Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Running Shoes Review

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Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Running Shoes Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

New Enerzy foam

New wave plate shape 

Wave plate technology

Updated engineered mesh upper with a 3D Runbird logo featuring fewer overlays 

Full carbon rubber outsole 

U4ic midsole 

Fantastic traction

Suitable for neutral runners 


Not suitable for fast runs 

Suitable for heel strikers only 

Higher heel drop (12mm) 

Key Features


New Enerzy foam has been added to the shoe’s midsole, along with the existing Mizuno’s U4ic foam. The new addition of Enerzy foam has been placed predominantly in the heel of the shoe but also in the midfoot, providing a smoother heel-to-toe transition. The inclusion of Enerzy foam makes the shoe more responsive and softer underfoot. 


The Mizuno Wave Rider 24 has an updated Waveknit engineered mesh upper with a 3D Runbird logo. The Waveknit upper offers more stretch and provides a wider toe box, allowing your feet to move more freely. The upper also has fewer overlays, reducing its weight and making running easier. Made from a breathable mesh material, the shoes upper ensures your feet stay well ventilated.  


Wave plate technology continues to be used in Rider 24, by dispersing energy evenly. However, the newest Rider 24, features a new wave plate shape that provides more responsiveness. The new shape also gives the runner a smoother run that is less snappy and more responsive when comparing to the previous Rider 23.  

The shoes existing U4ic midsole works by reducing the level of shock and providing a superior run. The midsole material is lightweight, resilient, well-cushioned, extremely responsive, and durable. 

Historically, the Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe has always been more of a firmer running shoe; however, with the inclusion of Enerzy foam, the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is a lot softer, though still on the stiffer scale when it comes to running shoes. 


Performance-wise, the Enerzy foam, positioned in the shoe’s heel provides a more cushioned and protective landing. According to experts at Mizuno, the Mizuno Enerzy foam positioned in the heel wedge provides 7% more cushioning and 12% more energy return. Having learned a lot about the Rider 24 and its predecessor Rider 23, I am not surprised with these figures. 

Durability and Traction

The Mizuno Wave Rider 24 running shoe has a full carbon rubber outsole that provides longer-lasting durability, as well as fantastic traction. This high level of traction is particularly useful when wearing the neutral running shoe on wet terrains including road and track.

Fit and Style

When trying on the shoe, it offers a good fit and is true to size. The Rider 24 presents an attractive design, offering a range of colors to pick from.

What I do Not Like...

There were a couple of areas of concern that may make this Mizuno shoe not suitable for some runners. The Mizuno Wave Rider 24 running shoe has been designed for heel strikers only. The shoe is more suitable for daily runs rather than fast runs.

The shoe also has a higher heel drop that is approximately 12mm which may not be suitable for some runners.

Compared to Previous Models

When comparing the latest Mizuno Wave Rider 24 to the previous Rider 23, visually they do not look that different; however, there are a few noticeable changes worth pointing out.

As previously discussed, the newest Rider 24 features Enerzy foam whereas Rider 23 did not. When it comes to the Mizuno wave plate technology, the shape of the wave plate has changed by having flatter waves rather than sharper peaks. The Mizuno Wave Rider 24 has a full ground contact outsole whereas the Rider 23 had a tiny gap between the heel and forefoot.

Visually, the designers decided to give Rider 24 a more polished look. This was achieved by Rider 24 having a one-piece upper with a Mizuno logo on both sides. Rider 23 had a small split where the mesh met between the heel and midfoot.

Rider 24 has a wider toe box and a more padded heel collar, providing extra support.


If you are looking for a daily running shoe that is extremely responsive, the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is a brilliant option!

Best suited for heel strikers and runners who prefer a high heel drop of 12mm, the designers at Mizuno have managed to sustain the shoe's look and feel but have added Enerzy foam to improve its responsiveness and level of cushioning.

An updated Waveknit engineered mesh upper and newly shaped wave plate has left loyal followers of the brand extremely happy with the changes made.

With only a few minor concerns to flag, I would highly recommend the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 as an everyday running shoe.