbuds, they usually are rated to last between six and eight hours with a full charge. Wireless headphones, on the other hand, can last as long as twenty-five hours.

The Backbeat Fit 500 headphones from Plantronics can give you up to eighteen glorious hours of use. Charge it overnight and it’ll be ready to go until you crawl back into bed the next evening. If you stay up longer than eighteen hours, just charge it when you’re not using it.

If you happen to accidentally leave your headphones turned on or they end up stuck in your gym bag, they will automatically enter DeepSleep mode which will keep the battery going for as long as six months.

Moisture Protection

This headset is protected from moisture, sweat, and spills via a nano-coating from P2i which is military grade. Nanoparticles form a coating by organizing themselves and bonding with the surface they’re applied to. When applied to a smooth and non-absorbent surface, the particles combine easily with it, making liquids become repelled by material that otherwise wouldn’t repel it.

By twenty-four hours with the coating applied, the surface develops its complete anti-adhesive property. A decrease in surface tension, allowed by the coating, makes it so that liquids can not adhere to the material anymore. Instead, they are repelled. The breathability, texture, and the look of the material that the coating is applied to are not affected at all.

Nanocoatings are so thin (just a few nanometers) that they are not visible without high magnification. One billionth of a meter is a nanometer. To put that into perspective, a piece of paper is as thick as one hundred thousand nanometers. On the other hand, a piece of DNA is just two and a half nanometers wide.

All of this is to say that the Backbeat Fit 500 is a great set of headphones to have if a rainstorm catches you mid-run.


When you turn your headphones on for the first time, they automatically begin to search for a Bluetooth device to connect with. When you switch them on, you will hear them say ‘pairing’ and there will be a flashing blue and red LED light.

Go into your settings on your phone (or other compatible devices) and activate your Bluetooth, making sure that it is set to be visible to other devices. The headphones will appear on the list as ‘PLT BBFIT500 Series’. Select, and they will pair.

You can connect your Mac to your headphones as well, as long as it is Bluetooth enabled. Simply put your headset into pairing mode by sliding and holding the power button to the side that is labeled with the Bluetooth icon. When you hear ‘pairing’ along with flashing LEDs (blue and red) you know that your headset is ready.

To finish the connection, go into your Apple menu on your Mac and select System Preferences. Go on to select Bluetooth. You will then need to click on Set Up New Device. When you see ‘PLT BBFIT500 series stereo’, click on it and then follow the instructions your screen shows.


A very important thing to look for when you’re purchasing any product is whether or not it has a warranty. Plantronics (Poly) covers their products with a limited warranty, so long as the items were purchased in their original packaging from Plantronics, its authorized sellers, or its subsidiaries.

The speed at which the warranty service team can reach and complete your product service will vary due to peak business time and availability of parts locally. If they need to send out for parts, it will obviously take longer to complete your service.

When you send your item in with a warranty claim, you must handle the cost of insurance, shipping charges, and any other expenses related to transporting the item to Plantronics.

The warranty goes into effect the day that you purchase your item. Your receipt from the purchase will show the date that you bought the item. Generally, the warranty periods offered range from one to three years. Consult your packaging for the specific warranty your product comes with.

Under this warranty, Plantronics reserves the right to repair (or replace) consumers’ products with new or nearly new parts, components, or products that are equivalent in reliability and performance, products that have been refurbished with new components, or with a product that is equivalent to the product originally purchased if it was discontinued.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a gym rat, trail explorer, morning walker, or a professional gamer, you can enjoy all of the benefits that this set of headphones has to offer. You can even pair them up with a great running armband for a perfect hands-free run.

Connect two devices to the headphones simultaneously, and have as many as eight paired to be able to connect. The Bluetooth range is considered Class Two, and it can reach up to thirty-three feet. This means that as long as you are thirty-three feet away or closer to your connected device your headphones will pick up what you’re streaming.

Easily and conveniently store the headphones by rotating the ear cups so that they lay flat. You can connect the headphones to an app on your Apple or Android device in order to easily update your headphones.

This headset is available in either teal or black, and it comes at a very reasonable price compared to others of its kind.