Under Armour Raid Shorts Review

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When it comes to sports and working out, it is not enough to have a great pair of sneakers, what you wear is also important. Under Armour knows this, which is why they focus on making high-quality sports gear, that enhances your performance. Their Raid shorts feature a simple design and loose fit, equipped with HeatGear technology for optimal comfort and breathability. Its 4-way stretch fabrication allows the wearer a full range of movement and speeds up the drying process so you can focus on your workout. On top of that, they protect against UVA and UVB rays, keeping you safe on your daily runs and other outdoor activities.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight construction
  • HeatGear technology
  • Anti-odor technology
  • 4-way stretch fabrication
  • Durable
  • UPF 30+ protection
  • Adjustable elastic waistband
  • Deep mesh pockets
  • Unlined
  • Sizing issues
  • Expensive


There is nothing more annoying than pants that constantly dig into your waist and hips, causing discomfort and oftentimes bruises, or ones that you have to pull up frequently. This is especially true for sports shorts since they are meant to be worn while at the gym or playing sports of any kind, which include a lot of movement. Sports shorts need to be comfortable and secure at the same time since the wearer will be moving a lot in them and having to constantly re-adjust sports gear can be quite the hassle and it can impact performance as well. Under Armour is well aware of this common issue in the sports community, which is why they strive to make gear, that works for and with you, and not against you. Their Under Armour Raid shorts are equipped with an encased elastic waistband, that can be adjusted via an internal drawstring for the optimal fit. This means, that the elastic waistband will not dig into your skin, due to the protective layer it is sewn into, and is fully adjustable to your liking, so you can be confident in your every move, not having to worry about the shorts falling down mid-workout.


Whether you work out a lot, play sports, or just want a pair of shorts to lounge in during summer, breathability should be a top priority. Cotton is the material, that instantly comes to mind when talking about breathability, as it is a natural fabric, that helps with moisture wicking as well. However, Under Armour went with a different material for their Raid shorts, which are made of 100% polyester. While not a very breathable material on its own, polyester is known for its durability, which is why Under Armour chose this fabric. In addition to the thin polyester material, the Raid shorts are unlined and combined with Under Armour’s innovative HeatGear technology, keeping this pair of shorts very lightweight and comfortable, while also helping to wick away any excess moisture that could build up inside the shorts and cause discomfort or irritation. Its anti-odor technology keeps the wearer fresh by eliminating bacterial growth caused by moisture build-up. Topped off with a loose fit, air can easily flow through the shorts, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable throughout their workout, no matter how intense.


Comfort is very important to Under Armour, just like it is to their customers and the Raid shorts are a perfect example of this. Made of an unlined, thin polyester material and featuring a loose fit with a full cut, as well as a 4-way stretch construction, these sports shorts are not only super comfortable and breathable but allow a wide range of movement for the wearer, not restricting them in any way, whether they are running, playing basketball or working out at the gym. The Raid shorts come with an encased elastic waistband, that sits comfortably around the waist without causing any chafing or rubbing on the skin. It is fully adjustable too, thanks to the internal drawstring, that helps the wearer get the perfect fit. Since the Raid shorts are meant for hot weather, making sure that they would keep the wearer dry and cool was very important. That is why Under Armour infused these shorts with their HeatGear technology, which helps get rid of moisture efficiently while being lightweight and smooth for optimal comfort. In addition, its anti-odor technology keeps these shorts bacteria-free for a fresh feeling every time you wear them. Reviewers all praised the Raid shorts for their high comfort levels, whether for working out or just as everyday, casual wear for summer. Some even said, that they make great pajama pants, which just goes to say how comfortable these shorts really are.


Flimsy, poorly made sports gear is an athlete’s worst enemy, not just because it is frustrating but it can get costly to constantly have to rebuy new activewear. That is why it is better to invest in quality pieces, that are going to last you longer than one gym session. Under Armour have made a name for themselves for producing some of the most comfortable and durable sports apparel in the industry. Their Raid shorts are made of 100% polyester, which is a durable, yet stretchy material, that can stand the test of time. These particular shorts are made with HeatGear and anti-odor technologies, making them breathable and moisture wicking, not to mention odor and bacteria-fighting, which further enhances their overall durability. Although without a liner, the Raid shorts come with deep mesh pockets reinforced with double inseams, that are sturdy enough to hold your phone, keys or wallet securely without ripping or having said things fall out of them. That said, there were a handful of disappointed customers, who experienced fraying at the inseams after only a couple of wears. While it is certainly possible, that there was a mistake during production, one must always be careful when buying online, as there are a lot of copies of the original products out there. Considering Under Armour’s reputation and all the satisfied customers, durability should not be an issue, as long as you take care of your gear.


