Gold Bond Friction Defense Review

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When you are heading to the gym or out for a run, you dread the idea of your skin rubbing and comfortably against things, whether itself or your clothing. Rubbing and chafing can cause an extreme amount of discomfort. Sometimes it can even prevent people from going to the gym and working out. There is no reason to worry about this any more thanks to products such as the Gold Bond Friction Defense. You can apply this liberally to your skin throughout the day, as many times as you need. It's going to give you a layer over your skin that can reduce the friction and ease your pain. Consumers agree that it works, and it works well.

There are a lot of products like this on the market. This is just one of many. However, this one stands out above the rest because of the effectiveness at an affordable price. They are backed by a brand that consumers have grown to know and love. Gold Bond has been making fantastic products for over a century. They strive to bring customers high-quality products at affordable prices.

If you want something for your skin to prevent chafing or ease the pain of already chaffed skin, this is perfect for you. It is going to give you a long-lasting layer of protection without leaving a greasy mess all over your skin. If you have problems with friction, check out the Gold Bond Friction Defense, it can help.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Trusted brand

Affordable cost


Easy to use


No size options

Not scented


The Gold Bond brand is an over the counter skincare product that can help a whole slew of ailments and customers. Their products come in both topical cream and powder form. They are used for odor control, curb moisture, and soothe minor skin irritations. One of the most notable products they make includes their jock itch line.

Gold Bond dates back to 1882 when a formula was developed by physicians from the Rhode Island State Medical Association. In 1908 the recipe was bought by Arthur W. Guilford, and the Gold Bond brand was born. They began making products in Massachusetts. Consumers fell in love with the different powder and developed a strong following and loyal customers. Ther brand grew drastically merely by word of mouth.

The rights and formula were sold again in 1912 by John M. Chapman, who helped achieve brand recognition and better distribution. A couple of years later, their powder was the first New Year's Baby gift, and the idea caught on quickly with other retailers. Then, the company gave a free can of powder to every man that was drafted into the military during World War II.

The company changed hands a couple more times after that, each time bringing on new and improved changes. During the 90s, they introduced a lot of their new extensions. These included their extra strength medicated powder, baby powder, and medicated anti-itch cream.

They are currently offering a plethora of products that customers love. Their product line includes some of the quickest growing body and hand lotions and some of the top-selling medicated body powder, foot powder, and foot cream in the United States.


There are a plethora of uses for the Bond Friction Defense. It is going to help reduce friction and chafing while at the same time soothing and moisturizing your skin. It is even gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

For those with little thicker thighs, you know how irritating it can be to head out for a run only to have your legs rub together and caused a lot of soreness in irritation. Using this stick on the troublesome areas is going to help reduce that chafing and relieve the pain, allowing you to get out there with ease.

Of course, you can use it for more than just your thighs. Customers can experience friction chafing anywhere the skin rubs together or against your clothing. Whether it is your shirt rubbing along the surface of your chest or your sports bra rubbing on your shoulders, the stick can help. When you are working out and building up a sweat, the moisture is going to help increase the chances of irritation from rubbing. Do not let the fear of skin irritation and friction scare you away from your fitness goals and working up a sweat.

Whether you are experiencing skin to skin chafing in your thighs are your underarms or fabric on skin chafing from your shorts, bra, or shirt, at least you know you can experience relief with this product. Applying this directly onto your skin is going to create a layer between your skin in your fabric, or between your skin to skin contact. This is going to make your skin a little more pliable, so it is going to reduce friction and decrease the chance of soreness.


When you are taking time out of your day to go out and purchase an anti-chafing and anti-friction products, you want to try to make sure you're finding something that is effective and is going to work. If you're going through all the trouble to apply products on your skin to prevent skin irritation, you want to feel the relief and avoid the discomfort that it promises. After all, why would you want to waste your time or money on a product that doesn't work?

Customers can agree that the Gold Bond Defense provides the perfect amount of protection on their skin, so you do not have to worry about irritation and chafing. It is highly effective, which is much appreciated by many consumers. When you apply this product to your skin, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to get a long-lasting layer of protection that actually works.


The Gold Bond protection is super easy to use. All you have to do rub it on the affected area for relief. You should apply liberally and as often as necessary to soothe your skin and reduce friction. You will want to apply the products where you experience a lot of chafing and rubbing, such as your thighs or underarms.

