Altra Lone Peak Alpine Trail Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
Let me introduce you to Altra. Founded by two running buddies, this brand is all about the little details that make up big features, and I’ve got to be honest, there is nothing better than a brand that is designed by people who actually participate in the sport.

Now that I’ve introduced the brand, let me introduce the shoe …the Altra Lone Peak Alpine.
Altra Lone Peak Alpine Trail Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Duratread outsole

Foot shape toe box


Rubbing heel

Tight midfoot section

Key Features


It’s a really important factor, especially on trail runs. I remember not so long ago that I wore the wrong pair of running shoes on one of my trail runs and when I got back, I could barely move my feet. I had the biggest blisters on the balls of my feet.

The thing is with trail runs, your feet aren’t on even ground so you have to be sure that they have cushioning and protection all around the foot. The Altra Lone Peak Alpine running shoes are designed with a foot shape toe box to allow your feet to stretch out and give them further comfort and stability on inclines and declines. They also benefit from a balanced cushioning platform; this helps with balance and encourages low impact on your trail run.

Another feature that contributes to comfort is the material the Alpines use. Hemp canvas vamp with suede uppers is ideal for comfort and breathability. Nothing worse than your feet feeling trapped and being unable to move in the direction they need to.


Without a good outsole, your trail shoes might as well not be worn. You're going to encounter tougher terrain than that on the road, so your outsole needs to be sturdy and durable.

The Altra Alpine’s have a Duratread outsole, specifically made for lasting performance and good protection.

It not only gives the runner a comfortable ride but a flexible one too, another really important asset. You might want to have a hearty outsole, but it needs to be moveable otherwise you could do yourself harm. They also have some great grip that will be a real aid on both wet and dry surfaces.


I can’t deny that the Altra Alpine trail running shoes are at the higher end of the price spectrum, but quality comes with a price. The Altra brand understands the needs of runners and the expectations they have when it comes to running shoes.

The Alpines offer great technology and a good look for a trail running shoe. I've always thought that the best quality running shoes are never going to be cheap; expect to pay for quality.

Who Are These Shoes For?

The Altra Loan Peak Alpine trail shoes are designed for trail running. They have the outsole for tougher terrain and heavier running and the low impact form will also benefit you greatly with regards to your heel-to-toe transition.

If you're looking for a pair of road running shoes, then I would suggest something different that offers more cushioning and a drop, rather than the zero drop that these trails shoes offer.

The Dual-Nature midsole has a soft feel and will also give a better energy return, another welcome benefit on a trail run.

Comparison to Similar Trail Runners

If you are looking for a road running shoe or more of an all-rounder, then these probably aren’t the best choice of shoe. There are many variations of trail shoes that could be more appealing if the Altra Lone Peak Alpine shoes aren’t to your taste.

Salomon Ultra Glide – These are a great choice; Salomon is one of my go-to brands for running shoes and the Ultra Glide is an exceptional shoe. It benefits from a Contragrip outsole, SensiFit, and 3D open mesh. They give maximum cushioning, neutral support and are lightweight. Honestly, if the Altra’s aren’t for you, I urge you to look at these bad boys.

Saucony Xodus 11 – Now these are striking trail shoes. The Xodus 11’s have an aggressive lug pattern for the best traction along with a PWRTRAC rubber outsole for that immense ride. They also have the benefit from PWRRUN cushioning for maximum comfort. Seriously, these are the daddy of all trail shoes.


I can't deny that the Altra Loan Peak Alpine is a good trail shoe. They offer a good amount of technologies and will be a durable and good-performing running shoe.

Having said that, I find the other two trail shoes that I have mentioned to be both nicer to look at and to have slightly more about them than the Altra Alpine running shoe.

It’s important to consider the zero drop that these running shoes have. For some, this is a welcomed aid. Personally, I prefer having a drop and slightly more cushioning.