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As women, we know that there is a constant struggle of trying to find clothing that fits comfortably. All of our bodies are different, in many ways. Tall and short torsos, long and short arms, broad or narrow shoulders, large or small hips. That’s the beauty of women.

Zoano is dedicated to providing a comfortable fit for as many women as possible, without sacrificing on style. You don’t need to wear a baggy shirt to feel good about yourself. In fact, a more contoured fit can do wonders for your self-esteem.

The Zoano Women’s Running Shirt is constructed in such a way that you can achieve a comfortable, relaxed fit with a more contoured shape. This running shirt features a ¼ zip for easing taking off and putting on. The collar is a stand-up style to protect the neck when zipped the whole way.

The sleeves are made in the raglan style, giving you more range of motion. The sleeves feature thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place and/or act as gloves during chilly morning runs. The polyester and spandex materials used to make the Zoano Women’s Running Shirt will provide durability, shape retention, and moisture management.

This running shirt comes at a very competitive, affordable price. Depending on the retailer you purchase it from, you can expect free returns. The verdict so far is nearly 95% positive.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sporty Shape

Moisture Management


Raglan Sleeves

Stand-Up Collar


Only Two Color Options

Some Want A More Relaxed Fit


Zoano is a brand that was created in 2005 by a man in China (name unknown). It is a small company with just between 201 and 500 employees. This brand offers a wide variety of sports clothing.

Some of their specialties include yoga pants/outfits, fitness outfits, running clothes, and jerseys for cycling. The clothing produced by this company are of quality material, are offered in both neutral and bright color schemes to appeal to a larger demographic of customers.

When you shop on the brand’s website, you can be sure to receive free returns and full refunds when you are not satisfied with your order. If the package doesn’t arrive or you receive an item you did not order, they will fix it. There is even a shopping helper that is available 24/7 to provide you with a hassle-free, worry-free experience.


87% of the construction of this running shirt is polyester, which is a synthetic (manmade) fiber. Polyester is durable. It finds no trouble in standing up to general wear and tear and many rounds in the washing machine. It does not shrink, wrinkle, or fade as quickly as some of its competitors.

Polyester isn’t very absorbent, making it less likely to attain stains. It is breathable, thus providing sufficient moisture management. It does this by wicking sweat away from your skin. It then allows the moisture to evaporate, instead of holding onto it. This will keep your skin dry and your body temperature more regulated. You can find another running shirt made with polyester here.

The negatives of polyester material include its vulnerability to pulls and runs that can develop in the material. The material is also known for sticking to the skin when it is too wet for the shirt to keep up with moisture control. Polyester is not as soft as some other materials. Therefore, people with more sensitive skin tend to opt for cotton.

Polyester is heat-sensitive, meaning you need to be extra careful when performing tasks such as screenprinting or drying in a machine. You have to be careful so as not to melt or scorch the material.

The other thirteen percent of the construction of this running shirt is made up of spandex. This material comes in handy, especially when it is blended with other fabrics. When you combine the characteristics of polyester and spandex, you’re left with a blend of breathability, comfort, durability, flexibility, and shape retention.

Spandex is able to be stretched up to 600 times its original size. What’s better is that it can bounce right back to its original size after being stretched. Even after the 100th times of being stretched. The more you move, the more your clothes do. And nobody is happy when their clothes lose their shape after just a few workouts and washes. Opt for material like spandex that can move with you longer.


Lightweight clothing is desirable for many reasons. Those that exercise often or get warm very easily love lightweight shirts. They’re perfect for a brisk fall morning run or an evening walk around the neighborhood. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also functional.

There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate through your day in clothes that seem to weigh you down. You shouldn’t be spending your time being hyper-aware of your clothing. Because the polyester material is lightweight and doesn’t absorb much moisture (getting rid of it instead), your shirt is less likely to become saturated, and therefore, heavy. Your skin will be less vulnerable to irritation from wet fabric.

This running tee is great for layering because it is lightweight, long-sleeved, and (if you choose) enough of a relaxed fit to comfortably wear a tank top or t-shirt underneath. When it’s cooler outside, keep the Zoano Women’s Running Shirt on. When in warmer conditions, simply take off the running shirt and cool off.

Moisture Management

While there are some people that revel in the joy of being soaked with sweat after a workout, not everybody shares the same enthusiasm. Obviously, when you workout you’re going to be producing more sweat than you would while watching tv or sitting at work. That’s why you should be expecting better moisture management out of the clothes you wear to workout in.

Not only does this shirt manage the moisture inside of your shirt, but it also helps to regulate your body temperature. Body temperature regulation is directly related to sweat and moisture. The polyester material in this shirt is able to offer breathability, moisture-wicking abilities, and quick-drying properties. The polyester will work to wick the sweat away from your skin. And, because polyester isn’t very absorbent, it will evaporate the moisture, drying quickly. It is also lightweight and breathable.

When you control the moisture inside of your shirt, you’re also controlling odors. Bacteria that are attracted to your sweat will come feed on it when it’s left to sit on your skin. They will feed on your sweat and leave acid waste behind. It is this waste that produces the body odor we’ll all familiar with. Help combat foot odor with these moisture-wicking socks.


All women are different. This much we know. What we also know is that not all women have the same style preferences. Some women like to wear loose-fitting clothing, especially when exercising. Some women prefer to wear form-fitting clothing, especially when exercising. Instead of forcing you to choose, there are running shirts available in both styles.