The stick work similar to deodorant, you just spin the dial to push the product up so you can apply it over your problem areas. It also works great on the already sore areas of your skin.

There aren't really any problems when it comes to using this product. It is fairly self-explanatory.


When it comes to the Friction Defense, there are not too many ingredients that you'll find. This stick as an ingredient list that includes caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetyl esters, tribehenin, stearyl alcohol, zinc oxide, polyethylene, silica, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, ethlyhexlglycerin, isopropyl myristate, tocopheryl acetate, bisabolol, isopropyl palmitate, and zingiber Officinale (ginger) root extract.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for something that is all-natural organic, this is not going to work out well for you. However, if you want something that has been proven to work and can leave your skin feeling fantastic, and you don't mind the use of these types of ingredients, then this is going to be perfect for you.


When using any kind of product, it is important to check out the warnings printed on the label. You want to make sure that you are using the product exactly as directed and taking proper precautions when needed. There are not a whole lot of warnings that go along with the Gold anti-chaffing defense, but there are some that you might want to keep in mind. This is for external use only did you want to make sure that you are not making any contact with your eyes.

Additionally, it is recommended that you keep this out of reach of the children. If it does happen to get swallowed, you should seek medical help or contact the Poison Control Center immediately, and they can tell you how to proceed from there.


When it comes to the Gold Bond Friction Defense, there is only one size option. This product is only available in a 1.75 ounce (49.6 g) stick, similar to a stick of deodorant.

If you want something a little smaller, then you are out of luck. Sometimes consumers prefer getting a smaller size as a trial to see if it will work and how well. Unfortunately, that is not something that you can do with this product.

However, if you do want a little more than what the one stick can provide, then you will have to purchase more than one. There are no bigger containers, but the sticks are available in multiple sized packs.


The Gold Bond Friction Defense offers impressive protection from irritation. Whether you are getting uncomfortable cheesing from your skin rubbing together or your skin rubbing against your clothing, putting an extra layer protection can be key to preventing discomfort.

Customers love that they can apply this product as often as needed to keep their skin protected from friction. Most consumers agree that the stick Works fantastically and keeps their skin safe and protected while keeping your skin smooth and wish her eyes.


The Gold Bond Friction Defense is entirely unscented. This is ideal for the vast majority of consumers, so they do not have to worry about any kind of fragrances. This is especially great for those with skin sensitivities. You are not going to have to worry about any irritations due to added scents or perfumes.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for something that is scented, you might want to find another option that's more suited to your needs. However, if you are okay with the unscented product, then this is perfect.


The Gold Bond Friction Defense has a pretty reasonable price tag that customers can take advantage of. There are a lot of anti-itch and anti-friction creams and lotions out there that you can choose from, the market is very competitive. Even though there is a wide variety of options out there to choose from, you'll be hard-pressed to find something that works as fantastic as this one. The best part of it all is the affordable price tag.

There's no reason to go out and buy high-quality products and pay big bucks for something that you can purchase at your local drugstore at a low cost. Not only are you going to get something that's going to work, but you don't have to break the bank's doing it.

Bottom Line

The Gold Bond Friction Defense is an excellent option for anyone who has problems with friction, such as rubbing and chafing. If you are a gym-goer, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who is looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, this might be a good product for you. We're doing a lot of working out; you run the risk of soreness in irritation from friction. Whether your skin rubbing against itself or your clothing, it can leave you feeling irritated and uncomfortable. Thanks for products like this that do not have to be an issue.

You can apply this product to your skin throughout the day, as needed. It's going to give you an extra layer of protection over the top of your skin to help with friction. It's going to allow your skin or your clothes to glide more easily, so it isn't rubbing and causing irritation. It is fragrance-free and perfect for those with skin sensitivities. It's not going to leave your skin feeling greasy and slick; in fact, it's going to leave it feeling smooth and moisturized.

If you want a great and useful quality product, you've come to the right place. Gold Bond is a brand that the world has grown to know and love. They've been making effective skincare products at affordable prices for over a century. This is just one more of their long line of fantastic products. Many consumers have stated that if you use this product, you won't be disappointed.