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Taking a long walk in nature, walking for hours on vacation visiting tourists sites or going for a long jog it is a good tactic to safely stow your money away in a comfortable money belt.

Walking, jogging or running, a money belt is a sure-fire and safe method for carrying money and other items which need a convenient method for carrying. You also have to think about how to protect yourself and your possessions. Where there are lots of people who you don’t know. Before going out for a jog or walk, consider getting a money belt where you can safely store your cash, credit card, phone, passport, and other valuable possessions. 

The one we recommend is VENTURE 4TH’s RFID-safe money belt; it’s roomy, discreet, and affordable. Not only does it protect you from literal pick-pocketers, it is also RFID-blocking to protect you from hackers. Without further ado, let’s get into the features of VENTURE 4TH’s money belt.

Editor's Pros & Cons

RFID blocking

Roomy yet slim


Color selection



Belt/buckle not durable

Can’t fit all waists

Difficult access


VENTURE 4TH great for safely carrying your money, keys, cards while jogging or walking.

This is a belt “created for comfort, convenience, and performance.” They know that although hiking, running or traveling is a great experience, it can also be frustrating and unsafe for carrying money, phones, keys and bank cards.

Use this to wear during sports or for travel. For example, if you're going for a long walk in the woods or hills it is best to safely carry important items in a money belt, and wearing these will not impact on your walking or hiking pleasure.

The products by VENTURE 4TH are a must-have for outdoor sports, activities and for frequent travelers. They include those for convenient traveling (travel bags), for comfortable lodging (inflatable sleeping pads), and for security (padlocks, neck pouches, and money belts). These last products give you peace of mind so that you can relax and enjoy yourself when traveling while keeping yourself protected and safe.


When out for a jog, a light belt with a few compartments gives you discrete safe carry power. When on vacation we do a lot of walking and this is the best way to carry important items.

This money belt doesn’t have a whole lot of compartments, but it’s just the right amount to stay organized when wearing shorts or jogging pants. There are two main compartments; a large one with an inside pocket, and a smaller one below it. Both have a zipper that slides smoothly and is snag-free and protective.

Despite the belt’s slim design, the pockets are roomy enough to fit your essentials. Maps, phones, cash, and credit cards can all fit with no problem. They have RFID blocking lining to keep your data secure. We’ll touch on this last point in more detail in the section below

RFID Protection

For those who don’t know - RFID is the reason why people are panicking about hackers wirelessly hacking their credit card data. RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification.” This technology essentially allows data to be captured and stored, such as with scanners that scan through purses and pockets, stealing your data without actually pick-pocketing.

RFID-blocking products prevent your credit card information from being stolen this way. VENTURE 4TH’S money belt has an RFID-blocking lining in the pockets to protect what’s inside from being detected and scanned. As a result, your credit card is not only protected from pick-pocketers, but also from more discreet hackers trying to steal your data.


Not so easy to access during jogging but ok if you walking.

Not only do you have to think about storing your important possessions away, you also have to think about taking them out! Though some reviewers said VENTURE 4TH’s money belt provides easy access to its contents, the majority agree that it’s not so convenient.

Unlike an RFID wallet, it obviously more hassle to take money out from this belt every time you have to pay for something. In addition, the two zipped pockets are so close together that, reaching blindly, you could mistake one for the other. What’s more, you wear it under your clothes, it’s hard to access; but if you wear it over your clothes, it defeats the purpose of discretion!

On the bright side - if it’s hard to access for you, at least it means it’s hard to access for the pick-pocketers, too.


The most important thing for a money belt is to be discreet. While out running, hiking or walking in nature, this is discrete.

You don’t want others to know that it’s there under your sports shirt.

VENTURE 4TH’s money belt is pretty discreet. Despite fitting a lot in its pockets, it is still very slim. Reviewers said it was hardly noticeable when worn under clothing and that it wasn’t bulky like a fanny pack (though there are ultra-convenient fanny packs now, like the FlipBelt, for instance). With that said, it is not discreet enough for those wearing tight clothes, as even a few things in the pockets could make them bulge noticeably from underneath.

VENTURE 4TH's money belt is better for wintertime vacations, when sweaters and jackets can easily cover it.


The durability of VENTURE 4TH’s money belt is decent, but not the best. There is double-stitching at the seams and a rip-stop nylon fabric to prevent it from tearing. As such, the pockets themselves are pretty sturdy and durable.

On the other hand, the belt is less durable. Many reviewers noted that, after several wears, the belt began to stretch and become distorted. The reviewers said they were afraid the belt would break and they would lose their possessions, which undermined the protective aspect of the money belt. Others mentioned the buckle being too easy to open and break.


The adjustability of the belt is crucial for comfort, as you have to wear the money belt snuggly against your waist so that it stays discreet under your clothing. In addition to being adjustable, the belt is also elasticated for a flexible and comfortable fit.

VENTURE 4TH says it is designed to fit waists that are between 14 and 56 inches in circumference. However, reviewers noted that the belt is actually suitable for a smaller range of sizes. One size 26 reviewer claims it would slide down while another size 36 reviewer said it felt too tight even after adjusting. However, there was a much higher percentage of reviewers who praised the adjustability and snug, comfortable fit of the belt.

How To Wear It

Money belts are just like a more discreet cousin of fanny packs. They are not made primarily for convenience, but rather to protect your possessions from pick-pocketers. As a result, they are meant to be worn under your clothing rather than over it, as you do with fanny packs.

With that said, it’s your choice - you could also wear it over your clothes. Of course, that this would undermine the discretion piece of VENTURE 4TH’s money belt, but if you know you’re in a relatively safe area and don’t want to belt directly on your skin, this is an option as well. If you’ve got too much stuff to carry and it bulges under your clothes, you could also use it as a lightweight fanny pack.


If you’re going to be wearing this under your clothes, the color and style of the belt don’t really matter. It wouldn’t have to match your outfit or look super trendy - you’re the only person who would see it, anyhow. With that said, neutral colors are probably better because they are less likely to show through semi see-through fabric, and are less conspicuous if they’re exposed when your shirt lifts up.

There is a wide variety of color options for VENTURE 4TH’s money belt. Neutral tones include beige, grey, and black. Bolder colors like red, purple, and turquoise are also available. The style is minimalist, and despite the eye-catching logo and zippers, it’s still trendy enough to be worn outside your clothes.


Despite being much cooler and having more protective features than fanny packs, VENTURE 4TH’s money belt costs less than the typical fanny pack. Even compared to other money belts by MEC, Eagle Creek, and other brands, it is much cheaper.

Combined with its convenience and durability, it is an amazing bargain. Although VENTURE 4TH’s money belt has its flaws, for the price you pay for, you’re getting a lot in return. Many reviewers also say paid a great price and got a great product in return.

Bottom Line

We highly recommend you get yourself a money belt before traveling. This simple item will give you peace of mind for the whole trip and allow you to relax and better enjoy yourself. VENTURE 4TH’s RFID-safe money belt is discreet and affordable. It has a simple design, lots of color options, and roomy pockets. For a low price, it keeps your possessions and your data safe and hidden away.

Its main flaws are that it’s only ideal for medium-sized waists, that the belt stretches and isn’t very durable, and that the pockets are difficult to access. However, we still believe it is a great bargain and definitely worth the consideration!