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The Under Armour Resistor III is a great pair of socks. They are well known for their ability to absorb shock, which can help decrease the impact on your knees. This is done with cushioning and extra layers on the sole of the sock. Both of them act to absorb energy. And once the energy is absorbed, it can be spread evenly across all surfaces so that the impact is less concentrated.

Three types of materials make up the Under Armour Resistor III. They help to greatly improve the durability of the overall sock and also ensure that it is a perfect fit each time. The socks are machine washable and after every wash, the sock can revert to its original size. This improves the integrity of the sock and ensures that it does not wear out easily. The spandex keeps the elasticity of the sock intact.

Overall this is a great sock that will quickly become your go-to sock. It comes with patented technology such as ArmourBlock and ArmourDry, which are designed to keep your socks odor-free and ventilated. This ensures that you can comfortably wear your socks without excessive moisture build-up and the proper temperature control. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

ArmourBlock and Armour Dry

Great Shock Absorption

Value Pack

Ergonomic and comfortable

Trustworthy branding


Loose threading

Poor packaging

White yellows easily

Anti Odor Technology

Everyone knows that your feet start to warm up every time you wear your shoes. While this is great for when your feet are cold, it can be detrimental as you start to sweat in earnest. Your socks will absorb the moisture and, coupled with the darkness and warmth, make the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

If left unchecked, the bacteria will develop and start to emit odors. Yes, there are products out there to help control that odor. But Under Armour went a different route. The Under Armour Resistor III has patented ArmourBlock Technology to help reduce the smell. In short, they are chemically treated to fight against the creation of bacteria.

ArmourBlock technology has antiseptic properties that can help reduce the number of bacteria that have cultivated. This can ensure that your Under Armour Resistor III can be used for longer periods before they start to smell.

Arch Support

Having an arched foot is part of the proper anatomy of a person. However, as our genes were passed down, the arch in our foot as not carried over to some people. As a result, a large part of the population suffers from flat feet. The arch is made of multiple bones, ligaments, and tendons that are designed to help ergonomically support your body.

The lack of a proper arch can put a lot of stress on different parts of the body that are not meant to withstand your entire body weight. The Under Armour Resistor III have inbuilt arch supports that are designed specifically for people with flat feet. This does not mean that people with proper arches cannot wear the socks as the extra arch only serves to give you more support.

Having the arch support built into your shoe allows your body to realign and make your body more ergonomic when you walk and exercise. This translates directly to an increase in energy and a reduction in fatigue and body soreness. Under Armour Resistor III is designed so that you can wear them for a long period and still feel great after.


It can be incredibly frustrating to purchase a pair of socks and have them break on you. People work hard for their money and it is only logical that they want value for the items they pay. Socks are some of the easiest garments to get worn down simply because of the way they are used.

Socks go over your feet and inside your shoe. With every step you take and movement you make, it causes a rubbing motion that can greatly wear down the materials of the sock. To prevent early signs of wear and tear, the Under Armour Resistor III is made almost completely of polyester.

Polyester is a durable garment that is one of the most resistant available on the market. Making the Under Armour Resistor III with Polyester can greatly reduce the chances of wear and tear, thus increasing the life span of the product. An additional benefit that Polyester has is that it does not wrinkle or shrink. As long as they are washed after being stretched, the fabric material will also revert to its normal size.

Heel Cup

One of the most frustrating things is to wear a sock that does not stay in place properly. They sag and shift. Pulling them back into place is enough to drive anyone up a wall!

To reduce the chances of that happening, the Under Armour Resistor III has slightly tweaked its design so that the sock can support your feet better. And it really comes into play with their no-show design.

Well-designed no-show socks are great for athletes of all kinds. But poorly-designed short socks often roll down inside the shoe and slide forward. Eventually, the sock is only covering your toes. To prevent that from happening, the Under Armour Resistor III has a redesigned heel cup that stays on your heel and keeps the sock from moving.

Rather than the regular cut, Under Armour has added extra sewing that tightens the heel area as if fingers are pinching or holding it in place. The design is on both sides of the heel to ensure the sock has more resistance and will not shift with every movement of your foot.

Machine Washable

People that are wearing socks usually need the extra layer of protection for their feet. This means that the socks they wear should be durable and able to take a beating. Because socks constantly have friction build-up against them, it is important can combat that day to day pressure. This will allow you to have a product that can last over a longer period.

One of the great things about the Under Armour Resistor III socks is that they are machine washable. Products that are made of fragile material are usually not able to withstand the wringing and sloshing of a machine. The fibers of the Under Armour Resistor III are reinforced with Nylon and can help prevent the socks from becoming damaged in the wash.

Most users prefer to purchase a product that can be washed in a machine as it saves them time and is much more efficient. After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is wash something by hand. With these socks, simply take them off and throw them into the wash.

