Hoka One One Sky Toa Hiking Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
I love it when a pair of shoes lands on my lap to review and I fall in love with them at first sight! Nothing is better than footwear that performs well and looks like dynamite all at the same time.

I remember the first time I was introduced to the Hoka brand and the love affair started. I’ve always been drawn to bolder brands that aren’t afraid to push boundaries with designs and styles. Well, Hoka shoes are exactly that - striking, bold, and like nothing I'd seen before.

The brand is innovative, driven, and ambitious in its designs, providing customers with only the very best footwear to aid them in their sporting activities.

Let’s talk about a specific Hoka design that is both a high-performer and an attractive shoe.
Hoka One One Sky Toa Hiking Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Vibram megagrip hi-traction outsole

Breathable and durable

Stylish and bold



A little stiff

Tight in the upper part

Key Features


I couldn’t start this review any other way than by talking about the design. The Hoka Sky Toa boots are dynamic and innovative, designed with all of the expertise of the Hoka trail running shoes.

They have a GORE-TEX waterproof bootie for comfort and to keep your feet dry during your hikes - it's a great fabric for all-weather uses with the advantage of being lightweight. The technical synthetic uppers are also made for durability and breathability so you needn't worry that your feet may become too enclosed in the Sky Toa's.

The rubberized midsole foam is the perfect cushioning for your feet on long outings and gives good energy via a responsive feel. The outsole is also the perfect combo for a hiking boot; Vibram Megagrip provides you with the ultimate traction for grip and stability in any weather, and this is reinforced by the multidirectional lugs giving further aid on varied terrain.

Looks-wise, you're onto a winner. The Hoka Sky Toa is designed with a real zest for fashion. These boots feature a nice thick outsole not only for performance but they are extremely beneficial for the look of the shoe.

The boot is similar to a walking trainer but the shaft is slightly higher at the front giving further protection and the collar is nicely padded to give comfort.


The design is beyond measure but quite frankly, so is the performance of the Hoka Sky Toa’s. Benefiting from a Vibram Megagrip outsole, GORE-TEX bootie construction, and a rubberized midsole, they are, without doubt, an extremely good hiking boot.

One of the main features of any hiking boot has got to be the outsole and the Hoka Sky Toa has an extremely favorable outsole that will give you the traction you need - it’s both flexible and durable and will be comfortable with each step. Vibram Megrgrip is a force to be reckoned with so have no doubt, these boots are going to be a top-notch choice.

The waterproof aspect is beneficial for walks in bleaker weather - no one enjoys having wet and soggy feet halfway through a hike.


The Hoka Sky Toa's feature responsive cushioning, they have a low-profile cushion bed that provides a more efficient push-off. The GORE-TEX booties offer a great amount of comfort and breathability, a great help when your feet start to swell with the blood flow that will circulate through them.

The outsole will give you further cushioning. The blend of technologies will have your feet thanking you on longer hikes, trust me on that one.


There is no denying that the Sky Toa’s are an expensive boot. Hoka is an expensive brand, but that is because it is designed by experts and made with the best technologies to ensure you have a great hiking experience.

I would always choose to pay a higher price for a pair of boots that were going to last me longer and protect my feet than buy a cheap pair that could potentially damage them.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Boots

We all have our own styles, and I love the Hoka brand but some people may not and if you're one of them, then perhaps the below-hiking boots would be more suited to you;

Salomon Predict Hike Mid GORE-TEX - another striking boot, the Salomon Predict Hike's are designed with extreme cushioning and comfort in mind. They are flexible, lightweight, and favor the Contagrip outsole, generous and reliable for outdoor unsteady terrain. Similar in price to the Hoka Sky Toa, they are another great contender to consider when making your choice.

On Running Cloudrock Waterproof – What a tongue tangler, but worth it. These boots have a great amount to offer too, they are formed with a Missiongrip rubber outsole adding great traction, Zero-Gravity CloudTech for cushioned landings, and have a durable waterproof membrane. Similar in price to the previous boots, this model is anotheer firing example of a great walking boot.


If you're looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish hiking shoe, then your search is over. The Hoka Sky Toa is a hiking shoe that provides incredible support and stability and will only enhance your hiking experience.

It's a top pick in my opinion, an all-rounder that will provide you with a great ride for years to come and all whilst being extremely fashionable. Be bold and daring and go for this brand.