Wedding Shoes: High-Heel or Low-Heel Shoes

Wedding Shoes: High-Heel or Low-Heel Shoes Wedding Shoes: High-Heel or Low-Heel Shoes

Decisions about your wedding are important. I mean it is the “biggest day of your life” after all, right? There are so many different decisions to be made before a wedding that it can often get overwhelming quickly.

Cue visuals of bridezilla. We hope this post can be a small contribution to averting anything like that.

Footwear it just one of a long slew of decisions you’ll need to make. How much importance you place on this is up to your subjective taste, but many people have noted that how you look starts from your shoes on up.

And everyone wants to look their best on the day of their wedding, of course. One only need to google wedding heels to be bombarded with thousands of sleek, beautiful and eye-catching images.

In light of all this, we have cobbled together a guide to help you decide which shoes are best for your wedding day, namely — should you go with high-heels or low-heels?

Without further ado….



First a few definitions are in order – what, technically speaking, is a high-heel and what is a low-heel? According to industry leaders such as Jimmy Choo and Neiman Marcus a “low heel” is considered less than 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters), meanwhile heels between 2.5 and 3.5 inches (6.4 and 8.9 cm) are thought of as “mid heels“, and anything above that is classified as a “high heel“.

Now, with that clearly understood we can proceed to the shoes themselves….

High Heels


High heels – come in many sizes, shapes form, colors, styles, — any variation imaginable really. There are a lot of high-end heels made specifically to go with bridal attire. Usually this means a lot of white and understated colors, but of course this is the more traditional take. A lot of women are tempted to go for heels because of how sleek they can make your legs look. No one wants to sport a pair of frumpy flats on their big day. Because let’s face it — on your wedding day, with all eyes on you, you really want things to pop.

Here’s the thing though, heels often times come at the cost of discomfort — or downright pain/misery. We’ve written another post about the health effects of wearing heels which can be found here (insert link), but this is more about consistent use compared to a one off, like a wedding. A poll (albeit and quite informal one) conducted on showed that only 20% of respondents were going to or had or would recommend opting for true “high heels” on their wedding days’. The real question, comes down to this: How much do you value style vs. comfort? Are these things mutually exclusive.

Low Heels


Low heels – For the sake of argument we will lump some of the “mid heel” shoes into this category as well. Low heels may not have quite the appeal or glamour of a true high heel but they will take it much easier on your feet, and reduce that odds of you ending up on a YouTube compilation of brides embarrassingly falling down while trying to walk in heels. Also, when it comes time for the first dance you probably don’t want your feet to be bruised to a pulp ,either. 

Another check mark in the column of low heels is they don’t take any getting used to. If you aren’t a consistent high heel wearer than you can potentially compound the problems mentioned above by giving them a go on your wedding day. Also, who said that low heels need to be drab or that they can’t look stunning too? Sure they might not be as exciting, but a very elegant pair of kitten heels, low wedges or flats can go a long way — leaving you free to comfortably dance the night away.

Lastly, one thing many people fail to consider is that a good number, if not almost all wedding dresses are quite long. They cover your feet and make it so that almost no one will see your feet anyway!

A few other tips:


  • One clever workaround, and one you’ll see commonly mentioned on wedding forums is to get that crazy pair of 4 inch heels that make you look like a movie star and wear them for the photo shoot only. When it comes time for the ceremony and the rest of the day switch over to low heels or even flats and be at ease. Have the benefits of comfort, and the beautiful pictures to last a lifetime — win-win. 
  • If you are used to high heels, and want to go all in on a pair for your wedding day, at least do yourself the favor of breaking the heels in properly. Practice walking with them, (with your dress on to get a feel for things. In the end this will make you much more comfortable when the big day finally rolls around.
  • If you’re looking for a bit further advice compiled here is a wonderful list of things to avoid and what not to do in terms of wedding shoes. This post makes some excellent points and should be required reading for those wishing to make a good choice in the bridal footwear department.

There are more than enough of to-do’s on your wedding list, but your wedding shoes can really make or break your day. Select a pair of wedding shoes that are uncomfortable, unflattering, or that hurt your feet, you’ll be sorry you did. And unfortunately with weddings there are no do overs — its a one take event.

But, if you take a few of our tips and ideas to heart – and get yourself straight in the high vs low heel debate, you’ll more than likely end up with happy feet, and (hopefully) stunning wedding photos.