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Even though they’re called ‘wireless’ most headphones will still have at least one cord connecting the two speakers. Well, that’s not the case with the YEVO Air earphones! Made for athletic activities, this pair offers you the freedom to move however you choose. An innovative and modern design sees one of the only pairs to deliver a truly wireless experience. No matter what sport you choose to engage YEVO Air is the perfect companion that will never weigh you down or get in your way!

Don’t think that something this small won’t deliver quality sound because the crystal clear notes will blow you away. It’s immersive sound and thumping bass is enough to power you through any workout and is quite impressive for such a tiny device. The battery lasts long enough to work up a good sweat and the portable case can charge on the go. YEVO Air is the perfect companion for all of your athletic activities! Its tiny frame and powerful sound quality are very impressive and make this a great choice for athletes of every skill level.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Truly Wireless
  • Microphone
  • Fast-Charging Storage Case
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Stylish Design
  • Awkward Button
  • Expensive


Modern looking equipment is just as important as having a pair that performs well. The YEVO Air earphones are sleek and cool looking to take your gear to the next level of uniqueness. Whether you’re running, cycling, or cruising the streets you will always look your best while wearing a pair of these!

Choose between white or black to suit your sense of style. Both are neutral shades that are very easy to match with any color of clothing. The contemporary vibe that these headphones exude is perfect for staying sharp while you’re on the move!

On top of the attractive appearance, this pair is jam-packed with innovative technologies that take it to the next level of music listening. Appearances aren’t everything which is why these pack a powerful array of performance-enhancing features to match the appealing outward design.


YEVO Air offers the kind of immersive sound that will power you through your workouts. Deep bass pounds with every note for a truly pumping delivery of sound. For those people who live for their music, this pair is a solid choice! The sound quality is out of this world and offers crisp details that take each song to a whole new level.

Three different ear tip sizes make this a truly comforting option to wear. It’s important to choose the right sized tip because it will block out background noise and feel more enjoyable in your ear. Whereas, if you wear the wrong size it won’t create the kind of seal needed to deliver music free from background noise.

The Yevo Air gives optimal noise isolation and delivers the kind of seal you need to hear your music the way you want to. This is important, especially while you’re running in the city because there is so much background noise. If you’re looking to lose yourself in your tunes then this is the best choice of headphones to meet your needs!

Storage Case

YEVO made more than a case for its Air earphones! This pair comes with an innovative protective case that charges your headphones while they’re not in use. In a single charge, you get up to 3.5 hours of playback. While this would be enough to power you through even the most intensive workouts, sometimes you need more. That’s when you pack them away to charge. In just 15 minutes you get up to 45 more minutes of use.

You can literally last all day long with these headphones because the case gives you up to 14 hours of playtime. This is such a handy feature to have and you’ll find that other headphones just don’t compare in terms of battery life and ease of use. Although the Powerbeats3 by Beats is another pair that provides long-lasting battery life and FastFuel charging technology.


YEVO Air has a built-in microphone to answer calls and control music hands-free. Multi-function buttons answer, end, and hold your call so you literally won’t have to touch your device at all. You can even play/pause your tunes or utilize Siri and Google Assistant support with the touch of a button.

This feature isn’t just for athletes! Professionals can benefit from the hands-free operation too! Controlling your device without having to handle it is such a great feature to have. It saves you time and effort, not to mention makes it much easier to juggle multiple tasks at once.

Of course, when you’re in the middle of a workout the last thing you want is to have to answer your phone because it means having to stop just to answer the call. These headphones make this unnecessary step a thing of the past!


Everyone sweats while they exercise, it’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, moisture doesn’t mix well with your headphones and will quickly ruin them. Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments like your sweat-covered headphones which will start to stink after just a few times wearing them.

Luckily, the YEVO Air is sweat and water-resistant. That means that you can run rain or shine without ruining your headphones because of the weather. It also means that you can sweat it all out without your earphones breaking your earphones because it won’t penetrate through the material.

When perspiration seeps into the fabric or through the outer barrier it will damage delicate wiring and cause odors to set in. But, this pair prevents that from happening altogether so you can enjoy your tunes for longer.


