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In a world where most people are becoming more aware of their health and fitness, we need companies that will step up to the plate. We need them to improve upon existing technology and come up with new technology to keep up with consumers needs.

Some athletes who make everything look so easy and effortless. There should be accessories that do the same. As far as earbuds and headphones are concerned, Sennheiser delivers with the CX Sport wireless in-ear headset. The quality of the audio performance did not suffer at the hands of an exceptionally purposeful design. The CX Sport can grant you both functionality and a premium audio experience.

This headset is moisture (sweat/splash) resistant, lightweight, and be worn either around the back of the neck or in front. A fully charged battery can power you through six hours. And charging for only an hour and a half will get you that six hours. If you only have enough time to charge for ten minutes, you will still get yourself a full hour.

You can easily connect this headset with up to eight, devices. Two can even be paired simultaneously. There is a variety of sizes for the ear adapters as well as sizes for the ear fins to provide you with a customized feel. Not only can the perfect size give you comfort, but it will also help with reducing the external noise.

Experience your workouts or commutes or lunch breaks with the comfort and convenience of a wireless headset that delivers a clear and dynamic sound that responds with bass when you move. The CX Sport even comes with a convenient three-button remote (on the cord that connects the buds around your neck) that can manage your music and calls without a hassle.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Interchangeable adapters/fins


Carrying case

Moisture resistant

Dynamic bass


No battery level indicator


The future of the audio industry is bright, that is for sure. Sennheiser built their vision on seventy years of innovation and a hunger for excellence that is engraved into the company’s culture and DNA. Employees of Sennheiser worldwide share the dedication to perfecting the creation of products to go above and beyond expectations to deliver the best sound. “Good” just isn’t good enough for Sennheiser. Their goal is perfection, and they won’t stop until they get it.

The company was founded in 1945 by a Professor named Dr. Fritz Sennheiser. He was an electrical engineer who created a company and went on to set trends in the industry. From the beginning to the present, the company’s curiosity, passion, and innovative inspiration have resulted in services and products that see tremendous success.

Sennheiser can be found anywhere there are people who care a lot about playing, transmitting, or recording sound.
Customers worldwide rave about the microphones, headphones, and other audio solutions, as well as the company’s reliable service and committed staff. Whether the customers are DJ’s, artists, sound technicians, or simply music lovers, the Sennheiser products are always top of the line, best in quality and undistorted listening. And the CX Sport is the perfect example.


The CX Sport headset is designed to give you superior sound, whether you’re off on an intense workout or walking to the bus stop. The engineering process ensures that you will enjoy a clear and detailed sound with great frequency response.

The range of mids, treble, and bass is called the frequency response. The frequency of the Sennheiser CX Sport is seventeen to twenty-one thousand Hertz. The standard range for most headphones is twenty to twenty thousand Hertz. Sennheiser took it up a level.

The CS Sport also features a sound enhancement called Qualcomm apt-X, which help the CX Sport deliver its High Fidelity experience. In the audio industry, high fidelity refers to high-quality sound. High-fidelity products have inaudible distortion and noise, with a flat frequency response in the hearing range of humans. Sennheiser’s proprietary transducer technology in engineered and designed in Germany, and help to deliver the best quality sound and dynamic bass.


A major problem has been present in wearable speakers since they were first designed. That is that not everyone’s head is shaped the same. No matter how adjustable headphones were made, they just didn’t fit some heads. Then came the earbuds, which were a lot better, but ran into a new problem. Not everyone’s ears are the same. Sennheiser came up with a solution by including multiple sizes of both the buds and the ear fins for a customized fit.

The CX Sport headset provides you with top-of-the-line fit, comfort, and convenience. You can enjoy the liberation you feel from a wireless sound without compromising an inch on sound quality. You can also reap the rewards of a lightweight, comfortable design.

The headset comes with three sizes (small, medium, and large) of ear fins that are ergonomically designed to hold your earbuds in place. There are also four sizes of the ear tips (extra small, small, medium, and large) so that you can have a personalized fit. This will help the buds stay in better while you’re in motion as well as providing a more wholesome sound experience.

The neck cable is adjustable and includes a handy clothing clip which allows you to move without worrying about them falling off. The perfect fit of both the earbuds and neck cable will help you enjoy premium comfort and optimal passive reduction of outside noise.

Qualcomm apt-X

The CX Sport uses a great innovative technology that this headset has is called Qualcomm apt-X. Its job is to optimize the sound quality of wireless audio devices. This technology is commonly used for consumer products such as headphones as well as automotive audio applications (like Pandora). Qualcomm enhances the streaming connection of a Bluetooth pairing between one device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) and another (headset, vehicle audio, or Bluetooth speaker).