The fit of these shorts by Under Armour is on the loose side with its wide, knee-length design. They are lightweight and breezy, so they will not stick to you during your runs or workouts. They come with an encased elastic waistband and an internal drawstring, so you can adjust them at any time to your liking. Although they are available in many sizes and fit mostly true to size according to customers, a few have remarked, that they needed to go up a size to get the best fit.


The Under Armour Raid shorts are made of 100 % polyester, which is a commonly used man-made material due to its unique features. Namely, this type of fabric is made by combining ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, or to put it simply, it is a kind of plastic and it is used to make anything from clothing to furnishing. Polyester is known for being very durable and resistant to various chemicals, as well as staining. It also does not wrinkle or stretch out, keeping its shape for much longer than some other fabrics. It is super easy to take care of as well, simply machine wash it and either let it air dry or put it in the drier and it is good to go again. Thanks to its quick-drying properties, it is commonly used to make outdoor clothing, especially workout gear. One drawback of polyester clothing is, that it is not very breathable. However, with today’s technology, polyester is made much more moisture wicking and breathable, so much so, that some people prefer it to some natural fabrics, like cotton. In the case of the Raid shorts, Under Armour infused them with their HeatGear technology, that is very lightweight and smooth and helps wick away moisture for a dry and cool workout experience.

Moisture Wicking

Although made of 100 % polyester, the Raid shorts are very adept at moisture wicking thanks to Under Armour’s HeatGear technology. It works by pulling sweat away from the skin and towards the surface of the shorts where it quickly evaporates, leaving you cool and dry. This makes these shorts the perfect summer activewear for gym workouts or running under the hot sun, since they dry out really fast and do not hold moisture in, which could cause quite the discomfort. These shorts also help fight unpleasant odors and bacterial growth with their anti-odor technology, keeping you fresh and odor-free throughout your workout.


We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays and sometimes it is not enough to just put on sunscreen since the Ultraviolet rays can filter through our clothes as well. However, sitting inside all day when the weather is nice is not a solution either. This is why Under Armour made their Raid shorts with UPF 30+, which protects the skin from Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, so you can enjoy all outdoor activities and sports without worrying about damaging your skin.


The Under Armour Raid shorts have a clean and simple look to them, with an Under Armour logo on the right side, right above the knee. They sport the classic basketball shorts look with their loose, knee-length fit, however, they are more suitable for gym workouts, like CrossFit or weight training, and even running. Since they are very thin and feature HeatGear technology, these shorts are perfect for those hot summer days, when you just want something breezy and lightweight. The Raid shorts, although primarily made for working out, are excellent for your casual summer attire as well. They are available in a variety of colorways, from neutrals to bright colors to suit everybody’s taste. Some reviewers even wear them to sleep due to their high comfort levels. One thing to note though, is, that these shorts can be a bit sheer, as they are unlined, so you might want to stick to darker colors if you want extra coverage. That said, most reviewers did not mind this feature that much, stating that they did not feel like anything was showing through the shorts.


Finding the right size when it comes to athletic apparel can be quite challenging since a lot of brands carry only a select number of sizes, which are not enough to accommodate everybody’s body type. Fortunately, Under Armour is not one of those brands, with a wide selection of sizes going from XS to 5 XL, so you are bound to find something whether you are a workout veteran or just started getting into shape. The Raid shorts are equipped with an encased elastic waistband and internal drawstring, so you can further adjust them to your liking without them digging into your skin. The inseam on these shorts is 10 inches for a regular fit and 12 inches for tall, which hit at about knee length. Reviewers were very satisfied with the fit of these shorts, especially the loose fit and most said that they fit true to size. However, if you are shorter, these shorts might be too long for you.

Bottom Line

Having the right gear for your runs and workouts will not only improve your performance but will keep you comfortable and protected as well. The Raid shorts from Under Armour are made of 100 % polyester and are infused with their HeatGear technology, that keeps the wearer comfortable and moisture-free, thanks to its high moisture wicking properties. Its 4-way stretch fabrication allows the wearer to move freely without any restrictions, while the UPF 30+ keeps them safe from the sun's harmful rays. These shorts come equipped with an encased elastic waistband and internal drawstring for adjustability, as well as deep mesh pockets, that are durable enough to hold your phone, keys, and wallet while you are on the move. They are unlined, however, so you might want to get them in a darker color if you want more coverage.