Merrell Moab Speed Hiking Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
Hiking, an activity that gives you such fulfillment and joy. I can't think of any hike that I haven't enjoyed or sat down after and thought was epic. Whilst I'm planning where I'm going, I also plan what I'm going to need, and right at the top of my list are reliable hiking shoes/boots.

Merrell wasn’t a brand I was overly familiar with when it came to hiking boots. So when I was given the Merrell Moab Speed hiking shoes to review, I was beyond intrigued.

The Moab Speed is an attractive hiking shoe; the layer mesh, thermoplastic polyurethane, and rubber toecap are all features that drew me to this shoe.

When I look at hiking footwear, the first feature that I look at is the outsole, because let's be honest, that is what is going to take the most pounding, give you the traction and stability you need on uneven ground, and keep you up on your feet.

The Merrell Moab Speed has a fair amount of technologies and features that help aid them as a hiking shoe, they are fitted with great qualities to help with stability, comfort, traction, and protection, all valid and important factors when hitting any trail that could have uneven/loose ground.
Merrell Moab Speed Hiking Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Protective toecap

Padded collar



Can fit on the narrow side

Key Features

Vibram Ecostep

The Merrell Moab Speed benefits from Vibram Ecostep rubber. This high-performance rubber will not only help you on wet and dry surfaces, but it will give you great stability and added durability.

Vibram is an exceptional material that is of great value to any walking/hiking shoe. It takes the shoe from a 6 to a good 9.

Vibram Traction Lugs

Along with the Vibram Ecostep, the Moab Speeds also have Vibram traction lugs which are a real asset, they provide great grip and will help with stability too.

Removable PU Foam and EVA Foam Insole

Comfort is key. Without comfort, your hikes are going to come to an abrupt halt and your feet will be in discomfort, so when you're picking your hiking shoes, make sure to look at the type of insoles they have.

The Moab Speeds have both PU foam and EVA foam. Usually, you will find EVA insole in running shoes, it's soft and is a great cushioning. PU Foam has more density meaning more support, winner right?


I cannot be the only person to hit the trail often and usually stumble or trip on a branch or root sticking out of the ground? No matter how careful I am, it happens, so the protective toecap that the Moab Speed has is a godsend!

Protecting the front of your feet will also aid the back, they work hand in hand. The ankle is also nicely protected and given extra comfort from the padded collar - brilliant for cushioning on bumpy terrain.


The Merrell Moab Speed has a comfortable and breathable mesh lining, perfect for keeping the air circulating and your feet less confined.

The materials used by Merrell are both lightweight and breathable making the Moab Speeds a great choice for a hiking shoe.


We might be more focused on the performance that these shoes can offer but that doesn't mean we aren't interested in how they look too!

Luckily, the Merrell Moab Speed hiking shoes are attractive-looking. They are designed in bold colors and have the Merrell name on the outer foot, along with the Vibram print on the side of the outsole and Floatpro at the back. It's a striking shoe.


Given the technologies used in the Merrell Moab Speeds and the brand itself, I think the price is reasonable. It's not overly priced, that's for sure. There is also the option to pay over 3 months depending on what site you order them from.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

If the Merrell’s haven’t quite hit the mark with you, I can offer alternative hiking shoes that may take your interest.

The 2 options I have chosen are both performers and offer great value for money, albeit they have price tags that are quite different.

CAMEL CROWN Hiking Shoes – You won’t be missed in these vibrant hiking shoes. Designed to be durable and lightweight, the CAMEL CROWN’s are a great contender. These are a lot less than the Merrell’s but have a lot to offer. They are definitely worth a look.

KEEN Ridge Flex Hiking Shoe – Now KEEN is a brand that knows what it's are doing. It uses great technologies on its footwear and always comes up trumps. The Ridge Flex hiking shoe is sleek and stylish but with all the technologies of a high-performance hiking shoe. The traction, flexibility, breathability, and overall design are impeccable with these shoes - but, you pay the price for them!


I'll get straight to it, I like the Merrell Moab Speed hiking shoes. These offer everything you need and want from a hiking shoe.

The technologies that Merrell uses will enhance your hiking experience and this model comes at an affordable price.

It's stylish and easy on the eye, has great traction, insoles, outsoles and will be a long-lasting purchase. The bottom line, the Merrell Moab Speed is a great choice.