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If you're shopping for a running band that is cheap and comfortable, then the iMangoo Armband will be the perfect option for you. It feels excellent along your skin and will stay securely in place. There isn't any need to worry about it falling down your arm or breaking apart while you're working out.

Customers love the design of the armband; it even has pockets. It has a little storage pouch so you can carry the essentials with you when you leave the house.

If you like to get up and go but hate throwing your phone in your pocket, the iMangoo Armband might be the right choice for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Storage pockets

Size variations

Long lifespan



Not for larger phones

Lack of color options


The iMangoo Armband has an excellent design, giving you everything you need and expect from this type of product. Of course, you will get the band that wraps around your arm so you can keep your phone with you while you're on the go. Additionally, this sports band will allow you to strap it to your wrist if that is what you prefer.

The transparent screen protector that covers your device will still allow you full access to your phone's touchscreen. You will still be able to answer texts or control your music with ease. It's nice to know that you can always use your phone without having to take it out of the pouch.

The great part is, the pockets have zip closures. You won't have to worry about your phone or belongings falling out of the armband while you're active. Just zip it and up put your mind at rest.

One of the thing that consumers like about the iMangoo Armband is the pockets. There are three pockets for you to store your essentials. The first layer, the one with the screen protector, is for your cell phone. There is also a card slot so you can carry around your credit cards or ID while you're out. Finally, there is a separate pocket that you can use for small objects, such as keys, cash, or earbuds. By using this armband, you are eliminating the need to carry around an additional bag or pouch while you're working out. You can keep the things you need within arms reach.

This band comes in a couple of different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your phone size. The smaller one doesn't have any color options; it is only available in black. The larger one, however, has two choices available. You can get the band in either black or pink.

The iMangoo Armband has an overall great design that customers love and appreciate while they're working out.


The iMangoo Armband uses high-quality materials in the construction of their product. The nylon premium fabric will help ensure that it will stay intact throughout your exercise. It is highly durable and will not suffer from premature wear and tear.

The band is skin-friendly. It feels soft along your arm and will not irritate due to rubbing. The soft materials will give you a pleasant experience while you're out and about.

The fabric is washable so you can keep it clean and smelling fresh. There isn't any need to worry about running around with a stinky armband. It's breathable and lightweight. The iMangoo Armband's fabric is genuinely comfortable and durable, making an excellent choice for your adventures.


Customers can agree that the iMangoo Armband is comfortable while they're wearing them. The soft materials that make up the construction feel wonderful along their skin. It will not rub uncomfortably along your skin, causing pain and irritation.

No matter what you are doing or wherever you are heading, the iMangoo Armband will be a great companion. It will sit on your arm comfortably so you will have a pleasant experience throughout the day.

It's lightweight, so it will not feel like a burden. Most of the weight will come from your phone and other belongings you stash in the pockets. The more you are carrying and the larger your cellphone, the heavier the armband will be.


The armband should have no problem staying on your arm or wrist while you're active. It provides you with a snug and secure fit, so it remains where you need it. It's frustrating when you have to keep pulling the band up your arm. Thankfully, that isn't something that you'll have to deal with when it comes to this armband.

It's essential that you get a good fit. If you strap it too tight along your arm, you run the risk of it irritating your skin or cutting into your arm. On the other side, if it's too loose, it will slide down your arm throughout your workout.

The band itself has a little stretch to it so you can achieve a secure and comfortable fit. It has a hook and loop strap so you can make adjust the size as needed. The armband is 45 cm (17.72 inches), so as long as your arm is smaller than that, you should have no problem with it fitting. If you have a more massive arm than that, you might want to consider a different option, one with band extenders.


The iMangoo Armband is perfect for a plethora of activities. If you are active and enjoy taking your phone along with you, then this is a great option. It will let you strap your phone right to your arm or your wrist, so you can have it wherever you are.

The intended use is for those who lead an active lifestyle. It is a perfect piece of running or gym gear as it will let you carry your phone and other essentials with ease. Customers like it because they don't have to shove their phone in their pockets or bags. They can literally keep it within arms reach.

You will have the ability to use your phone's touchscreen while in the iMangoo Armband, which is a bonus that customers love. If you get a message while you're on the go, you can answer it with ease. You will have access to your music and fitness apps, or anything else you might need on your phone. You're even going to have access to your phone's ports. It will allow you to use your headphone jack so you can jam out during your workout.