In order to receive the best results from this technology, it must be used in the transmitter and the receiver both so that it can fully reap the sonic benefits by having the apt-X coding override the default coding that is mandated via Bluetooth standard.

The Low Latency audio apt-X provides will ensure that your CX Sport will deliver a sound that is in sync with the video (if applicable). Low Latency works to reduce delay and also improves the speed of the transmission from one source to another. This is especially convenient for those who wish to go wireless but still be able to play video games and watch videos with headphones on. Wherever you go, your CX Sport has you covered!


The CX Sport comes with some safety hazards. Be sure to read the entire owner manual if you purchase this headset before you use the product. If you receive a product that is obviously defective, do not use it. Only use the product where you can access a Bluetooth connection.

There are some safety measures to put into place in order to prevent damage to your health or any accidents. Listening to anything too loudly isn’t good for your ears. There can be serious, even permanent, damage caused to your hearing because of listening to loud music for large amounts of time. This is why Sennheiser headphones are specifically designed to have exceptionally great sound at volume levels that won’t hurt your ears.

Don’t insert the earbuds into your ear canal or too deeply into your ear. Never insert the buds without the adapters. And always make sure that you take them out of your ears carefully and slowly. Because this product generates strong magnetic fields, it is possible that it can interfere with cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, and other implants.

Make sure that you keep the headset, it’s accessories, and the packaging away from children and pets’ reach in order to prevent choking or accidents. If you are performing an activity such as driving in traffic or completing a difficult work task, do not use the headset. This will protect you and the product from unnecessary danger.

Even though it is water resistant, you want to be very careful with your CX Sport. It is not waterproof, so make sure you keep it as dry as you can. Exposure to extreme temperatures has the capability of causing deformation or corrosion. Only use the accessories/attachments/spare parts that come directly from, or are recommended by, Sennheiser. Be careful with the product, always, and store it somewhere clean.

Moisture Resistant

An issue that some people run into when they’re looking for the perfect pair of headphones/earbuds is that they end up having connection issues due to getting damp from sweat or rain. Now, if you’re not an extremely active person and don’t use your headphones in the rain, this may not mean too much to you. But, for those who are active and outdoors, it means a lot.

The CX Sport is moisture resistant. It can stand up to your sweaty workouts and morning runs in the drizzling rain. You don’t want to submerge them in water, however. They are not waterproof. You will damage them. Always be sure to dry them off when you’re done using them so that you can prevent any possible water damage due to it laying on the surface for an extended period of time.

Refund Policy

An important thing to look for when you’re shopping for any kind of product is whether or not you can get a refund should you be dissatisfied. With the CX Sport, you can rest easy. Sennheiser understands that it happens, and they do have a refund policy. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee. You have thirty days to make your decision and get your money back.

Maybe you accidentally ordered something you didn’t want. If you haven’t received your package yet, and it hasn’t yet been shipped out, just call customer service and you can cancel your order. If your order has already been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation. In this case, you’ll have to go through the return/refund process.

If you paid via money order or check and haven’t sent in your payment yet, just simply don’t send it. Your order will cancel automatically in thirty days. If you request a refund and it goes to your credit card, you can expect the credit to be in your account within five to seven business days from the day you receive your letter of destruction. Mail returns to the address listed on the enclosed shipping label, or find the address on Sennheiser’s website. Customer service’s phone number can also be found there.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re somebody who likes to go on early morning jogs that sometimes include fog or a drizzle, or somebody who likes to spend a lot of time sweating in the gym, or somebody who likes to listen to music on the bus or on lunch break, you can appreciate all that the CX Sport headset from Sennheiser offers.

Not only are they extremely convenient because they are wireless (Bluetooth compatible), but they are designed to provide an exceptionally comfortable and customized fit, thanks to the different sizes available in both earbuds and ear fins. The two parts work together to give you the best fit and sound possible.

The cable is designed to be tangle-free and it can go either in front of your neck or behind it. The material used for the cable is the same material that goes into bulletproof vests. They are virtually indestructible. The CX Sport can give you up to six hours of audio time. Charging for an hour and a half will provide you with those six hours. If you only have ten minutes to charge, you will still allow yourself an extra hour of listening time.

The CX Sport may be pricey, but it comes with a lot of benefits that could make them worth it to certain people. With a thirty-day money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?