You’ve probably owned one or two headphones that just didn’t work with the device had. That’s a common problem with this kind of equipment! Despite what the packaging says, more often than not, headphones won’t be compatible with every type of device.

The great thing about the YEVO Air is that you can use it with practically anything. Whether you own an Apple, Android, Windows, or even an OSX device you won’t have any issues with connectivity.

This is a really great aspect of this product because it gives you the freedom to switch between one of many different devices you might own. Some days you might be in the mood to grab your iPod and go while others you might want to pack your mp3 player but one thing you won’t have to switch up is your earphones because they work with anything.

Truly Wireless

YEVO Air takes wireless to a whole new level! These micro-sized earphones are literally just the earbud. There’s no wires or bands, just the tiny bud that sits in your ear. This design is the most discrete available today and is so lightweight you won’t even know you’re wearing anything. Having a pair of earphones that are completely wireless is perfect for exercising because you can move any way you like without worrying about tangled wires or uncomfortable headbands.

You don’t need to worry about the buds falling out because they have a stay-put seal that prevents any slipping. Overall, the style of this pair is one of the best I’ve seen! It’s an ideal choice for nearly any occasion, especially if you want to be inconspicuous about wearing your listening device.


YEVO Labs is a unique brand from Stockholm that is an industry leader when it comes to consumer tech and modernized audio. Right from the design phase, this brand aims to create products that make your life easier. A diffusion-line from the Happy Plugs branding, YEVO has grown into an influential powerhouse when it comes to audio technologies.

Creating the smallest earphones on the market is quite a feet and YEVO has pulled it off beautifully with their YEVO Air products. This is an impressive label who we’ve yet to see the best from and are sure to be seeing a lot more of in the near future. Earphones under their brand name sell out faster than might think so getting your hands on a pair can be a little tricky but it’s well worth the added effort!


One downfall with YEVO Air’s design is its operation. With a truly wireless pair like this one, the only position for the buttons is on the back of the earbud itself. While this might seem convenient enough it can be uncomfortable too. In order to operate any of the features, you have to push the button on the earbud which literally jams it further into your ear. While this isn’t such a big deal if the button is easy enough to push, but you need to push this one quite hard.

Some people will find this design to be offputting though with continued wear it won’t take long to adjust. If you really can’t stand having to push the button with the bud still in your ear you can just pop one out to operate the switch. This will take only a split second and is easy to do with one hand while you’re in motion.


As you can imagine, a product like this sells for a hefty price. If you’re shopping on a budget then you might consider looking for something more affordable, though if you find the right retailer you can get a good deal. Shopping for products like this is always cheaper online because the seller doesn’t have the same overhead costs that a physical retail store does. This means that they can charge less for the same merchandise. If you think about the extra expenses it costs to run an actual store compared to an online business it only makes sense that you will save money buying from a web-based seller instead.

Bottom Line

YEVO Air earphones are truly wireless and bring a whole new meaning to lightweight music listening. If you enjoy athletic activities but hate having to wear headphones because they get in the way, then this is a solid choice to consider. With absolutely no cords or wires, you won’t believe how easy these are to wear. A secure seal prevents any slipping so they won’t fall out of your ears no matter which way you bend or reach.

I love the fact that the case doubles as your charger and actually gives you up to 14 hours of playtime. This is impressive from a pair as small as YEVO Air! Normally, you get up to 3.5 hours of playback which is still pretty good considering the compact size.

These tiny earphones have booming sound and deliver a powerful base that will push you through any workout routine. The built-in microphone gives you the ability to answer/end phones calls hands-free, as well as control over your music without ever having to handle your device. A great way to pack your music player is by using an athletic-styled armband that makes it that much easier to exercise with your hands totally free.

Whatever athletic activity you own, YEVO Air headphones will enhance your performance and limit any irritations that packing around gear tend to cause. Its sweat-proof design is ideal for those tougher routines that make you sweat it out to the max because it protects the delicate earbuds and extends their lifespan.

You can forget about issues with connectivity because these will easily pair with Apple, Android, Windows, and even OSX devices. The only downside is if you’ve never used a truly wireless pair before. In this case, it will take some getting used to! The button is directly on the earbud and by pushing it you will jam the bud further into your ear. Some people find this off-putting but once you’re more used to it you won’t even notice.