Just like any of the other popular sports bands on the market, the iMangoo Armband is excellent for more than just the gym. Many customers will use it while they're doing their housework or yard work. It allows them to listen to their music from their phone with ease. You won't have to keep your phone in your pocket, risking it falling out. You pop it into this armband, and you are good to go.


The iMangoo Armband has some great features that customers can take advantage of while they're working out. Of course, you will also get the basics, things that you would expect from this type of product.

The armband has a stretch and velcro strap that goes around your arm, giving you a snug and secure fit. It allows you to carry your device with you, on your arm with ease. The transparent front allows you to still use your phone's touchscreen, so you still have full access to your phone.

The best feature, according to many, is the pockets. The three compartments are great for your essentials. The front panel is for your cell phone; it is the pocket with the transparent screen protector. After that you have a small card pocket, somewhere to keep an ID or credit card if needed. Finally, there is a small pouch for you to keep some little things. Whether you want to take along some cash, keys, headphones, or a small power bank, there will be no problem. As a bonus, all the compartments stay safe and secure behind a zipper. You won't have to worry about your belongings slipping out of the pockets; giving you peace of mind.


The longevity of your purchases is always an important thing to consider. You want to try to ensure you are buying something that is going to last so you don't have to replace it any time soon. The iMangoo Armband, according to most consumers, is highly durable. It'll be able to handle regular gym use with no problem. After all, if you're going to be trusting your expensive cell phone in the armband, you want to make sure it isn't going to fall off of you while you're exercising.

The nylon materials are strong enough that you won't have to think about premature wear and tear. It won't rip or snag easily, ensuring that it'll stay intact for quite some time.

There have been no complaints from reviewers about the hook and loop feature on the strap to secure your band on your arm. There doesn't appear to be any long term issues with this piece of the iMangoo Armband. The same goes for the zipper that closes the pouch. It seems to hold up quite well, keeping your belongings safe.


Getting out and working out can be a sweaty job! Sitting in your sweat will make any of your clothing and gear start to smell, and nobody likes that. You want to keep your equipment, including the iMangoo Armband clean and smelling fresh for as long as possible. If you're going to keep it clean and fresh, it means that you are going to have to wash it.

Thankfully, this is machine washable, so cleaning it is a breeze. Some customers might choose to wash it every time they use it, others might wait a bit between washings, but whatever you decide, you can put your mind at ease. The washer will not damage the band. Consumers recommend, however, that you hang it up to dry and do not put it in the dryer. Reviewers said that it's easy to clean, barely an inconvenience.


The iMangoo Armband has a little and affordable price tag. Don't let that fool you, though. It is still pretty durable. Just because it is affordable does not mean it has a cheap construction.

Not only is the armband durable, but it also has some decent features, such as pockets. There are some other, more expensive, bands that don't have this feature.

Customers have stated they think that this is a great value. You get a great product at an even better price.


When choosing the sports band that will work best for you, the first thing you should look at is if it fits your phone. It's a big thing if your phone doesn't fit in the pouch. The iMangoo Armband comes in two sizes so you can make sure that you are getting the one that will best suit your device.

The smaller one works great for devices up to 4.7 inches. If you have a phone with a bigger screen than this, then you might want to consider the larger size or a different brand. If you are unsure if this will fit your device, some of the compatible phones include the iPhone 6, 6s, or 5s.

The plus size armband is better for the larger phones, giving you some extra room to accommodate the size. It will be perfect for the iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Xr, or X max. That is just a few of the ones that are compatible with the iMangoo Armband, although it will fit most cell phones that are up to 5.8 inches.

Some phones are larger than the 5.8 inches, such as the Galaxy Note line, so you will want to consider a different running band if you have a large phone.

Bottom Line

The iMangoo Armband is an excellent product for those who want to take their phone's with them when they get up and go. Whether you're running a marathon, heading to the gym, or simply cleaning the house, this is a perfect companion.

Thanks to the transparent screen protector, you are safe against scratches while you're out and about. The best part, you can still use the touchscreen, so you have full access to your phone while still in the pouch.

Keep in mind; there are two different size armbands, so make sure you are getting the one that best fits your phone. If you have a device that has a screen size larger than 5.8 inches, you might want to consider a band that can accommodate larger phones. Whichever iMangoo Armband you choose to go with, you will still get a 17-inch strap, so if you have large arms, this may not be the product for you.

Overall, the band is comfortable. Customers love the lightweight and breathable design, giving them a pleasant experience while they're working out. It's a great price and has a decent lifespan, making it an excellent investment.