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When it comes to wireless audio, you have a wide range of options. You can choose earbuds (in-ear) or headphones (either on or over-ear). All of the options are great choices, you just have to decide which suits your needs best.

With the JLab Flex Sport headphones, you can enjoy up to twenty hours of playback on a full charge. Via Bluetooth connection, you can stream to your headset from your compatible device from up to thirty feet away. The removable, washable, moisture-wicking ear pads will provide comfort, security, and great sound.

From the headphones, you can control the volume, answer/end calls, skip tracks, and more without having to mess with your phone. The JLab Flex Sport may not be on the cheaper side of the spectrum as far as headphones are concerned, but it does come with a two-year warranty and thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Washable cups and band

Great battery life


Noise canceling


Some durability issues

Not adjustable enough

Be Aware Audio

JLab has a cutting-edge technology that is called Be Aware, and it allows in ambient noise from outside to come through the headphones. Some people may not want this feature. For those of you who wish to have sound canceled, just triple tap on each speaker to turn it off. This feature will help phone calls feel natural and keep you aware of your surroundings while you’re busy running or talking or watching a video. Your music will still be loud and clear.

There are many reasons and situations where the Be Aware Audio featured on the JLab Flex Sport will come in handy. When you’re running outside you’ll be able to hear cars and other safety-concerning sounds. If you’re riding on a bicycle or motorcycle, you’ll be able to hear cars approaching. Keep your connected phone close by using an exercise belt.

If you’re working out in the gym with a friend, you’ll be able to listen to your music and hold a conversation at the same time. If you’re busy at work, you’ll be able to answer a coworkers’ question without having to be bothered to pause your music. Calls will feel more natural because it will be as if the person is in the room with you.

The most important point to make here is that this feature will help keep you safe if you use it.


When it comes to battery life, everybody wants the best, right? As far as wireless earbuds go, the typical battery life is between six and eight hours on a single charge. For wireless headphones, they can last as long as twenty-five hours in some cases.

With the JLab Flex Sport, you can enjoy twenty hours of playback from a single full charge. This should be plenty to get you through your morning workouts all week, your lunch breaks, and your video games. If you’re using them all day, you may be able to get two days out of them. Otherwise, you could get quite a bit of time out of just one charge. Check out more headsets that get great battery life here.

If you do happen to run the battery out while you’re not at home, you can simply recharge them with a type-C USB cable. All you need to do is find an outlet. Thanks to modern technology, you can even charge them in your car.


Something that is obviously very important when shopping for headphones is how they fit. Especially if you’re an active person. They need to be able to stay put on your head. But you don’t want them so tight that they are uncomfortable.

There are adjustments that can be made to the headphones to get them to fit better. There are tension bands in the headband. To have a tight fit, just leave both tension bands in place. If you’d like a ‘normal’ fit, take out one tension band. To achieve a loose fit, take out both tension bands.

The ear cups are designed to cover the entire ear. The only problem here is that not everyone has the same ear shape and/or size. There has been a consumer report that the cups did not cover his entire ears. His earlobes were not covered. He did, however, also say that he is a large person, and maybe that is why they didn’t fit him right.

Although the headband can be adjusted by adding and removing tension bands, there isn’t enough adjustment room. Some people have taller heads. Some people have shorter heads. A great solution for these people would be to purchase earbuds instead.


The JLab Flex Sport comes with music and microphone controls built into the ear cups. This allows you to skip tracks, play/pause, answer and end phone calls, and adjust the volume without having to reach for your phone. There is also a microphone to make phone calls more clear. Some consumers have claimed that the microphone doesn’t help with their phone call quality.

The top elongated oval button is used to turn the volume up (by clicking once), and to skip forward a track (by pressing and holding for one second). The middle circle button is used to turn the JLab Flex Sport on and off (by pressing and holding for three seconds), it will play, pause, answer, and end calls with one click, and when you click it twice you activate Siri or OK Google. It is also the button you’ll use to pair your Bluetooth devices.

The bottom elongated button will turn your volume down with one click, and skip backward a track when pressed and held for one second. The big circle button on the outside of the headset is used to turn ambient noise on and off (by clicking once). If you press and hold it for two seconds, you can change the sound settings between JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost, to achieve the perfect sound for you.


The JLab Flex Sport comes equipped with three sound preference settings. The three options are JLab Signature Sound, Balanced Sound, and Bass Boost Sound. The best part is that you don’t need an app to do this. The control is on the headset.

The first sound setting is the Signature Sound (C3). C3 stands for Crystal Clear Clarity. C3 technology provides a crisp, clean, rich sound with bass that pumps, mids that are song-defining, and highs that are vibrant.

The Balanced Sound setting gives you an even, clean tone across the board. You can better enjoy certain audiobooks, podcasts, and classical music with this sound setting. This type of audio doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles for you to appreciate their sound.

