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When you find the perfect wireless headphones it makes your exercise routine more enjoyable.  The Under Armour Sport Wireless offers high-quality sound and a secure fit making it ideal for workouts. Effortlessly switch from in front to behind the neck to suit your sport of choice and choose from one of several neutral colors to look your best.

Under Armour is a brand that stands behind a set of core values; love athletes, stand for equality, create fearlessly, always connect, stay true, and think beyond. With values like this in place, it's no wonder we love their products the way that we do! Under Armours' Sport Wireless is another worthy addition to their impressive collection of athletic gear. The design won't distract you, so you can focus on training and improve your performance!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • Comfortable Ear Tip
  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • TwistLock Technology™
  • Short Lifespan

TwistLock Technology™

You never have to worry about these earphones falling out! Under Armour’s innovative TwistLock Technology™ ensures that they’ll stay perfectly in place no matter which way you bend or twist. It works by gently fitting down inside the ear canal. Once they feel perfectly comfortable you can lock them in place. This feature really sets the Under Armour Sport Wireless apart from the rest.

If you’ve ever tried to work out while wearing earphones then you know all too well how easily they fall out of your ears. That’s why the Under Armour Sport Wireless is such a favorite with athletes of every skill level who appreciate a secure-fitting listening device.

A unique ear tip makes the Sport Wireless more comfortable than most. It puts less pressure on your ear canal so it won’t cause you any discomfort even after long hours of wear. Most headphones get uncomfortable after just a short time because they put pressure on your delicate ear canal which causes sore spots from the continued irritation.


Finding the right fit is tough when it comes to earphones. Anyone who wears them knows all too well how uncomfortable earphones can be. If the ear gel is too big it won’t fit inside your ear and will cause you discomfort. Whereas, if the gel is too small it will simply fall out with even the slightest movement.

The Under Armour Sport Wireless earphones come with two sizes (5 & 7) which means that they will fit most ears perfectly. A proper fit gives you the seal that makes your music sound that much better. Without a good seal, music will be tinny, treble-heavy, and will sound downright awful.

Under Armour's Sport Wireless has single flange tips made from a single piece of silicone. The single piece gives you the most durable tip and provides the best seal while inside your ears. Single flange tips are thicker and denser than other styles which gives you more isolation and more bass.


Wireless headphones are a must while you workout otherwise the cables will get in the way. The Under Armour Sport Wireless offers a modern design that is ideal to wear while you exercise. You can wear them both in front or behind the neck depending on the kind of activity you’re engaged in which is ideal. Most pairs only fit one of the two ways which won’t meet all of your needs.

These earphones make a great addition to any athletic gear and give your look a streamlined finish. If you enjoy looking good while you train then this is a solid choice to consider. Choose between black, red, or white which are all neutral shades that blend easily with practically any color of clothing. Both colors have the UA signature logo on the back of the ear tip which looks incredibly sharp.


The Under Armour Sport Wireless packs a powerful punch when it comes to playback. This pair features legendary JBL Signature Sound with Pure Bass performance. These two technologies combine to deliver optimal playback performance and crisp, clear sound. If you like your bass to pound then this pair is the perfect choice for you! The Pure Bass performance makes for pretty impressive thump and is enough to power you through any workout routine.

When you think of earphones quality sound isn’t the first thing to come to mind. But, the Under Armour Sport Wireless is quite impressive and it delivers the perfect pitch with every note. This means that you won’t have to suffer through your workout without any music so you can push it harder than ever.

As I already mentioned, the ear tips give the Sports Wireless an even better quality of sound. They have an incredible seal that isolates your ears from the noisy world around you so you can lose yourself in your tunes.


Wireless connectivity is a must while you exercise, plain and simple! Dealing with wires while you workout is a big hassle and will wreak havoc with your performance. This is why athletes turn to earphones that offer Bluetooth technology to seamlessly connect without the hassle of annoying cables to get in their way.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can exchange data over short distances. It utilizes special radio frequencies to create a short range network. This secure network lets you connect up to eight electronic devices all at the same time! Bluetooth is the perfect companion for athletic activities like running, cycling, and even walking.


