Merrell Yokota 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
Hiking, one of the best ways to exercise, it gets your heart pumping, you get to see lots of different things and explore the country you live in and the best of it, it's free! Yes, you just put your hiking shoes on, grab a backpack and a map, and off you go, what could be better?

I do tons of research into my hiking gear and I have a vast knowledge of what the better hiking boots should have and what to steer clear of.

Talking of the better hiking boots, let’s chat about Merrell, a brand that exceeds expectations and offers its customers the best performance shoes of the highest quality. They design their hiking boots using expert knowledge of what exactly is needed to gain that satisfactory hike with a cushioned ride.

The Merrell Yokota 2 is a robust, sturdy, and hardy hiking shoe that oozes adventure and begs to be tested. This trainer-like hiking shoe boasts all the best technologies needed to form a great shoe. It has odor-reducing technologies, rubber toe caps, Kinetic Fit base insole, Merrell air cushioning, and much more. It really is a shoe that packs a punch.
Merrell Yokota 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Sturdy and durable

Offers supreme comfort



Fit is on the small side

Key Features


Made with suede and textile uppers, the Merrell Yokota’s are both flexible and durable providing your feet with a comfortable ride. The shallow boot construction is ideal for those forest hikes where you don’t want to be weighed down by the weight of a full walking boot.

The outsole not only stretches the length of the shoe but also curves up to the toe and has a high rise up the heel to provide that bit more protection. The textile mesh panels give great breathability and airflow too, which will be a bonus when your feet start to sweat. There is a handy tag at the back to help ease your foot in and out of the shoe.

Available in 4 colors, the Merrell Yokota 2 is a hiking shoe that is both smart in appearance and a hardy shoe - it looks the part and plays the part too.


Let’s be honest, this section is what you’re here for to see if the Merrell Yokota 2 has what it takes to go the distance, so let’s find out.

M Select GRIP Outsole

One of the most important aspects of any hiking shoe is the outsole, it's something that, if not correct or fit for purpose, can fail you. Well, the Yokota's have the aid of the GRIP outsole to provide extreme grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

This durable outsole is flexible, allowing the foot to move in accordance with its step and has great stability, offering the right amount of support you need on treacherous terrain. The 4mm lugs are an added help to give you further traction.

Kinetic Fit BASE Insole

Insoles are the core to comfort, wouldn’t you agree? The Yokota’s offer the most sublime cushioning for your feet. The Fit BASE insole is designed to contour to the shape of your foot, providing flexible and supported movements.

TPU Heel Counter

The Thermoplastic Urethane overlays are placed over the heel to offer further protection and stability to your foot. They also add to the durability and will help prevent wear over certain areas that wear down quicker.

Nylon Shank

The Yokota’s also benefit from having a Molded Nylon Arch Shank, another aid for support and durability. This small piece of material will give you more protection on tough ground.

Merrell Air Cushion

Cushioning is so important in hiking shoes, it is the key to a comfortable ride, so the fact the Yokota's benefit from having the Merrell Air Cushion in the heel is an added extra. This will be the shock absorption you need for pounding your feet on harder hikes.

M Select FRESH Antimicrobial

This feature is one you don’t see often in hiking shoes so it’s a real perk. The antimicrobial agent will help reduce shoe odor - we all know how smelly hiking shoes can get after hours of hard walking and sweat. Yup, this is a great feature and so understated!


Price is always a touchy subject, some people are more than willing to pay for quality, whilst others are looking for that bargain that can save them a few dollars. My advice, you will NEVER find a truly great hiking boot/shoe that will last a lifetime and that is cheap - I'm sorry but with quality comes expense.

The Merrell Yokota 2 is not, however, an unaffordable hiking shoe. It has a lot of technologies that are sought after in hiking shoes and I gladly payed for them.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

Decathlon Quechua – Now this is a statement hiking shoe, it demands respect and in return offers a killer ride. Yes, the Quechua is a force to be reckoned with displaying EVOFIT comfort, 360-degree stone guard, a 3-part midsole, and all whilst being lightweight, they are well worth a look at.

Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX – Another great example of the innovative design that quality brands are coming up with, the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite is stylish and performance worthy. The rubber outsole is both strong and durable and deep lugs offer great traction. Made with GORE-TEX, you are protected in all types of weather.


The technologies used by Merrell in all their hiking shoes are without doubt formidable technologies to help you enjoy your hiking experience.

If comfort, durability, stability, and protection are what you're after, then you're looking right at them since the Merrell Yokota 2 is the perfect hiking shoe.