The Zoano Women’s Running Shirt happens to be more on the side of form-fitting. Although, it is also relaxed. You can enjoy a shirt that fits the contours of your body but also allows you to move without restriction. Experience the comfort of the shirt being next-to-skin without it being too clingy or tight.


There are many reasons to appreciate the fact that this running shirt features a ¼ length zipper on the chest. Firstly, having a zipper makes it much easier to put the shirt on and take the shirt off. Because it doesn’t extend the entire way down the shirt, you won’t have to worry about the unflattering bulk that full-length zippers inevitably create.

When the zipper is all the way up, the collar will turn into a stand-up collar. This feature will allow you to give your neck extra protection; whether it be protection from the wind, sun, or rain (the shirt is not waterproof). You don’t even need to worry about the skin on your neck becoming irritated from the zipper thanks to a fabric flap. For a zippered running shirt that has a less contoured fit, try this one.


The sleeves on shirts are typically sewn to the body of the shirt in a verticle line that runs from the shoulder to the underarm. This type of construction is fine for every-day, casual wear. However, when you’re an active woman, you need sleeves that can work with you, not against you.

That’s why the sleeves on this running shirt are made in the raglan style. This means that the sleeves are sewn in a diagonal line that begins at the collar and ends at the underarm. Raglans sleeves are made with one piece of material which eliminates unnecessary and uncomfortable excess seams running down your arms.

This type of sleeve follows the natural contours of your shoulders. It is designed like this so that your upper arms can have as much range of motion as possible in a long-sleeve shirt. This type of sleeve is common in winter clothing, casual wear, and sportswear for its increased range of motion, extra room, and ease of taking off and putting on over the shoulders.

There are drawbacks to having this style of sleeve, as there are drawbacks to everything. This kind of sleeve can result in a bulky appearance at the underarm. Because of the excess material that allows more range of motion, it can appear bulky when your arms are at your side. However, since it is more form-fitting, this shirt shouldn’t create much, if any, bulk. You can find another running shirt with raglan sleeves here.

Another great feature about the sleeves is the thumbholes that are present at the wrist of each sleeve. Thumbholes may seem pointless and weird-looking to some. But to those of us who spend time outdoors or exercising, we know that they come in handy. Either use them to keep your sleeves in place or use them as gloves on your chilly early morning runs.


The Zoano Women’s Running Shirt is available in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. While the reviews claim that the fit is 87% as expected and that they ordered the sizes they typically wear; it’s still a good idea to check the size chart and take your measurements in order to avoid having to send it back.

Size extra-small has a bust circumference measurement of 33 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 27.1 inches. The length of the shirt from shoulder to waist is 24.8 inches.

Size small has a bust circumference measurement of 35 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 29.1 inches. The length of the shirt from shoulder to waist is 25.6 inches.

Size medium has a bust circumference measurement of 37 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 31.1 inches. The length of the shirt from shoulder to waist is 26.3 inches.

Size large has a bust circumference measurement of 38.9 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 33 inches. The length of the shirt from shoulder to waist is 27.1 inches.

Size extra-large has a bust circumference measurement of 40.9 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 35 inches. The length of the shirt from shoulder to waist is 27.9 inches.


This running shirt is available in just two color schemes. They are very subtle, neutral colors with small pops of color. The first choice is black with lime green accents. The other is grey with sky blue accents.

The accent colors appear on the zipper, inside of the color, and along a curved seam on your sides that are visible from both the front and the back. The accents are very subtle. You will either love it or wish you had more color.

If you’re wearing these neutral colors in low-light conditions, you may want to consider investing in a product that will make you more visible to others. These armbands could work for you.


According to those who have purchased the Zoano Women’s Running Shirt, it does not disappoint any expectations. It is pretty true to size. One woman who typically wears a size medium purchased a large, and it gave her a relaxed fit. For your typical fit, order your regular size (if you’ve reviewed the size chart and know what size will work for you).

When you choose the right size, you’ll achieve a contoured fit flatters virtually any figure. It is great for sports and exercising because it is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and retains its shape, even when stretched repeatedly. Consumers agree that this running shirt is well worth its price.


If you purchase this running shirt from Zoano’s website, you will find that they have their own return policy in place. Though the details of the policy were not viewable, they do claim to provide full refunds if your products don’t arrive. They will also provide a full refund if the item you receive is not what you purchased.

If ordered on Amazon, you will find that certain sizes and colors qualify for free returns. In order to determine which come with free returns, select the size and color you’re interested in. To the right of the price, you will find whether or not it qualifies.

When you want to return to Amazon, simply navigate to your orders. Select the item you’d like to return. Select return item (if it’s still within the time allotted). You will then be able to print a shipping label so that you can package the item up and send it back via the instructions given.

Bottom Line

This running shirt has many benefits to offer the active woman. Even if you’re not active, it’s become a fad to bring the gym clothes into the casual life. It’s perfectly acceptable in today’s fashion industry to wear “gym” clothes to lounge around at home, drive the kids to school, attend sporting events, and go shopping.

You can expect a contoured, sporty shape in a relaxed fit (if you want it to be roomy, order a size up). According to consumers, 87% of them say that the fit is as expected. It is also lightweight and features raglan sleeves, a ¼ zipper, a stand-up collar, and thumbholes.

While there are only two color options, it does at least provide you with efficient moisture management. The colors are also subtle and neutral enough that they can be used in more versatile occasions. The Zoano Women’s Running Shirt comes at a very affordable price and depending on the retailer, free returns.