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Are you tired of being tired? Are you sick of using caffeine every day to make up for your lost sleep and fatigue? Are you ready to give your body what it truly needs? You may have found what you’re looking for in the Buoy Electrolyte Energy Drink.

With zero calories, zero caffeine, zero carbs, and zero sugar, you may be wondering how on earth this drink can help give you the fuel you need. Good question. It is packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Mix it with water and you’ll be able to replace important electrolytes that are lost during exercise. The best pick-me-up for your body is hydration.

One bottle has 40 servings, making it much cheaper than competitors. Each serving only costs $0.22. You may be wondering if the taste is horrible since there isn’t any added sugar. Thanks to some appreciated help from a pharmaceutical expert, the taste has been minimized enough that you shouldn’t be able to notice the Buoy Electrolyte Drops in your water (or other beverage).

Editor's Pros & Cons


No Calories

Zero Carbs

No Sugar


Great Price


Needs to be mixed into drinks

No Caffeine

Zero Calories

When you think of diets or healthy things, you tend to think about calories. However, you really only need to worry about calorie consumption if you’re eating more than the recommended amount in a day, or if your calorie intake comes from very unhealthy foods/drinks. If you don’t take in enough calories, you can end up giving yourself fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and other side effects that will damage your health.

Calories are the amount of energy your body releases when food is digested and absorbed. The more calories you consume, the more energy you will have. However, if you don’t burn off the extra calories, they’ll turn into fat. Therefore, when you eat more, you need to exercise more.

When you don’t consume enough calories, your body begins burning stored fat for energy. While that sounds like a great thing, it really isn’t. Your body needs a fat reserve. When it is taken, the liver begins secreting more cholesterol than normal. With the bile in your stomach is mixed with the extra cholesterol, gallstones are more likely to form.

This energy drink has zero calories, so it won’t affect your diet as far as calories go. Just make sure that you’re consuming enough calories in your food. If you’re someone who would prefer to eat more food vs drinking something with a lot of calories, then this may be the perfect choice for you. If you’d like to look at another zero-calorie option, check our other product.

No Caffeine

There isn’t any caffeine in this energy drink. The company is committed to providing the energy we so desperately need, naturally. The biggest benefit of not consuming a large amount of caffeine is the lack of “jitters”. Jitters are one of the most reported side effects of drinking caffeine. They happen because your body is making more energy than you’re burning off.

The best thing you can do for your body to keep it energized is to keep it hydrated. Yes, it’s that simple. When your body is hydrated enough, your muscles stay energized better, which gives the rest of the body energy.

Dehydration can have side effects including low energy and fatigue. Even the slightest bit of dehydration can affect your mental clarity, mood, and energy levels. If you do want an energy drink with caffeine, check our other products.


Sticking to the topic of dehydration, statistics show that ¾ of people in America are dehydrated, chronically. Actually, you’re dehydrated before you even feel thirsty. Some symptoms of dehydration include mental fog, fatigue, energy crashes, headaches, hangovers, fluctuating moods, and an inability to detox.

There are valuable electrolytes in the Buoy Electrolyte Energy Drink which help to replenish the minerals that you lose when you sweat. They will help your body get everything it can from water, which will work to keep you hydrated. Electrolytes are important in after-workout recovery. When muscles flex, they need calcium to contract. Magnesium is needed for your muscles to relax. These minerals are in electrolytes.

Even if you only lose 2% of your water content, it can have adverse effects on your mental and physical performance. During exercise, as much as 6-10% is lost. Even if you do manage to drink the amount of water recommended in a day (8 cups), your body still needs electrolytes in order to fully absorb it and get the most out of it.

Zero Carbs/Keto Friendly

One of the great things about this energy booster is that it doesn’t contain any carbs. Therefore, those on low-carb or keto diets can use it without worrying about it affecting their meal plan. Low carb diets have been around for a long time, though they weren’t always favored by the fitness and wellness community. Low-carb diets have recently become widely accepted and very popular.

Low-carb diets are actually great for helping to lower insulin levels. Insulin helps your body’s cells absorb and digest glucose. When you lower your insulin levels, your body will begin to burn stored fat for energy, leading to weight loss. If you are diabetic, it would be very wise to consult your doctor before doing anything with your diet. You can find another low-carb energy sourceby checking out our other products.

Nutrition Facts

The Buoy Electrolyte Energy Drink contains 40 servings per bottle. Each serving is 1 squeeze, which is equal to 1.5mL. In every serving is 2mg of thiamine HCL, also known as Vitamin B1. This accounts for 130% of the recommended daily intake.

