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When you are looking for a quick bite to eat when you're on the go, grab an Oatmega Bar. You won't be disappointed. They are perfect for those who need a quick snack before, during, or after a hard workout. Running a marathon and need a quick bite? This is the perfect go-to option. Get a rumble in your tummy after a hardcore weight session? Eat a protein bar to sate your appetite. No matter what you are doing, the Oatmega Bars make a fantastic quick snack.

The bars are packed full of nutrients. Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids are two of the biggest and most important. You can reap all the benefits while still enjoying a bar that tastes fantastic. The lack of artificial sweeteners and lower than average sugar content are bonuses you can take advantage of.

Something that you might want to note is that these bars do contain some ingredients that are known food allergens. The snacks themselves contain milk, fish, tree nuts, and soy. However, they may also contain traces of peanuts.

Overall, customers love the taste of the Oatmega Bars. Even more than that, they love all the great benefits they can take advantage of while eating them.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Great flavors

Kosher certified 

No artificial sweeteners 


Higher than average cost

May contain peanuts


Oatmega falls under the Bountless Nutrition, LLC company which falls under the umbrella of Amplified Snack Brands, Inc. They hold a handful of different snack brands for those who are looking for healthier options. They know what they're doing when it comes to healthy and delicious snack food.

Oatmega strives to find the perfect balance between making your body happy as well as your taste buds. The delicious and nutritious bars give you all the things your body needs when you're living an active lifestyle. Whether you're running a marathon or hitting the gym, Oatmega strives to give you what your body craves to keep you healthy while still providing you a delicious taste.


When looking at the variety of Oatmega Bars, you might expect that they would have different calorie counts depending on the flavor you choose. However, that is not the case with these ones. Each bar is only 200 calories for the whole bar. That is the average for your typical snack-size protein bar.

If you're looking for a quick snack while you're out and about but don't want to consume too many calories, then this is the perfect choice for you. It offers tons of nutritional value without all the unnecessary calories you might find in other bars.


When you want to grab a quick snack, you want to make sure that it has a good taste. No one wants to consume anything that tastes bad, and with the Oatmega Bars, you don't have to. There are a variety of flavors you can pick from so there is sure to be one that you will love.

According to many customers, the Oatmega Bars have a great taste. After all, the brand strives to make great tasting products. Of course, there are consumers who tasted a bar that they didn't like but that generally has to do with the flavors. Most people can find at least one of the flavors that work well for them.

There are a handful of reviewers who weren't too pleased with the after taste of the bar. Not that it was a deal-breaker or made the bars awful, but it is something to keep in mind when purchasing the Oatmega Bar.

Some reviewers mentioned that the taste and texture of the Oatmega Bars are very comparable to those of the leading snack bar brands. Just because they might not be a brand that you are familiar with doesn't mean they can't taste just as great!


The way your food feels in your mouth is almost as important as the taste. You might find something that has a wonderful flavor, but if it doesn't feel right in your mouth, then you just can't stand eating it.

For the most part, customers are content with the way the Oatmega Bars feel in their mouths. It has a pretty standard texture and consistency that is comparable to the major leading brands.

There are some customers who mentioned the Oatmega Bars were a bit chewy, but not so much that it ruined their experience with the snack. Bars like this one usually have a bit of a chew to them, so it's not terribly unexpected.

One thing about the Oatmega Bars that customers can appreciate is that they don't leave a waxy feeling in your mouth after eating the snack. Sometimes when you ear protein bars such as this one, they can leave an unpleasant feeling in your mouth for a while afterward. That isn't something that customers experience when eating this bar.


There are a plethora of flavors that customers can choose from when ordering the Oatmega Bars. You can pick from blueberry, chocolate brownie, chocolate coconut, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, lemon chia, vanilla almost, or white chocolate raspberry.

The bars are available as single flavors so you can get a pack of one specific kind, so you always have your favorite on hand. Although, you can also opt to purchase a variety pack. There is a 12 pack for chocolate lovers, giving you a couple of each of the chocolate flavors. You can also choose the complete variety pack which comes with 16 bars, two each of the eight available flavors.


It seems obvious, but the ingredients in the Oatmega Bars are going to vary depending on what flavor of bar you choose. One thing that you can be sure of, however, is that the company only uses ingredients that they would want to put in their own bodies. They did their research and found the best and most delicious ingredients that make their bars so enjoyable that you'll want to come back for more. After all, if they don't taste good, you won't want to keep buying them.

Something to note about the Oatmega Bars is that some of all of them may contain milk, fish, tree nuts, and soy. Additionally, they may contain traces of peanuts. This is something you should be aware of if you have food allergies.