Moisture Wicking

When your feet warm up in your shoes, they will start to sweat. The moisture then starts to accumulate in the cracks of your toes and makes for an uncomfortable experience. It can be incredibly frustrating when your feet become wet as it may affect how you walk. In more serious cases, you can even develop nasty conditions like blisters or athletes foot.

The Under Armour Resistor III has patented technology known as ArmourDry to prevent that from happening. There are fine layers of mesh throughout the entire sock so that it gives the moisture the ability to move around. When your sweat starts to accumulate, the ArmourDry technology will remove the moisture and start pushing to the surface.

The moisture then travels through the layers of the Under Armour Resistor III until it reaches the top few layers where it can evaporate. Having the mesh layers allow for faster and more direct routes for the heat and moisture to escape. It also allows for fewer layers that the cool air from outside has to penetrate to reach your foot. Overall, ArmourDry technology helps keep your feet comfy and at a good temperature.


People don’t often purchase a product solely for the packaging. Usually, they want the product that is inside along with the nice fancy packaging. However, people often do not realize that there is a science behind the packaging of a product. If the packaging is made incorrectly, it can affect the products inside.

A perfect example is the Under Armour Resistor III. This is a classic example of a great product but with incorrect packaging. Users have reported that a plastic tab has been pushed through each pair of socks to ensure the matched pair stay together. However, the plastic is embedded very deeply and there is little to no wiggle room around the plastic.

This has led to people accidentally tearing their sock in efforts to remove the plastic tab. It has also caused a bit of damage to the integrity of the sock when the plastic is pulled out. Some users have complained that there is a noticeable hole when the plastic was removed. The Under Armour Resistor III is a great sock with great properties. It is just an unfortunate victim of poorly designed packaging.

Perfect Fit

Socks are similar to undergarments, where they need to be a perfect fit. If they do not fit properly, they tend to sag or shift as you move. This leaves you spending all your time fishing your sock out of your shoe rather than focusing on things that matter. After a few times of readjusting, most people will become frustrated and stop wearing the sock entirely.

To mitigate the problem, the Under Armour Resistor III contains spandex throughout the entire sock. The spandex is interwoven with the other materials to create a sock that fits perfect. When you put your sock on, the spandex stretches to perfectly wrap around your foot like a glove. This helps prevent the Under Armour Resistor III from wiggling around or sagging after wearing for a long period.

The spandex also helps make the sock much more flexible and able to withstand pulling from all directions. This will help elongate the life span of the product, thus saving you money in the long run. It doesn't matter if you're hiking all day long or running a marathon, these socks have you covered.

Shock Absorption

People often do not realize that every step they take affects their joints to a certain degree. While it may not seem like a strong impact, every step puts your entire body weight onto your joints. Over time, your joints will wear out and need replacing. This is a very long and often painful process, so it is in your best interest that you protect your joints for as long as you can.

The Under Armour Resistor III comes with extra thick cushioning on the sole of your sock. This will provide more cushioning so that your feet do not feet as tired or sore after you’ve been on them all day. The cushioning is also ergonomically friendly, meaning that it works similar to an insole. This will keep you standing properly and with the least amount of stress on your joints as possible.

The cushioning on the Under Armour Resistor III also has another use, which is to cushion the impact of high-intensity sports. Regardless of whether you are running or jumping, these movements put a lot of stress on your joints as they are expected to bear the impact. The cushioning can help absorb some of the energy thus giving relief to your joints.


Under Armour Resistor III was designed to keep wear and tear to a minimum. One of the ways this was done was to create a seamless sock. Rather than having the toe seam on the outside, it has been placed inside the sock. This was done to decrease the constant rubbing between the shoe and sock so that the seam can remain intact.

Many users have reported that with the seam being on the inside of the Under Armour Resistor III, it has created a situation where toes can snag on the loose threading. When your nails rub against the seams of the sock inside, it has started to cause some of the extra threading to unravel. If left uncut, they start to bunch up and make wearing the sock uncomfortable.

Some users have reported their toes to end up completely tangled in the threading. While the sock is very comfortable and durable, the loose threads can become quite a distraction.

Bottom line

Under Armour Resistor III has a host of great properties. This sock is one of the more popular products on the market because of the patented technology. The AmourDry and ArmourBlock technology are better than what most competitors offer, making this sock stay drier and more comfortable for a long period. These socks are ideal for people who love running, hiking, or the odd day-long adventure. The added cushioning allows you to stand properly, thus reducing the fatigue and stress on your body.

Under Armour Resistor III come in a value pack of black, white, and grey. Choosing to purchase these will allow you to have multiple pairs of durable and comfortable socks that will last a long time. Between the technology and the low price, this is a product that cannot be beaten!