There is 3mg of Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine HCL. This accounts for 150% of the recommended daily intake. There is also 3 mg of Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid. This accounts for 30% of the RDI (recommended daily intake). There is 1mg of calcium, which makes up less than 1% of the RDI.

There is 1mg of magnesium which is less than 1% of the RDI, 77 mg of chloride which is 3% of the RDI, 47mg of sodium which is 2% of the RDI, and 8mg of potassium which is less than 1% of the RDI.

Ingredients include low-sodium sea minerals, citric acid, purified water, potassium citrate, pyridoxine HCL, herbal extracts, pantothenic acid/vitamin B5, thiamine HCL, and grapefruit extract.

Zero Sugar

While many don’t realize it, most of the adults in America are consuming more sugar than they should. The NIH (National Institute of Health) estimates that these adults are getting 15% of their calories just from added sugars. This doesn’t include natural sugars in milk and fruit.

There are many reasons that you shouldn’t consume a lot of sugar. It can lead to metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, dental cavities and plaque, and fatty liver disease. When you reduce how much sugar you’re consuming every day, you reduce your risk of developing these conditions.

You can replace sugar with healthy choices like this one. Better yet, choose something that has more minerals and vitamins, as this drink does. It can even help you lose stubborn weight. You can use a smart scale to help with your weight loss journey as well.


Even though this is a healthy drink additive, there are certain things you need to bear in mind. The Buoy Electrolyte Energy Drink is not to be used with the intention of preventing, diagnosing, treating, or curing any disease. The FDA does not evaluate the statements made by this company. It is advised that you do not have more than 12 servings of this drink.

Do not store the bottle where small children are able to reach it. Consult your doctor before using this product if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, take medications or have a known medical condition.


The Buoy Electrolyte Energy Drink is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These ingredients naturally have bitter and salty tastes. Some companies may add sugar and/or artificial ingredients to try to mask the taste, but Buoy didn’t add a thing. This way you get all the good stuff without adding bad stuff.

The staff at Buoy worked hard with a pharmaceutical expert named Dr. Lianli Li in order to make this drink as flavorless as possible. Their efforts proved to be worth it because Buoy doesn’t change the taste of your drink. If you taste it without mixing it with a drink, it will indeed have a salty taste. If you do have an unpleasant taste when mixed with your drink, you’ve added too much. Calm down on the squeezing a bit.


Because this energy drink comes in a small bottle, it is very convenient for on-the-go. Wherever you are, grab a bottle of water and squeeze in Buoy. You can take it to the gym, on an airplane, to work, or on your hike. It’s perfect for camping also. Keep it in your pocket. Throw it in your purse. Carry it in your backpack. Whatever’s most convenient for you, Buoy will be ready to go when you are.

A common question that arises is whether or not Buoy needs to be refrigerated once it’s been opened. The answer is no. If it had to be refrigerated then it wouldn’t be quite as convenient, would it? After you’ve opened it you will want to consume it within a month, though.


For those on a vegan diet, you’ll love this drink. It includes all-natural ingredients. No animals were harmed in the manufacturing process. A vegans diet consists of nuts, dried beans, lentils, grains, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. The foods that are prohibited by this diet include meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, and any products that contain any of these foods.

We all know that it’s pretty hard to stick to a diet. A vegan diet may be the hardest to stick to, for many people, at least. There are benefits to this kind of diet. It has been shown to lower the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, some cancers, and type 2 diabetes. It can even help to lower cholesterol levels and the risk of developing gallstones and/or intestinal issues.

There are many, many people trying to lose weight these days, which is a great thing. However, suddenly and rapidly losing weight can be harmful to your health. Some key nutrients your body needs can’t be consumed on a vegan diet. The nutrients missing include calcium, Vitamin B12, folate, and omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients are found in dairy and meat. If you go too long without them, you could end up losing muscle and bone mass and developing other health issues.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for energy but you don’t want to consume large amounts of sugar, carbs, caffeine, and sodium, this may be what you’re looking for. There aren’t even any calories. The only way to make Buoy unhealthy is by adding it to unhealthy drinks. If you add it to water you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits without any of the drawbacks.

You won’t experience a sugar crash. In fact, your body will be better hydrated which in turn leads to more energy production. This drink provides electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that your body will thank you for. It is also vegan and comes at a great price.

Each bottle costs $8.99 per bottle. This sounds expensive, but there are 40 servings in each bottle. Each drink you make, then, only costs $0.22 compared to the $2+ other energy drinks cost for one servings. The only downside to the Buoy Electrolyte Energy Drink is the fact that it has to be added to another drink, requiring more effort on your part. It’s up to you to decide if the benefits are worth it. We think they are.