Again, the ingredients will vary depending on the bar, but there are some common ingredients that are used in most of the flavors. You will find ingredients including grass-fed whey protein concentrate, whey protein crisps (rice flour, whey protein isolate, tapioca starch, whey protein concentrate, calcium carbonate), gluten-free oats, sunflower oil, responsibly-caught fish oil, vegetable glycerin, tapioca syrup, and chicory root fiber.


The Oatmega Bar is more of a snack bar and not necessarily a meal replacement. As such, it isn't going to be able to sate your appetite. However, it makes the perfect snack after a hard workout. It's going to help give you the energy you need to make it to your next meal.

The protein in the Oatmega Bar does a decent job of helping speed up the recovery times of your muscles. After a particularly hard workout, you will want something to help your body recover and soothe the soreness in your muscles. This snack helps give you some of the protein required to get the job done.

The Oatmega Bar does a stellar job at giving you the nutrition that you need to keep you going and the protein you need after your workout.


One thing that the Oatmega Bars can boast is that they do not use artificial sweeteners at all. Everything in their snacks is sweetened naturally, so you won't get that awful after taste you get from "diet" snacks.

Oatmega Bars strive to keep the sugar levels in the snack bars low, giving you a healthier and more nutritious snack option when you're on the go. It's packed full of nutrients to keep you going. Any and all sugars found in these bars come from natural sources as well.

Regardless of the flavor you choose, the bar contains 22g of carbohydrates. Of that 7g comes from dietary fiber and there is a measly 5g of sugar! That is a staggeringly low number when compared to other similar protein snacks. The Oatmega Bars make it easy to work into your diet since the sugar content is so small.


Protein is a crucial part of your diet, especially for those who are leading an active style. The harder you push yourself at the gym, the more protein you're going to want in your diet. There are so many benefits you can reap from eating it that there is no reason you shouldn't be getting what you need.

The Oatmega Bars provide you with a whopping 14 grams of protein in each bar. This is going to give you what you need after a workout to help relieve some of the soreness in your muscles and help with muscle growth. Of course, you won't get all the protein that you need in a day from eating one of these bars, but it is a great source and the perfect snack while on the go.

The use of whey protein can help you gain muscle, increase your strength, and lose body fat. There are a plethora of benefits to your body provided by the whey protein used in the Oatmega Bars. They're more than just a quick bite to eat.


Omega-3 fatty acids can provide a wide variety of benefits to your body and overall health. The omega-3 fish oil contains both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that are both instrumental in your overall health. Some things the fatty acids can do for you include reducing your blood pressure, lowering your triglycerides, aiding in overall heart health, and help with depression and anxiety.

The Oatmega Bars, regardless of the flavor you choose, contain these omega-3 fatty acids. There is no information on exactly how much you will get with each snack, but it is nice to know that you will at least be able to reap some of the benefits.

One great thing about the Oatmega Bars is that the fish oil used in the snacks is all from reasonably caught fish from sustainable marine sources. They typically use fish such as anchovy, sardine, or tilapia.

Not only is your body going to feel great, but you can have a little peace of mind knowing that you aren't hurting the environment.


The Oatmega Bars are the perfect size for a quick snack. Whether you need something to keep you going while in the middle of a long-distance run, or you want a small bite to eat after a hard workout, these bars are the perfect option.

One of these bars is considered a serving size, which makes a lot of sense. They aren't very big, the perfect snacking size. Most people will finish a whole bar in one sitting, as the bar was intended for.


The Oatmega Bars are packed full of nutrients that will help keep you energized. Of course, you won't get quite the amount of energy from this as you might from a caffeine pill or energy drink, but they are full of sugars and other ingredients that aren't the best for you. These snacks will give you a healthy alternative and a decent amount of energy.


When finding and purchasing a protein snack bar, you want to try to find something that isn't too expensive but will still give you everything that you are looking for in a snack. The Oatmega Bars can provide you what your body is looking for. You get protein, of course, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. They have low sugar content and are non-GMO. Not to mention, they taste great and have a decent texture. All of these things combined make the Oatmega Bars a great value.

However, there are some customers who weren't too impressed by the cost. They are not too much more expensive than the average, but some consumers didn't feel like they were entirely worth the extra price.

Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for a snack bar to munch on before, during, or after your workout, the Oatmega Bars might be the perfect choice for you. They have a great taste and offer fantastic benefits.

The bars don't use any artificial sweeteners at all and have overall low sugar content, making them a healthy option. Additionally, they are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and whey protein.

The Oatmega Bars offer stellar nutritional value with an excellent taste that anyone can appreciate.