Lastly, the Bass Boost Sound setting. This one focuses, you guessed it, on a harder pumping bass and sub-bass. This setting is perfect for those who need to get pumped up for their workouts. It can also come in handy when you’re feeling frustrated and want to listen to angry music. This setting works best with rap, electric, and hip-hop music because they tend to have more bass in their audio.


It’s not only athletic people that experience sweat. So, it’s not only athletic people that can benefit from the fact that the JLab Flex Sport is sweat resistant. Whether you’re on a ten-mile run, doing a short workout at the gym, or sitting in your car on lunch break, sweat can happen anytime. And what would be worse than your sweat ruining your headphones, right?

The JLab Flex Sport was designed to be able to resist sweat in even the most sweat-producing activities (rated IPx4). The earpads are even able to be hand-washed, or even lightly machine washed so that they won’t become gross and smelly. The earpads will wick up moisture throughout the day to give you comfort even when you’re sweating. There are sweat-resistant earbuds available as well if that’s more your style.


When you are first opening up your JLab Flex Sport headphones, you have choices for how you want the headband to fit. You can choose to have a loose fit by not having a tension band at all. You can have a normal fit with the JLab Flex Fit band. Or you can have a tight fit by adding the Firm Fit band. If you wear them without any of the bands, they do provide better breathability.

There is an option to have a soft pad in the headband that will help to wick sweat away and provide some additional comfort. The fact that the earpads also wick away sweat means that your ears and head will be free from the uncomfortable feeling of it. The earpads are also very soft with their polyurethane foam that is covered by a polyester-cotton blend.

If this all sounds terrible to you, and you’d prefer an in-ear experience, check here.


Something that puts people off about over-ear headphones is the fact that they are simply larger. This means they’re easier to get dirty and harder to clean, usually. However, the team that designed the JLab Flex Sport headphones didn’t want you to be deterred for those reasons.

Therefore, they incorporated parts that are removable so that you can easily clean them and replace them. The JLab Flex Sport ear pads wick up moisture during the day to keep you free from excess, bothersome sweat getting into your ears. You can imagine that it wouldn’t take long for the ear pads to build up some bacteria and stink.

There’s also a moisture-wicking headband pad included. If you choose to use it, it is removable. You can remove both the headband pad and the ear pads and either wash them by hand or lightly machine wash them. If this sounds like too much work, check out a different headset.


The JLab Flex Sport is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 that will reach up to thirty feet away from the device that it is paired with. Keep your phone close with an armband. The newest version of Bluetooth communication is Bluetooth 5.0. This update is most commonly implemented in wireless headphones, mice, keyboards, and gaming controllers. It’s also common in smart home devices.

There are many benefits to using the newest version of Bluetooth, but you can only experience the benefits if your JLab Flex Sport is paired with a device that also runs on Bluetooth 5.0. If your accessories were designed to run an outdated version, they will not allow you to fully experience the headphones’ potential.


It’s important to know whether you get a warranty or money-back guarantee anytime you’re purchasing something electronic. The JLab Flex Sport does, in fact, come with a thirty-day guarantee and a two-year warranty.

JLab is committed to customer satisfaction, and therefore are willing to repair, replace, or refund products when they deem it's necessary. Your product will be covered for two years by a warranty. In these two years, JLab will repair your product any time something goes wrong. If it can not be repaired, they will replace it. However, you can not decide to ask for a refund after the thirty days are up.

Within the first thirty days post-purchase, you may return or exchange your JLab Flex Sport. In order to file a claim, visit JLab’s website for contact information.

Outside of the two-year guarantee that their products will not have defects in workmanship or materials, JLab does not offer any other warranty. It is highly recommended that you treat your JLab Flex Sport headphones like they are a treasured item. All of the claims submitted are require JLab authorization at their discretion.

Bottom Line

The JLab Flex Sport headset is wireless and runs on Bluetooth 5.0. In order to get the most out of the latest version of Bluetooth, pair will a device that is also running on Bluetooth 5.0. You can be as far from your device as thirty feet and still be able to listen to your music, watch your video, or continue your phone call.

If you’re using the JLab Flex Sport for any activity that makes you sweat, you’ll love that the soft ear cups are made of moisture-wicking material to keep your ears dry and comfortable all day long. The ear cups can even be removed and washed, as can the headband pad.

The battery will last you up to twenty hours on a full charge. If you’re in a hurry and need a boost in battery life, a ten-minute charge will earn you one more hour of playback. The JLab Flex Sport headphones are the over-ear style, and they are able to either cancel out external noise or open up to ambient sound to keep you safe on the streets.

Customers do wish that the JLab Flex Sport headband were more adjustable for taller or shorter heads, and they claim that there are issues with durability. But, with a thirty-day money-back guarantee, and a two-year warranty, what do you have to lose?