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The times of only being able to see your total weight value when you step on your scale are over. No more writing down your results every day in order to track your progress. Thanks to innovative technology and motivated people, smart scales are popping up all over the place. This smart scale (Withings Body Smart) is able to measure your weight and your BMI.

The information that is gathered by the scale is automatically synced right to the Health Mate app on your phone (Android 5+ and iOS8+) or other compatible devices. You can also sync with over one hundred other fitness and health apps to track your nutrition and exercise and use all of the results together to plan your activities and meals in order to manage your weight and improve your BMI.

The scale and app have settings that can accommodate up to eight users, meaning it is family friendly. And this means everyone from grandma to a newborn baby to pregnant mothers. There are settings specifically formulated for pregnancy and children. Keep track of you and your babies’ growth during pregnancy and childhood with results you can view in daily/weekly/monthly charts.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Weight management

Nutrition tracking

Up to eight users

Connect outside apps

Great price


Troubleshooting Issues

Plastic feet



Withings was founded in 2008 by Eric Carreel and Cedric Hutchings. The first product that they developed was a connected body scale, which debuted in 2009. Three-point eight million dollars were donated to Withings in 2010 by Ventech to assist in financing the next two products’ development.

The company announced what those two products would be in January of 2011. The first was a monitor for blood pressure. This monitor was special because it could be synced with your smartphone. This allowed it to record your daily/weekly/monthly results so that you can keep track of your health. The other product was a baby monitor that could connect to your smartphone so that watching the baby would be easier and more convenient. Instead of dragging a monitor with you, just check-in on your phone.

Vantech, Idinvest Partners, 360 Capital Partners, and Bpifrance donated another thirty million dollars to Withings in 2013. Withings came out with the innovative technology of a smart scale so that you can send data from your scale straight to your smartphone or other compatible devices. This will help you keep track of your results and patterns so that you can make adjustments to your lifestyle where needed.
Weight Management

Weight Management

This scale has weight tracking that is tailored specially for individuals who are seeking an effective strategy for managing their weight. The Health Mate app comes in handy for many reasons. In the app, you can set goals for yourself as far as your weight. The app will help coach you and keep you motivated during your journey.

If you’re serious about losing weight, promise yourself that you’re going to make a change and stick to it. Make sure you’re weighing yourself routinely, in the morning, with little no clothing on. Reduce your caloric intake. When you eat fewer calories, you will lose more weight. Just make sure you’re eating enough to stay healthy.

You’re going to want to make sure you’re exercising for at least an hour a day, four to five times (days) a week. Keep your body from becoming dehydrated by drinking as much water as you can. The goal is eight glasses. Cook your meals at home so that you are more likely to choose healthier options and have better portion control.
BMI Tracking

BMI Tracking

When trying to lose weight, or really to keep an eye on your health in general, watching your BMI isn’t a bad idea. BMI is your body mass index. This result is found by taking your weight (kg) and dividing it by your height (meters). If you notice that you have a higher than average BMI, it could mean that your body has too much fat. BMI can screen for categories as far as weight that could end with health problems, but it cannot determine the health or fatness of a person.

BMI used to be tracked according to weight/height charts. This method was ineffective as it called people who were tall and thin, obese. The NIH (National Institute of Health) now defines the different categories of weight (normal, overweight, obese) by a persons BMI.

If your BMI is eighteen point five or less, this means you would be considered underweight. If your BMI falls between eighteen point five and twenty-four point nine, you are considered ideal (normal). However, if your BMI falls between twenty-five and twenty-nine point nine, you’re considered overweight and will need to make lifestyle changes to reverse the risk to your health.
Nutrition Tracking

Nutrition Tracking

When you utilize an app that lets you track your food anytime, from anywhere, your weight loss efforts will be a lot more effective. When tracking your nutrition, you’ll want to report everything you ingest; beverages and meals alike. Studies have shown that those who track their nutrition end up losing twice the amount of weight as people who don’t. If you’re watching everything you’re ingesting, you’ll be more likely to think twice about what you’re putting into your body.

MyFitnessPal can help give you a quick look at what your diet consists of. This app shows you how much carbohydrates, protein, and fat you’re consuming in a day/week/month. This can assist you in changing your diet habits in order to more effectively hit your goals. Pay attention to what seems to make the biggest difference, and focus on consuming more of that.

