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Whether you're headed for a run or out to a concert, the BSEEN armband makes the perfect companion! This safety light offers an excellent combination of style and performance which makes it ideal for all sorts of occasions. With 10 cool colors to choose from and a bright LED illumination, this is a great looking accessory.

This slap-band fits any arm size and is so easy to operate! It has no fasteners which mean less irritation and smooth, effortless wear. The BESEEN LED Armband is battery-powered and uses the coin-sized disposable kind which isn't the greatest. Despite this aspect, there are still a ton of great features with this band that makes it ideal for athletics.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • LED Reflective Band
  • 360-Degree Illumination
  • Increased Visibility
  • 10 Colorways
  • Slap-Band Style
  • Disposable Batteries


The BSEEN LED armband is a comfortable slap band style safety light that makes it easier for drivers to see you even at night. It's enjoyable to wear and practically weightless making it a great choice for athletic activities. This option comes in a slew of different colors to suit your sense of style and both children and adults alike can wear this band thanks to its slap style that adjusts to any arm size easily.

With dimensions of a 1-and-1/2 inch by 1- and-1/2 inch, this band is a one-size-fits-all which makes it easy to shop for the whole family. You can wear it on your wrist, ankle, or arm by slapping against your skin lightly.

The great thing with this style band is there are no difficult fasteners to deal with which makes on-off wearability that much easier. This is a cool-looking product that has you looking stylish while you train and will blend nicely with all your favorite athletic attire.


The BSEEN LED armband provides ultra-high visibility 360-degree coverage. It is better than your average close to Echo and helps make it easier for distracted drivers to see you even in dark conditions. This innovative slap band uses LED lighting and light transmission polymers to give you the brightest glow and keep you the safest while you train. LED lights are a long-lasting and eco-friendly choice perfect for athletic lifestyles. LED lights extend the lifespan of the band saving you money in the long run by not having to replace it so frequently.

This band comes in 10 bright neon colorways that illuminate your entire arm making you more visible from both the front and back. This helps pedestrians and drivers to see you no matter which way they're coming from and keeps you, your children, or your pets that much safer while you're out and about.

Don’t think this band is the same as any glow stick because its illumination is way brighter than those! People wear this band for many occasions like concerts, outdoor exercises, and even for emergencies like roadside tire changes.


The BSEEN LED Armband is battery operated which allows it to give a continuous glow and powers the safety light innovation. A tiny lithium coin button battery gives you between 50-75 hours of use before you need to replace it. Having to replace the battery frequently is a pain and gets to be expensive after a while. Luckily these coin batteries are relatively inexpensive and sell in multi-packs for better value.

This armband uses disposable batteries so keep in mind that you need to use a replaceable battery. Some people find this a bit off-putting, especially considering the environmental and financial drawbacks. However, if you don’t mind using a disposable battery, then this is a great choice to consider. In reality, there aren’t too many armbands that use rechargeable batteries so this isn’t too big of a deal with this one.

The plus side of this style is not having to worry about forgetting to charge. It’s a pain if you forget because you won’t be able to go out but until you have waited for your battery to charge. I would recommend bringing an extra battery after a few runs just to be sure you don’t end up without power halfway through your route.


Safety equipment is expensive which is why you don’t want to end up paying a fortune for a band. BSEEN armbands are an economical option that is more affordable than most. Every purchase includes the band and extra batteries so you won’t have to buy those right away.

Choose between 10 different fun colorways which means you get looks for the whole family. This is the perfect product to keep your children and pets safer after dark and the fact that its one-size-fits-all means you won’t have to buy a separate one for smaller children.

Your kids will love wearing this armband because of its slap-on style that is fun and easy to wear. This kind of armband is already popular with school-aged children only they get the added benefit of increased safety while wearing this one.

The only drawback to this option is replacing the battery often. It takes a non-rechargeable lithium battery that only lasts for between 50-75 hour. It’s a good thing that the batteries are relatively inexpensive and sold in multipacks for better value. Some people would rather have a rechargeable band because it’s more eco-friendly and eliminates the cost of having to replace the battery every so often but most bands aren’t rechargeable, anyway.


Being safe while you exercise is important, but it’s tough, especially after dark, That’s why you need an extra layer of security when you’re out and about. The BSEEN LED Armband is exactly what you need so other passersby to see you even when it’s dark out.

