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Winter weather calls for a warming jacket to protect you from the elements! The Helly Hansen Cascade is an insulated junior ski jacket that is the perfect mountain companion. It offers PrimaLoft Black Insulation that keeps you well-protected from wet conditions and mimics the benefits of down-filling.

The Helly Hansen Cascade jacket has everything you need for a day on the mountain! Its built-in ski pass pocket makes it easy for you to hit the slopes, while the hand pockets let you warm yourself between runs. Included HellyTech technologies ensure this jacket is entirely waterproof by keeping moisture from penetrating the fabric.

This coat looks as good as it performs and makes a stylish addition to any wardrobe. You have a choice between one of several colorways to suit your sense of fashion, which make it easy to incorporate into your everyday look. Despite having a high price tag, this jacket is an excellent investment for winter weather that you will enjoy for years.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • PrimaLoft Black Insulation
  • Front Zip Entry
  • Chin Guard
  • Ski-Pass Pocket
  • Zippered Hand Pockets
  • Expensive


The Helly Hansen Cascade is an insulated junior ski jacket that offers something more than your average design. Its PrimaLoft lining material ensures you stay warm and toastie even on the chilliest days and is perfect for all your mountain retreats.

This jacket has a stylish design that looks good with practically any clothing! It comes in several attractive colorways, including Olympian Blue, Black, Navy, White, and Red. The choice of colors makes it easy to blend with any wardrobe and keeps you looking sharp all season long.

With an athletic fit and stow-away hood, this jacket won't weigh you down while you're on the move. It offers front zip entry for comfortable on-off wear that seals warmth inside so you won't get chilly.

Weather Protection

Staying well-protected from the elements is a must while you're out in wet or windy winter weather. The Helly Hansen Cascade offers signature HellyTech protection that makes it both wind and waterproof.

HellyTech protection utilizes a unique membrane that keeps water molecules from penetrating the fabric but lets moisture molecules escape. This combination keeps you nice and dry from the outer layer and warm and cozy from the inside.

The innovative membrane is useful all year long, no matter what the weather outside may bring. Wind, rain, or snow won't be enough to stop you from doing the things you love!

PrimaLoft Black Insulation keeps you warm while ensuring you're dry on the inside. Its pre-treated fibers prevent water from soaking through the fabric, so you never feel damp inside your jacket.


One of the better lining materials available is fleece. It's a warm choice that won't smother you or cause excessive sweating because it allows for plenty of airflow around your body. The fleece consists of polyester material woven into a lightweight fabric. It's then brushed which gives the fibers more volume to keep you warm and comfortable while you wear it.

Both the body and collar are fleece-lined, which keeps you much warmer than another material would. Polyester is a natural fabric to clean because it's machine washable and retains its size without shrinking in the drier. Fleece can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat without worrying about shrinkage or distortion.

This lining material keeps you warmer in cold weather but won't smother you like some of the heavier fabrics would. It is an excellent choice for winter activities thanks to its comforting feel and lightweight texture.


Winter weather calls for a warm jacket, and that's where the Helly Hansen Cascade excels! This jacket offers PrimaLoft Black Insulation, a superior alternative to the conventional down insulation. PrimaLoft is the leading brand in synthetic insulation and mirrors the many significant aspects that down offers. Unlike down, PrimaLoft provides excellent protection in wet conditions thanks to its pre-treated fibers that block water. These innovative fibers keep you dry even during the most torrential downpour and set this insulation apart from all the others.

Down is known for its warmth, which is why it's famous for winter clothing, but many people don't realize PrimaLoft keeps you just as warm. PrimaLoft insulation contains millions of air pockets that hold body heat inside the fibers keeping you even more heated.

PrimaLoft Black Insulation mimics the best aspects of down filling and improves upon the water-resistance, making it a must-have for winter adventures. This material is lightweight and compressible, so you will never feel bogged down while wearing it and will always stay as warm as can be.


Some days call for a hood while others do not, which is why a detachable hood is such a great feature! The Helly Hansen Cascade offers a warm insulated hood that detaches when you don't want to use it. The hat is adjustable for greater comfort, which keeps extra warmth inside when you tighten the drawstrings.

Not only is the hood super warm, but it has a high-visibility panel for added safety. High-visibility panels reflect light making it much easier for other skiers or snowboarders to see you on the mountain. Not to mention, it helps drivers to see you better too!

Keeping your head warm in cold conditions is a must! It prevents sinus headaches, infections, and even the common cold or flu. That's why you want a hood with warm insulation and lining materials that protect your head from freezing temperatures. Helly Hansen Cascade offers a superior design with just the kind of hood you want and need.


The Helly Hansen Cascade jacket is jam-packed with excellent features! It has everything you need to spend the day mountaineering so you will be as comfortable as possible while you're on the go.

