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Staying safe while you exercise is a must which is why you should invest in a safety light. The Nathan Strobe Light is an excellent choice to consider! It offers a compact design and easy operation that makes it popular among athletic individuals. Whether you enjoy walking, running, or cycling this light makes you more visible to drivers and other passersby. This device has a heavy-duty rear clip that slides over clothing and straps so you can wear it anywhere.

Anyone with children or pets will enjoy the versatility this light offers! It easily attaches to strollers or pet collars keeping loved ones safer while you're on the go. With both a strobe and steady mode to choose from, the Nathan Strobe Light is ready for any occasion. The strobe feature is ideal for busy roadways and streets when you blend in with the rest of the cityscape because it helps drivers assess your distance.

This is an affordable piece of safety equipment that is an effective way to help drivers see you better. It's easy to operate and emits a light bright enough to see through dreary weather and dark conditions. The downside is its disposable batteries that are anything but eco-friendly and get costly after a while. But, overall this is a solid product worth considering.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bright LED Light
  • Strobe & Steady Modes
  • Multiple Colorways
  • Easily Attachable
  • Improves Visibility
  • Disposable Batteries


The Nathan Strobe Light is perfect for everyday use. It’s small, lightweight, and easily attaches to all of your gear and accessories. This option ensures that drivers and other passersby have no trouble seeing you even in low lighting or poor weather conditions. When you enjoy outdoor activities you need an extra layer of safety to ensure that you don’t get into an accident which is where this handy option comes in to play,

No matter if you like walking, running, or cycling this is the perfect companion to ensure your safe the whole way through. Day or night, it’s tough for drivers to see you sometimes, especially with all of the distractions like other drivers and pedestrians. This is exactly why you should always have a piece of equipment to make yourself more visible.

This item offers high-visibility lighting with several illumination modes that are handy for any kind of situation. It’s not just great for athletic activities, but for everyday occasions too! With this light, people will see you from a safe distance which means you are that much safer while wearing it.


The Nathan Strobe Light offers high-visibility LED lighting that drivers can easily see. It lets people know you’re there from a safe distance which will prevent unnecessary accidents and collisions. The LED lighting is more eco-friendly than tradition beams and offers higher output for brighter illumination. It uses less power which means that your batteries last longer which saves you more money in the long run.

With 8+ max lumens, this one isn’t the brightest option available but it’s still an effective safety tool. There are other safety lights like the Sturme and EverlightFX which offer a similar style with a much higher lumen output. Though, the Nathan Strobe Light is a good choice for everyday occasions and certainly helps to increase your visibility in all sorts of situations.

This option has both a strobe and steady mode which is a handy feature depending on how you intend to use it. For nighttime conditions with lots of other traffic and pedestrians, you might consider the strobe setting. Flashing light is easier to distinguish from all the other background lights and gives drivers a better sense of your distance. Whereas, the steady light is good in areas with less traffic because it is easy to spot like a lighthouse, beaming into the darkness.


While a rechargeable battery is always ideal, unfortunately, the Nathan Strobe Light uses disposable ones. This unit runs on two coin-sized lithium CR2032 batteries that last for approximately 57-110 hours in use. The duration depends on which light mode you use and how often. When used steady on the strobe mode you get longer battery life which lasts up to 110 hours. Whereas, on the steady light mode the batteries max out at roughly 54 hours.

Rechargeable batteries are more eco-friendly and cost-effective than this style, but at least these last for a reasonable amount of time before burning out. There are other safety lights like the Foxelli Headlamp or Knuckle Lights that are rechargeable, though this style is not without its drawbacks.

With rechargeable options, you could forget to charge them leaving yourself without any kind of lighting. It takes a while to charge up batteries so forgetting could cost you an hour or more while waiting for them to charge. However, with disposable ones you never know when they will run out of juice which means you want to carry extras once you’ve used them for a while, just to be safe.


Weather conditions tend to play an important role in the times that you exercise. No one wants to head out for a run in the pouring rain, however, it won’t be enough to stop anyone serious about sticking to their daily workout routine. The problem is that electronics tend to fail easily when exposed to water or moisture which is why you want a weather-proof option. The Nathan Strobe Light has an IPX 3 water-resistance rating which tells you that it won’t fail just because of a little rain. The IPX rating system is in place to tell consumers how resistant to water an item is.

