Lowa Taurus Pro GTX Mid
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Our Conclusion
Exploring and adventuring is something that sets the soul free, it can give you that release from the stresses of daily life.

So on adventures that are made to push you to your limits and exert you, it's only fitting that you have footwear that will give you the support, protection, and cushioning you need to truly enjoy the experience.

With nearly 100 years of knowledge and experience under their belt, Lowa has an exceptionally great reputation for making superb footwear and always striving to offer more to their customers. That's exactly what the Lowa Taurus Pro hiking boots offer, an enjoyable and stable ride.

This model benefits from deep lugs for more traction on wet and dry surfaces, a generous amount of stability and support underfoot and ankle mobility through the engineered collar angle.

The boot has a stiffness that may be less appealing to some but for others who require more stability, it will be another bonus.
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Pros & Cons
Nylon stabilizer
DuraPU midsole
5mm lugs
Moderate stiffness
Thin sole unit
Key Features
Key Features

One of the great joys of buying new hiking boots is seeing what different technologies they have to offer, and the Lowa Taurus Pro has quite a few.

Leather and Fabric Uppers

Hiking boots need both breathability and durability whilst being flexible and protective. The Lowa Taurus benefits from both leather and fabric uppers, giving them the advantage of ticking all of the above requirements.

Leather is a great material for strength and durability and fabric offers a more breathable boot construction, something which your feet will surely be grateful for on longer more strenuous hikes.

GORE-TEX Waterproof Membrane

GORE-TEX is a fabulous material for walking boots as it provides a durable waterproof yet breathable performance for your feet to truly enjoy and keep dry in.

DuraPU Midsole

A midsole is an important aspect of any hiking boot. Designed to provide cushioning and shock absorption, the Low Taurus Pro has the advantage of the DuraPU midsole made for excellent rebound and shock absorption.

This boot has you covered on impact.

Lowa Lima Outsole

If your hiking boot doesn't have a great outsole then they may as well go in the trash. Luckily, the Lowa Taurus Pro has the perks of a Lowa Lima outsole which has 5mm lugs for awesome traction on multiple surfaces.


I always think that stability is important with your hiking boots; without it, you can sustain injury rather easily. The Lowa Taurus Pro has a nicely padded collar designed at an angle that promotes ankle mobility. It also helps with downhill negotiations.

With the additional amount of support and stability underfoot, this hiking boot will give you a secure ride on the most uneven of surfaces.


The fact this model is extremely lightweight is also a massive benefit, it means you are less likely to feel the heavy burden and your feet will become less tired the further into your hikes you get.


The Lowa Taurus Pro is a stylish and easy on the eye hiking boot. Being a mid-height boot, it offers slightly more protection to the ankle than low-rise boots.

The hook eyelets are both strong and sturdy, perfect for offering a nice firm and supportive lace-up. The outsole is great for ensuring a lift from the ground and stopping your feet from feeling the unease of loose ground.

However, you may feel sharpness from rocky terrain, so bear that in mind.


The Lowa Taurus Pro is an expensive boot, not the most expensive I have come across but, it is at the higher end of the price scale. Built with lots of generous technologies to enhance performance, the price doesn't put me off and neither should it with you.

The combination of both the DuraPU midsole, nylon stabilizers, and Lowa Lima outsole makes this shoe a great contender and worth paying that bit more for.
Comparison to Similar Hiking Boots
KEEN Targhee III Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot - Another exceptionally well-built boot. It benefits from a KEEN.Dry waterproof membrane to help keep moisture out but allow for breathability, a leather mud-shield for further protection, Cleansport NXT technology for odor control, and an all-terrain rubber outsole for that superb finish. These boots mean business.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot - A lower-rise hiking boot but with all the kick of the rest, the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II is another great contender. Crafted with Omni-Tech waterproof technology, lightweight techlite midsole, Omni-Grip outsole, and a breathable textile lining, this is a great hiking boot, and very reasonably priced.
The Lowa Taurus Pro is a lovely hiking boot. Versatile and breathable, it is a good option for an off-trail hike.

The Lowa Lima outsole with multi-directional lugs is a great selling feature for these boots, along with the lightweight feel of the boots in general.

I would like to point out that these boots might not be the best for sharper terrains due to the thin sole unit; however, if your hiking adventures are looking to softer terrains, then I would certainly look at the Lowa Taurus Pro.
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