There are plenty of places to keep your things like a snack or cell phone, thanks to the front zippered hand pockets. The zip closure makes for a secure hideaway where you can keep any of your belongings without the worry of losing anything. An innovative sleeve pocket offers the perfect place to store your ski pass, which is ideal for winter activities.

This jacket has a protective chin guard that shields the area from freezing temperatures. Protecting yourself from extreme cold is a must while you're on the mountain and some jackets don't correctly block the lower face. Hoods often leave your chin exposed, which isn't practical for winter weather. Helly Hansen Cascade fully covers the jaw when the top button is clipped, keeping you warmer while exposed to chilly temperatures.

DWR Treated

The Helly Hansen Cascade jacket is pre-treated with a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating. This coating prevents water from penetrating the fabric and eliminates the need for any secondary water-repellent sprays or treatments. Having a jacket with DWR coating makes a world of difference and ensures that you stay dry and comfortable even after long hours spent in the rain.

When you're out playing all day in the snow, your clothing inevitably ends up soaked, which is why you need a jacket that repels the moisture. That way, you won't end up with a soggy feeling jacket or get a chill from wearing wet clothing.

DWR treatments won't last forever, which means it will eventually need reinforcing. There are plenty of products that are effective at creating a protective barrier that water and moisture won't penetrate. These products are generally inexpensive and work quite well at keeping your coat as water-resistant as possible.


Spending day in and day out on the mountain is tough on clothing! Which is why you want a winter jacket that can withstand the harsh wear and tear. The Helly Hansen Cascade jacket offers a durable design that won't fall apart after a few rough days on the slopes.

This winter jacket has seam-sealed construction that prevents water and moisture from saturating the fabric. By keeping the material drier, it extends the lifespan making this jacket last longer than other designs.

This jackets' polyester fabric is easy to care for and won't distort with regular washings. Polyester is a sturdy material that withstands any extreme element without issue. When it comes to winter wear, polyester is an excellent choice that makes any jacket last for a long time to come.


The Helly Hansen Cascade jacket has an adjustable hem and cuffs that make it fit perfectly and lock in body heat for a warmer all-day feeling. A day on the slopes calls for comfortable clothing and a jacket that fits poorly won't do. That's why the adjustable hem and cuffs make this coat one of the best choices.

By tightening the cuffs and hem, you lock in your body heat which keeps you nice and warm, while also prevents the cold air from getting inside your jacket. If cold air creeps in you won't feel warm enough and won't be able to enjoy your time on the mountain. You will also feel restricted and uncomfortable if you're unable to adjust the fit because you need plenty of room to move while you're on the ski runs.

Helly Hansen Cascade comes in a variety of sizes which fit children aged roughly between 6 to 15-years old. Just be sure to check the size chart for detailed measurements and if you can't decide between two sizes, opt for the larger of the two. Children grow up so quickly it's always smart to buy clothing a size up because they will get more use out of it that way.


Unfortunately, good things come at a price, and the Helly Hansen Cascade jacket is on the expensive side. Despite its significant price tag, this jacket is still a great value, especially considering the features it has to offer. When it comes to the warmth and comfort of your child, it's certainly worth paying more for a higher quality product!

This option is ideal for cold weather thanks to its PrimaLoft Black Insulation that keeps you warm no matter how frigid the air might be. It offers front zip entry for easy on-off wearability and lots of pockets to store all sorts of things like snacks or gloves. These aspects make it a worthwhile investment that you will be happy having purchased.

There are tons of cheaper options available, but they don't offer the same warmth and protection as this jacket does. Plus, when you consider the durability and lifespan of this product, it counters the high price tag and makes it seem that much more economical.

Bottom Line

The Helly Hansen Cascade jacket is the perfect wintertime companion. For children aged 6-15-years, this coat is a comfortable and stylish choice that is enjoyable to wear. With several colors to choose from and reflective hi-visibility 'HH' logos, this jacket will have you looking on-trend while you dominate the slopes.

It offers superior warmth thanks to its PrimaLoft Black insulation that mimics the benefits of down-filling. The improvements with PrimaLoft insulation is its water-resistance that down doesn't provide. Helly Hansen Cascade keeps you warm and cozy in wet and dreary weather so you can enjoy your time spent on the mountain.

A warm insulated hood is a must while it's cold and snowing, but sometimes you won't want to wear it. This jacket offers a detachable hood so you can easily remove it when you don't feel like wearing one. A bonus is the high-visibility panels that reflect light to keep you safer while you're on the go.

Front zip entry makes it super easy to put on or take off this coat, and the many pockets give you a place to keep your things. The sleeve has a special pocket to hold your ski-pass, and the hand pockets are zippered for more secure storing.

This option is a bit expensive, but it's a worthwhile investment in the comfort and wellbeing of your child. When you weigh the incredible features, you get against how much it costs; it puts the value into perspective.