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If you are looking to improve your performance and look stylish while doing so, then the Fly-By shorts by Under Armour might just work for you. These shorts are not only cute and comfortable but they are equipped with Under Armour’s innovative technology to help you get the best results at the gym or on the track without sweating buckets. They also come with not two but three functional pockets so you never have to leave your valuables behind again.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight construction
  • Mesh side panels
  • Moisture Transport System
  • Built-in brief lining
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Three functional pockets
  • Reflective details
  • Loose fit
  • Attractive colorways
  • Runs larger
  • Lighter colors look sheer


Adjustability is very important when it comes to any kind of clothing, especially sportswear, since activities such as playing sports or working out demand a lot of movement. Having to constantly pull up your clothes while working out can not only be quite a nuisance but it can affect your overall performance as well. That is why Under Armour included an elastic waistband with an internal drawstring into the design of their Fly-By shorts, that allow you to adjust the snugness of them to your liking at any given time. The waistband is also encased for added comfort to prevent it from digging into the skin or causing irritation and bruising. The waistband is wide enough to sit on the hips or waist comfortably as well. This means you can run, work out or simply lounge around the house without any discomfort and you can rest assured that the shorts will stay put throughout wear, so you can achieve your best performance.


Getting in a good workout and not feeling like you are suffocating by the end of it is crucial for anyone, especially during the hot summer months, when it is already a challenge to stay cool and dry even while doing simple, everyday things, such as walking to the grocery store. Under Armour understands this, which is why they designed their Fly-By shorts to not only keep you well-ventilated but to help get rid of perspiration and unpleasant odors at the same time. The Fly-By shorts feature a loose design with a dolphin hem and mesh side panels, that enable free airflow in and out of the shorts while the mesh panels help to actively get rid of excess heat for a dry and breathable fit. Additionally, the poly weave construction contains Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System, that brings perspiration away from the skin and onto the surface of the shorts, where it quickly evaporates and dries, leaving the wearer feeling fresh and dry. Lastly, these shorts for women come with a built-in brief liner, which offers additional coverage but also helps eliminate odor-causing bacterial growth, keeping the wearer clean and feeling fresh throughout their workouts and then some.


There is nothing worse than the feeling of your clothes clinging to you after an intense run or workout, even more so when it is already hot outside. Not to mention how uncomfortable form-fitting clothes can be. Luckily, the Fly-By shorts for women tackle this problem head-on with their clever design and multiple built-in features, that are there to deliver ultimate comfort while enhancing performance at the same time. These shorts feature a loose design and are made of a poly weave fabric, which is lightweight and durable so the wearer will not be weighed down while working out. Thanks to the loose fit and mesh side panels, air can get in and out of the shorts easily and heat will not get trapped inside them, leaving the wearer feeling dry and cool. Another great feature integrated into these shorts is Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System, which actively gets rid of excess moisture by transporting perspiration away from the skin and onto the surface of the shorts, where it quickly evaporates. Additionally, the built-in brief liner helps keep odor-causing bacteria away from the shorts, keeping the wearer fresh and clean. Reviewers all praised the high comfort levels of these shorts, with many swearing by them as their ultimate summer staples, be it at the gym, track, tennis court or at home.


Polyester is widely known for being a very durable man-made fabric, that is both moisture wicking and breathable, thanks to today’s advanced technology. The Fly-By shorts are made of a poly weave fabric, which is very lightweight and durable at the same time, making these shorts perfect for your daily runs and workouts. The shorts are equipped with Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System, that helps move moisture away from the skin and onto the surface of the shorts, where it quickly evaporates, leaving the skin and the shorts dry and cool. Additionally, the built-in brief liner is not only there to help with coverage but it also acts as anti-odor protection, that helps prevent bacterial growth, that can eat away at the fabric with time, making the shorts last longer. Another great feature of polyester fabric is, that it does not wrinkle fast and it washes very well in the washing machine. Simply put it in for a wash and either let it air dry or tumble dry it, both work well for this type of fabric. Reviewers, in general, were very satisfied with the quality and durability of the shorts, however, there were a handful of people who experienced fraying at the seams. While this could be attributed to a fault in manufacturing or quality check, it is also very important to take proper care of your clothes, so that they last longer. Whatever the case, Under Armour has great Customer Service to help with any issues, as well as a free return policy.


The fit of these shorts by Under Armour is on the loose side with an adjustable elastic waistband for a customizable fit. They feature a curved dolphin hem, which increases mobility even more for a wide range of movement and superior comfort. Since the shorts are on the wider side, you do not need to worry about the fabric clinging to your body, which is especially great news for those who have a curvier figure or more muscular legs, as there is ample space inside these shorts. Although they are loose and short shorts, they do come with a built-in liner for extra coverage so you can rest assured that you will be covered no matter the activity. Reviewers were also happy to find that the shorts do not ride up or bunch up in certain areas caused by movement, so they could fully concentrate on their workouts.


