Salomon Supercross 3 GTX

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Editor’s Conclusion
Boasting maximum cushioning and GORE-TEX to keep the wet out, the Salomon Supercross 3 is a great option for a lighter trail run that doesn't require too much protection from loose and uneven ground.

This flexible shoe is both breathable and lightweight and will enhance your performance, adding more pleasure to your run.

Salomon always boasts a fabulous outsole, it grips like teeth to the ground and is great on both wet and dry ground. The lugs with deep penetration offer superb grip on soft surfaces such as mud or loose dirt.

The Salomon Supercross 3 is a great competitor in the trail-running field, but it does come with some things that you may want to consider. These aren't great for mixed terrain so be mindful of that.

Another thing you may want to consider is that they are best used one or less per week so I wouldn't have them as you're daily running shoe.

The technologies are great quality, Contagrip TD outsole, Quicklace, Ripstop Fabric, and SenseFit, which are all features that will give you that pleasant experience you want when hitting the trail.

Are you looking for trail running shoes specific to a softer terrain, that are comfortable and perform well at the same time?

The Salomon Supercross 3 GTX may be perfect for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

GORE-TEX lining

OrthoLite diecut sockliner


Contagrip TD

Plush cushioning


Can fit slightly on the large side

Frequency of use - once/less per week

Not a lot of protection

Key Features


Contagrip TD

Salomon is renowned for producing shoes that have excellent outsoles, and the Supercross 3 fall right into that category. The shoe has a Contagrip outsole that combines an aggressive lug pattern with excellent durability.


GORE-TEX is perfect for a trail running shoe; this breathable membrane is great for keeping water out whilst allowing moisture to pass through and it's super lightweight.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling the sweat gathering in your shoe and festering whilst you pound the ground!


You won't need to worry about your laces coming loose. The Salomon Supercross 3 GTX benefits from laces that will keep your foot stable and secure with every stride.


High-performance EVA is a great compound to give your feet that cushioned feeling on your run. It's flexible and has that bounce-back feeling that will help you excel in your running.


The SensiFit system provides you with a hug-like feel around your foot. It promises further security and a more customized feel.

It's a more comfortable ride for your foot which gives you that better feeling with every stride, especially on trail runs that are harsher on your feet.

OrthoLite Diecut Sockliner

The insole of any shoe is important as it gives your foot that comfort that it desires while it pounds the ground.

The Salomon Supercross 3 GTX has the advantage of an OrthoLite Sockliner designed solely for comfort. It is also durable and breathable.

Gusseted Tongue and Ripstop Fabric

The tongue is connected to the upper on both sides which keeps the tongue centered and keeps debris out, It also adds to the overall look of the shoe.

The ripstop fabric is perfect for trail shoes as it reinforces that ripping, abrasion, and tearing resistance.


I was bowled over by the appearance of the Salomon Supercross 3 gtx; they are a really attractive shoe that doesn't have too much bulk.

The high back and low ankle give a comfortable area for the ankle bone to sit and more protection to the Achilles heel.

The breathable uppers provide your foot with flexibility, a feature I find to be most endearing in running shoes.

The fabric is also ideal for allowing the foot to move more freely and adjust according to the ground you are on.

The foot protection is light so this is not a shoe that I would recommend for heavier trails. It is the ideal shoe for softer terrain that doesn't have too much debris hanging about.

The flexible foot support is also an appealing feature for trail shoes. When you are running on a trail, your foot moves in multiple directions so you need a shoe that is flexible and doesn't suffocate your foot.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

HOKA One One Challenger ATR 6 - Bolder in color and design than the Salomon Supercross 3 GTX, the Challenger ATR 6 is great for both the trail and a road running shoe. CMEVA foam midsole is great for absorbing shock. This shoe is a great choice for more of a daily running shoe that can offer you stability, support, and comfort.

Merrell Antora 2 - Another excellent choice for a trail running shoe, the Merrell Anotra is breathable, comfortable, and offers great cushioning. The Q Form 2 midsole technology is engineered to give them natural alignment and superior comfort. This is another great contender and well worth a look at.


The Salomon Supercross 3 GTX is an excellent choice for a lighter trail running shoe, It's got all the features that will enhance your performance and give you an exceptional run.

The SensiFit system is perfect to provide your feet with that hug-like feel. The generous width is actually a benefit rather than a hindrance as if you have wide feet like me, then you'll find it useful.

The flexible construction is exactly the type of composition you want in trail shoes; your feet will move in directions based on the terrain you encounter.

The only thing I wasn't sold on was the fact that this shoe is based specifically towards one type of trail (softer), rather than an all-rounder and that the frequency is more for runners who hit the trail once or less per week.