If you’re looking to gain weight, nutrition tracking will help you as well. Set calorie goals (with the help of the app) in order to optimize your results. This method is going to help you feel more energized at the end of the day as well, whether you’re trying to gain or lose your weight.
Family Friendly

Family Friendly

One of the most convenient features of this scale is its capacity for up to eight users. This means that the whole family can have their own profile. Each time someone steps onto the scale, it will automatically know who it is and will, therefore, send the information to the correct persons’ app. Everything is kept private.

One great feature included in the scale/app is a Pregnancy Tracker setting. It’s important to track your weight during pregnancy to make sure that you and baby are getting all of the nutrients you need to grow at a good rate. On average, you only need around three hundred extra healthy calories per day. The extra calories will help you gain enough weight during your pregnancy.

On average, you should expect to gain twenty-five to thirty-five pounds during your pregnancy; twenty-eight to forty if you are considered underweight. Overweight women can gain as little as fifteen to twenty-five pounds and still be healthy.

There is also a setting to weigh your baby once it has been born. All you have to do is hold your baby in your arms and step onto the scale. This feature is great to track your babies’ growth and compare it to the growth charts that doctor’s offer.
Position Control Technology

Position Control Technology

Another awesome feature this scale has is its ability to determine whether or not you’re standing correctly to get an accurate reading. This is called Position Control Technology and it is offered solely by Withings.

If you’re not standing correctly on your scale, you could end up with an incorrect measurement. If you lean forward, backward, or sideways on your heels or toes you may also get a mismeasurement. How do you know if you’re standing right, though?

That’s where the PCT comes in. The scale will let you know if you are off-center, and what you need to do to correct it. When an arrow appears in the bottom corner on the left-hand side, the scale is telling you that you need to adjust the left foot and move it toward the center. When an arrow appears in the top corner on the right-hand side, the scale is telling you that you need to adjust the right foot and move it toward the center. When arrows don’t appear, you are positioned correctly and the scale will weigh you.


Some people may take one look at these smart scales and assume that it would be a pain to set it up and sync it with your other fitness and health apps. That’s right, you can sync it with your other apps; such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Health, and MyFitnessPal. This way you can easily keep your information organized and have it accessible at all times.

Before you purchase any smart device, you need to make sure that your equipment is compatible with the product you’re wanting to buy. A lot of people make the mistake of not checking and then get upset when they have trouble connecting the scale to their device.

You must have mobile data or a WiFi connection for the information to sync. Your WiFI network needs to be either WPA/WPA2/WEP. The Health Mate app that comes with the scale is compatible with both iPhone and Android. The iPhone must be a 4s or newer and must have iOS 8 or more recent. The Android must be running on the software of 5.0 or higher.


When shopping for any kind of product, it is important to know if it comes with a warranty, how long that warranty lasts, and what is and is not covered by that warranty. When it comes to Withings’ products (including the Body Smart scale), a warranty is offered.

Withings Limited Warranty is valid for one year after you purchase the product. The warranty will cover products with the Withings brand available on their website from defects as far as the workmanship or materials. This only counts when the products are used as directed.

It is important to be aware of everything that does not fall under the warranty. If you do not comply with the directions for use of your product, if you use the product in a way that is not approved in Withings’ guidelines, if the damage is caused by abuse, accident, misuse, flood, corrosion, earthquake (among other natural or external causes). Normal wear and tear do not constitute use of the warranty.

The battery is not warranted, it is up to you to replace as needed. Any accessories and components such as chargers, cables, bracelets, and batteries are not covered under the warranty unless they are the main order. Scratches and other cosmetic damage is not covered.

You can access the full terms and conditions of Withings’ warranty on their website.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

It’s pretty clear to see that there are many benefits you can enjoy from investing in a smart scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re an active and healthy person, somebody who seriously wants to get in shape and become healthier, or somebody who wants to keep track of their metrics for health or pregnancy monitoring, you can reach your goals quicker and easier with the help of a smart scale.

Thanks to innovative technology and the help of the Health Mate app, tracking your nutrition, weight, BMI and exercise are easier than ever. You don’t need to fret over memorizing number or doing any math. It isn’t necessary to write anything down. All you have to do is download the app, connect it to the scale via WiFi or Bluetooth (check for device compatibility), and step on the scale. The whole family can be registered on the scale, and it will automatically recognize each user and which account to send the information to.

As a bonus, the Body Smart scale includes Alexa technology. When you step onto the scale in the morning, Alexa is equipped to give you the local weather forecast. She can also feed you your stats as far as your daily/weekly/monthly achievements or shortcomings. No, it’s not the extras that are important, but it is nice to have a little novelty with functionality.