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Athletes need a pair of shorts that offers specific features to perform their best.  The Under Armour Launch is exactly what you need when it comes to performance gear! It offers a lightweight build and breathable mesh panels that ensure you won’t get too hot while you train. The Under Armour Launch has built-in moisture management technology that wicks sweat away from the skin so you stay nice and dry. This is a must for you to feel comfortable while you exercise.

These shorts make the perfect companion for all of your athletic activities and offer the kind of design you need while you train. While the material does tend to wear quickly you will still get a good amount of enjoyment out of these shorts. They come in several colorways that make it easy to match them with anything in your wardrobe and offer reflective detailing for increased visibility.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Anti-Odor Technology
  • Mesh Panels
  • Internal Compression
  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Material Wears Quickly


The Under Armour Launch is a great choice of shorts for athletic activities. It offers a lightweight build and 4-way stretch construction that gives you the freedom to move however you choose without feeling restricted in any way. These shorts are an ideal companion for the gym thanks to the performance-enhancing features that are ideal while playing all of your favorite sports.

The Under Armour Launch does have a minimalistic appearance that some may find a little boring. But, if you enjoy a minimal look and comfortable wear then these are a great choice to consider. They come in several colorways and are a functional choice that favors performance over appearance.


How well your shorts fit determines whether you will feel comfortable while you wear them. Some pairs just don’t fit properly and often end up falling while you train which is a real hassle and gets pretty embarrassing too! The Under Armour Launch offers an encased elastic waistband that keeps them from ever sliding down and lets you move without restraint. No more worrying about your shorts falling off while you run which means that you can keep your head in the game, where it belongs!

Not only do they offer the elasticized waistband, but they also have an internal drawstring that gives you complete control over how they feel. For intense intervals, you can easily tighten the drawstring to ensure they won’t fall down and during cooldowns, you can loosen them to let yourself breathe a little better.

The Under Armour Launch fits most people well because it comes it a ton of different sizes to suit every structure. With sizing available from XS to 5XL, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect ones for you. This is an excellent feature because it ensures that everyone can enjoy wearing these shorts, not just people who fit into a certain body type.


The Under Armour Launch offers a nice lightweight structure that’s perfect for athletic activities. It features super-light stretch-woven fabric that lets you move the way you choose without feeling restricted. Having a lightweight pair is a must when you train otherwise you will lose speed and end up feeling exhausted much sooner.

The Under Armour Launch has mesh side panels that make it weigh even less. You see, the mesh is such an airy and lightweight material it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. This is ideal for athletic activities that tire you out. You will be able to go harder for longer if your gear isn’t weighing you down.


The Under Armour Launch offers light stretch-woven polyester fabric. Polyester is extremely easy to care for which means you can toss it in the laundry and even the dryer without worrying about shrinking or damaging the material. It’s also a comfortable choice that feels great next to your skin and allows for enough air circulation to prevent overheating.

Mesh side panels make these shorts a cooling pair that won’t cause excessive sweating. They also offer moisture-wicking technology that draws excess moisture away from the skin so you feel dryer for longers. Controlling moisture is essential otherwise your gear will start to stink because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments. Some materials just sop up the sweat and it pools in the fibers which make them smell pretty badly. But, the Under Armour Launch offers a great design for athletes who need moisture control from their gear.


Ask any athlete a way to enhance their performance and compression gear will come to mind. That’s because compression decreases the muscle vibrations while you run which lessens fatigue. It also provides additional support to the delicate tendons and increases blood flow which is essential for speeding recovery time.

The Under Armour Launch offers a built-in compression short that provides better support while you train. As a result, these shorts give a next-to-skin fit without too much squeeze. Some compression gear is much too tight and cuts off your circulation which isn’t a good thing. But, these shorts deliver the perfect amount to better support you while you train without smothering or squeezing too hard.

Moisture Control

The Under Armour Launch offers moisture-wicking technology that draws excess sweat away from the skin. This keeps you drier while you train which is essential if you want to be comfortable. Most fabrics get damp and heavy with sweat which leads to smelly gear because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments.

The Under Armour Launch has quick-drying materials that work in conjunction with the wicking technology. Once the moisture draws away from the skin and into the fabric it dries quickly to prevent a build-up of odor-causing microbes. This also eliminates that uncomfortable soggy feeling you get while wearing damp clothing.


As I’ve mentioned, odor-causing microbes thrive in moist environments which is why it’s so hard to have fresh workout gear. The Under Armour Launch offers built-in anti-odor technology that inhibits the growth of these microbes so they stay fresher for longer. This innovative technology is a must for any athletic clothing otherwise it will get smelly too quickly.

Most pairs of shorts don’t offer any sort of anti-odor technology which is why you end up doing laundry so often. But, with this pair, you can wear them several times without ending up smelly. This is such a helpful feature that makes a world of difference and makes your workout routine less of a hassle.


The Under Armour Launch offers an excellent array of features! It has open hand pockets which make the perfect place for storing your valuables while you exercise. Without pockets, you won’t be able to bring along things like keys, credit cards, or even cash because you don’t want to hold these items while working out. Of course, you can always invest in an armband for additional storage, but having pockets does away with the need for extra gear.

These shorts have an internal right-side power mesh phone pocket that gives you somewhere to keep your phone. This is a great feature because it ensures your phone is separate from the rest of your things. Keeping your phone with your other items could easily scratch the screen or damage the phone itself which is why it’s so great to have a separate place for storing it. This is one of my favorite things about this pair and it makes them stand out from other similar options.


The Under Armour Launch is available in several colorways. Choose from shades like Pheonix Fire, Black, Tourmaline Teal, and Steel among others. The nice thing about these shorts is that the detailing is reflective and makes you more visible in low lighting. This is an important feature and adds to the overall design. The choice of colorways lets you easily match these with all of your athletic gear so they’re easy to integrate into any wardrobe.


An issue with the Under Armour Launch is durability. Many wearers find that the material starts to wear after just a few times in the laundry. This is a problem because exercise gear needs to withstand tough wear and tear without coming apart. While these shorts aren’t prone to tears the fabric does get a thin feeling and appears well-worn even after very little use.

This is an issue for people who concern with how their gear looks and can be an annoyance more than anything. To keep your shorts looking good, be sure to follow the washing instruction and use a mesh washing bag. This keeps the fabric in better shape so it doesn't look as worn. Also, be sure not to use the high setting on the dryer because it will wear the material much faster than a low setting.

Bottom Line

Overall, these are great shorts for athletic lifestyles. They offer a lightweight structure and breathable mesh panels that keep you cool while you train. The Under Armour Launch is an easy pair to match with all your other clothing because it comes in several stylish colorways. These shorts fit well and offer a comfortable feel while you exercise they aren’t too tight but do have an internal compression short that improves circulation and lessens muscle fatigue.

The polyester fabric can be machine washed and dried but does show signs of wear after little use. Built-in moisture control and anti-odor technologies set these shorts apart from the competition and are essential for athletic individuals. The open-handed pockets give you somewhere to store your valuables and the right side has a power mesh phone pocket.