Polyester, a formerly not so popular material, has quickly gained a following as a major competitor to natural fabrics, like cotton or linen, due to its durability and overall high-resistance to chemicals and stains. Polyester and all its different variations are man-made fabrics and have been developed due to the need for more durable, lightweight materials. The Fly-By shorts feature a lightweight and durable poly weave fabric that is infused with Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System, making these shorts breathable and moisture wicking, as opposed to cotton, which is a natural fabric, that absorbs moisture rather than repels it. In addition, polyester is very easy to take care of, as it washes very well and is not prone to wrinkling that much, making it suitable for tumble drying as well.

Moisture Wicking

The Under Armour Fly-By shorts are made of a poly weave fabric, which is lightweight, yet durable with UV inhibiting and moisture wicking properties for the ultimate hot weather running experience. These shorts feature mesh side panels, that let the skin breathe by dumping excess heat. Additionally, they are infused with Under Armour’s Moisture Transport System, which works by transporting moisture from the skin to the surface of the shorts, where it evaporates for a quick-drying effect that leaves the wearer dry and cool in the summer heat. Furthermore, the built-in brief liner provides protection from bacterial growth, that causes unpleasant odors, keeping the wearer feeling fresh. One reviewer noted, that these shorts perform so well, that she can easily take them from a morning workout to brunch without changing clothes. However, a handful of reviewers complained about perspiration showing through the lighter colored shorts, leaving unpleasant-looking stains in the bottom area, so that is something to look out for if you tend to sweat a lot. One way around that problem is to either get a pair in a darker wash or size up so that the fabric does not cling to the skin tightly.


Women’s clothing, especially sports gear often lacks one fundamental part when it comes to design and that is pockets. Thus, it can be quite challenging to find gym shorts/running shorts, that come with pockets. This is where the Under Armour Fly-By shorts come into play. They not only feature two hand pockets but they also feature a hidden inner pocket in the back. The two hand pockets are quite roomy and are located in the front of the shorts. They are perfect for storing wallets, keys, and even phones so that you do not have to leave your valuables at home while you go for your daily runs. The front pockets are also deep enough to hold 2 to 3 tennis balls, making these shorts great for tennis playing as well, according to reviewers. Having that said, the pockets have wide openings, which made some customers doubtful of whether or not things would fall out of them while running or working out. However, quite a few avid runners and personal trainers swear by these shorts and their functional pockets. If you want additional security for your pockets, one reviewer recommended folding the waistband over the pockets to make the openings smaller and the chances of things falling out of them minimal. Another thing, that customers noticed, is, when the pockets are full, they tend to drop below the bottom of the shorts, so if you do not like that look, these might not do the trick for you.


When it comes to style, Under Armour combines functionality and effortless design like no other. The Fly-By shorts feature a simple, yet very effective silhouette with a curved dolphin hem and mesh side panels for maximum breathability and a wide range of unrestricted movement, making these shorts perfect for both working out and casual summer wear. The shorts have a built-in brief lining for extra security and coverage and three functional pockets to keep your valuables safe and at hand whenever you need them. The Fly By shorts are available in a wide array of colors, from neutrals to vibrant options and are flattering on the figure, be it muscular or curvy. They look great with a sports bra or a T-shirt for working out or running but can be worn for lounging around the house or running errands just as well. Additionally, they feature reflective elements, that improve visibility in low-light conditions, which is very important for runners who like to run at night due to work circumstances or preference, as it will keep them safe. One thing to note is, that the lighter colors are pretty sheer, even with the liner, so if you do not want your underwear showing through the shorts, you might want to opt for the darker colors instead.


Sizing can be quite an issue when it comes to sportswear, since a lot of brands only carry certain sizes, mostly accommodating certain body types. This can not only limit your options when it comes to sports gear but it can also affect your confidence. Under Armour is all about inclusivity and celebrating all body shapes and sizes, which is why they offer their clothes in a wide selection of sizes to choose from. Their Fly By shorts are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL and feature a loose design, that does not cling to the body, so you can feel comfortable and confident whenever you wear them. They have a 3-inch inseam, which is the perfect length between short and long, leaving your legs exposed for maximum breathability and mobility, but keeping your bottom covered and secure. On top of that, the encased elastic waistband with an internal drawstring offers additional adjustability, if you need to tighten or loosen the shorts. These shorts are reported to run larger, so sizing down is advised.

Bottom Line

The women's Fly-By shorts is another great product by Under Armour. They feature an ergonomic design, that helps you achieve your best performance while keeping you fresh and cool, not to mention it has three functional pockets, which is something that often lacks from women's sportswear. It has an attractive loose silhouette, that flatters the figure without looking too bulky and is available in a wide range of color options as well. Infused with Under Armour's Moisture Transport System, it keeps the skin dry and cool by literally transporting perspiration away from the skin and onto the surface of the shorts where it quickly evaporates. In addition, it is equipped with a built-in brief lining for extra coverage and protection against unpleasant odors. These shorts are great for both working out and lounging around the house, thanks to their high comfort levels. One thing to look out for is the sizing of these shorts, as they tend to run larger.