The higher the rating, the more resistant something is. The scale ranges from IPX0 to IPX9. While an IPX3 rating isn’t one of the higher, it still signifies it, “can survive sprays of water (sprayed by a nozzle with a counterbalanced shield approved by the IEC). The water is sprayed at different angles up to 60° measured from the vertical axis. The pressure of the water is 50-150kPa and the amount of the sprayed water during 5min testing is 50 liters.”


The Nathan Strobe Light is super easy to operate! It offers one-button operation that makes using it a breeze. This is great when you exercise because you don’t want to stop just to switch lighting modes. It’s no problem working this device with one hand while you’re in motion. Simply long-press the button to change modes or click it once for on-off operation.

Some designs are way more complicated than this one which is why so many athletes turn to the Nathan Strobe Light. You don’t even have to unclip the light to operate it! This is a great feature while attached to pets or strollers because you won’t want to unclip it every time you need to change the setting. This is especially true of pets who are often hard to get a good grasp of while they’re on the move.


This item does its job well! The bright LED lights make you easier to see which ensures that you get back home safely. The choice of modes gives you the kind of lighting you need no matter what the situation at hand may be. Having a choice between flashing or steady is a great aspect that many safety lights just don’t offer which sets the Nathan Strobe Light apart from similar designs available.

This is a solid choice for all of your outdoor athletics that is easy to operate. No matter if you enjoy running, walking, or cycling this device gives you an added layer of security by making it easy for other people to see you as you approach.


No one wants a bulky safety light while they exercise which is why Nathan Strobe Light is a popular choice. It is approximately 2.5-inches which is quite small for a lighting system. Despite its small size, this device performs well and emits a bright LED beam to help others see you in the dark.

Size is important because you don’t want something bulky while you’re on the move. Luckily, this option offers exactly the right dimensions for easy portability. It clips on to clothing, strollers, and collars easily without taking up too much space and looks stylish with all your favorite athletic equipment.

If your light is too heavy it will add excess weight which is something to avoid if you plan on running or cycling. Running is labor-intensive and you want as little weight as possible to run your fastest. This option is so compact it's not even noticeable making it perfect for these kinds of workout routines.


This is an extremely versatile choice of safety light! It easily attaches just about anywhere thanks to the convenient rear clip that is so easy to use. Just slide it over your shoelaces, exercise gear, baby strollers, and even your pets’ collar. This means that you and your loved ones will all be safer thanks to this handy little light.

Its weather-resistant design lets you go about your routine rain or shine. This means that the weather no longer dictates whether, or not you get to go for your evening jog or when you can exercise next. Instead, you can head out rain or shine while wearing this light because it won’t fail just because there’s moisture in the air.


Everything today is way too expensive, which is why you want an item that is truly valuable for the right price. Luckily, the Nathan Strobe Light offers exactly what you need. This item is a cost-effective choice that gives you incredible value.

Nathan products are two-for-one because you get two lights for one reasonable price. This means you can put one on your pet’s collar or your child's’ stroller without breaking the bank. Plus, you can just keep one put away to replace yours when it runs out of steam. Of course, they do sell in single packs but why not opt for the double because it’s more economical.


A weak spot with this light is its lifespan and durability. Some people have issues right away and complain about defective products, while others take a month or so to malfunction. While this isn’t true of every customer, a handful of people have reported experiencing similar troubles.

Luckily, this item has a one-year warranty which means you get a replacement should anything happen to the original. This guarantee is hassle-free so whatever the reason you can opt for a full refund or a replacement light.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nathan Strobe Light is a good choice for athletic lifestyles. If you like running, walking, or cycling then this device provides an extra layer of safety while you’re out and about. Day or night you will be safer thanks to the powerful LED illumination and two lighting modes. This item isn’t just helpful for athletic occasions though! It’s great for everyday situations that call for extra visibility to stay your safest.

Rain or shine, day or night nothing will stop you thanks to the IPX3 water-proof structure that makes this a long-lasting choice. The IPX rating scale tells you if your light is water-resistant so you always want one that has this rating. Otherwise, you will end up replacing your light too frequently because it will break once exposed to moisture.

The downside is the disposable batteries that just aren’t an eco-friendly choice. It gets costly having to replace them frequently, which is why a rechargeable light is always the better choice. At least these batteries last for quite a while and the LED output uses less power than other styles do.

Anyone shopping on a budget should consider this option because it sells for an affordable price. The light gives a reliable safety net for anyone active in the morning or evening hours and you get everything you need right in the package. Each purchase includes two batteries so you won’t have to purchase any for the first month or so of use.