Battery life is a big deal with wireless headphones. If you don’t get enough charge to last your workout you will end up suffering through without any music. The Under Armour Sport Wireless has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours in a single charge. Under Armour Sport, Wireless has a lithium-ion battery that gives you longer lasting charge and a longer life-span than with other types.

The charging cable is a standard micro-USB which is easily replaceable if it breaks. In fact, most people will already have an extra cable lying around their house. Being able to easily replace your cable is a must because it will cost you a fortune trying to replace a rarer model and will cost a whole lot more too. If you end up with a broken charging cable you won’t be able to use your earphones at all and will have to wait to find the replacement, but having an easily accessible cable like the micro-USB won’t ever be difficult to replace.


The Under Armour Sport Wireless earphones are perfect for hands-free operation. They have a three-button microphone that lets you control your music, as well as, answer and end phone calls all with the push of a button. This feature is incredibly convenient and makes the perfect companion for athletic activities.

Don’t think that hands-free operation is just for athletes though. It’s ideal for busy professionals who manage multiple tasks at the same time too! Having free hands lets you juggle more tasks at once and is a must while you’re exercising.


Under Armour is a brand that stands behind a set of core values; love athletes, stand for equality, create fearlessly, always connect, stay true, and think beyond. With values like this in place, it’s no wonder we love their products the way that we do! Under Armours’ Sport Wireless is another worthy addition to their impressive collection of athletic gear. Sport Wireless enhances your performance and looks good while doing it making it a must-have pair!

Under Armour have climbed to the highest ranks of athletic apparel and effortlessly blended fashion with performance, Under Armour is an accomplished label that continues to impress us with their bold and innovative products.


Unfortunately, the Under Armour Sports Wireless headphones have quite a few issues. A lot of users complained of failures within the first three months of use which can be a real problem, especially for an expensive pair like this one. Though, they do come with a manufacturers warranty so you can have them replaced so long as it’s within the warranty period. While some people had no issues with quality and longevity, there seems to be a high number of people who do. This is concerning and you should consider this when you’re making your decision.

The last thing you want to have is headphones that are nothing but a problem. It will be costly having to replace your earphones so frequently, especially when they retail for quite a high price, to begin with.

Connectivity Issues

Another sore spot with Under Armour's Sport Wireless is its connectivity. There are quite a few complaints from users who had issues with connectivity at least 10% of the time they use them. While this might not seem like a significant number it starts to be a pain after a while, especially if you're encountering these issues while you exercise. Most people had issues while they were traveling, particularly while they flew. But, some people did report the same problem while running which will be a real hassle.

There are headphones that connect seamlessly and offer incredible sound quality too! These options don’t cost any more than the Under Armour Sport Wireless but do deliver much better connectivity. Take the PowerBeats 3, which have an integrated Apple W1 chip that provides issue-free connectivity along with powerful performance.

Bottom Line

No matter what your choice of sports may be, the Under Armour Sport Wireless is the perfect companion to carry you through. Power through even the toughest workouts while wearing these bass-pumping earphones. They offer powerful sound quality and rich tones that are impressive for such a small physique.

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity lets you run with free hands making it that much more enjoyable to exercise. TwistLock Technology keeps the earbuds perfectly in place and puts less pressure on your ear canal for more comfortable wear. This is a big deal because most earphones just aren’t that comfortable.

I love the fact that they come with two sizes of ear gels which makes it that much easier to find your perfect fit. Not to mention, the streamlined appearance and neutral colorways make this a stylish looking pair. The Under Armour Sport Wireless looks great with practically any kind of workout gear and keeps you looking sharp while you’re on the go.

The battery life is pretty decent and gives you up to eight hours in a single charge. That’s more than enough to power through your routine and then some. Battery life is a big deal to me because I can’t stand having my headphones die while I’m right in the middle of my workout! It’s true that nothing kills a workout routine quite like having no music in your ears.

Overall, the Under Armour Sports Wireless earbuds are a solid choice for athletic activities, though there are several issues that concern me. First off, there are quite a few users who have complained about the longevity and had issues in as little as three months time. Then, there’s the issue with connectivity that we see as often as 10% of the time. This can be a big deal when you’re in the middle of your workout. No one wants to stop dead just to fiddle with their headphones trying to reconnect.