With a bright LED glow, this option makes sure drivers and other pedestrians can see you. It also helps them to figure out how far away you are so they can judge your distance and offers light-guided tubing that enables full 360-degree glow. This means anyone behind will realize just as good as someone from the front. Similar items only have a small area that glows whereas, this one illuminates all over the whole band.

With so many drivers out and about, it’s dangerous running or exercising after dark! But, sometimes you just don’t have the time when it’s daylight. That’s why you must invest in a specialized piece of equipment that keeps you safer. This armband is a great choice to consider that makes it so much easier for divers and other passersby to spot you even after dark.


This safety band is a versatile choice that does way more than your average style. You can easily wear this option while you’re out at the club or even when you attend your next concert! It’s stylish enough to pull-off with practically any look and glows super bright which makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor events.

The BSEEN armband is a trendy and modern choice thanks to its 10 available colorways so you can match it with all your favorite clothing. There’s no need to look for a cool new accessory the next time you head out for the evening because this band is all you will need.

On top of the stylish functionality, this is a great option for athletic use because it helps drivers better see you in the dark. It’s easy to wear on your wrist, arm, or leg and even attaches to your pets’ collar too. Children and adults will both be able to wear it thanks to the handy slap band style that fits any size arm with ease.


Some safety bands just aren’t comfortable to wear. The fabrics are too heavy or don’t allow for any airflow around the skin. This will make you sweat excessively and will lead to irritation from the material rubbing against your damp skin. When material keeps rubbing on sweaty skin in causes friction-related discomfort that gets painful after a while.

The BSEEN LED Armband uses LED light-guided tubing and nylon fabric. Nylon is a great choice of material because it has a breathable structure. Its open-weave lets more air pass through while also wicking excess moisture away from the skin. Moisture-control is a must while you train, otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and your skin will be easily irritated.


The BESEEN LED Armband offers three different modes appropriate for any situation. Choose between a solid beam, slow flash, and fast flash depending on your preference. Deciding which mode to use depends on the situation at hand and how much battery power you hope to consume.

Flash modes are arguably the better choice all-around! First off, flashing uses less battery power than a steady light which gives this mode a huge advantage right away. Second, flashing attracts more attention than a steady light which easily gets lost in all the background lights of the cityscape. Though, some people claim that flashing lights confuse drivers more so than a steady light so it’s a matter of preference.

With the solid mode, it will consume more power and could be harder for drivers to see amidst the rest of the lights from the city. Though, if you’re headed to a more remote location with less background lighting, use the solid mode because it stands out in the darkness.

Some people prefer to wear two bands so they have both a solid and flashing light. This provides the best visibility and is a smart choice if you’re in heavily populated areas with a lot of other people. With the BSEEN armband, you get two with every purchase so you can easily wear one on each setting. You can even wear them on different parts of your body to ensure complete visibility.


This band lasts for quite some time considering its design. This is a great aspect because so many of these styles just don’t hold up well, especially with continued wear and tear. Exercise equipment takes a beating every time you workout which is why you want a durable choice to carry you through.

This option is water-resistant which is a must for any gear that you wear while exercising. Otherwise, the sweat alone will cause issues, let alone the rainy weather. Water tends to mess with anything electrical and the slightest bit of moisture can damage wiring. This option doesn’t have an official IPX rating, but BESEEN claims it is water-resistant and weatherproof.

Safe For Children

Some equipment similar to this has a higher lead content than what is considered being healthy for children. This band meets the child's toy standard for the US market, meaning it has a low enough lead content to be safe for children. Lead content should not pass 100 ppm which the BESEEN band sits well below which is why it’s a favorite with parents and pet owners because it’s such a safe choice of lighting.

Exposure to excessive amounts of lead is dangerous and often leads to lead poisoning, a potentially life-threatening illness. Lead builds up in the body overtime causing severe mental and physical ailments. In children, too much exposure causes developmental delay and learning difficulties, among other issues.

Bottom Line

Overall, the BESEEN LED Armband is a good choice for active lifestyles! It’s safe for children and pets thanks to its low lead count that eliminates the risk of lead poisoning, a serious condition that leads to developmental issues and delayed learning in children.

This is a stylish choice of safety gear perfect for many other occasions too! The 10 available colorways are so trendy you could even wear this to a concert or after dark party and look as stylish as ever.

The BESEEN armband has three illumination modes including steady, slow flash, and fast flash. This gives you the choice to wear it however you like and the slap band style makes for easy on-off wearability. Children also enjoy this style of the band which is modeled after an already popular style of a bracelet.