Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 Review

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When it comes to running gear designed specifically for women the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 stands a step above the rest! It offers an innovative style and ladies-approved approach to athletic apparel and will carry you from the start to finish line with ease. This vest has everything you could need and more! It includes dual Ultimate Direction Body Bottles for easy hydration while you’re on the run and even accommodates a 1.5L reservoir if you prefer hands-free sips.

There are tons of storage compartments to keep all of your belongings nice and organized, while it’s stretch mesh material prevents overheating. Comfort won’t be an issue thanks to its seamless, chafe-free materials that ensure you’ll feel your best while you perform which helps to make this a must-have for athletic ladies.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Dual Ultimate Direction Body Bottles
  • Zippered Storage
  • Accommodates 1.5L Reservoir
  • Hose Routing
  • Includes Emergency Whistle
  • Minimal Choice Of Colors
  • Expensive


This option is what’s known as a racing vest and Ultimate Direction are notorious for their award-winning designs when it comes to this kind of gear. Whether you’re planning to hit the pavement hard or sprint along the trail this vest will help you to power past your competitor's thanks to its lightweight and flexible structure. Made to promote better hydration, it comes equipped with dual body bottles and even holds a 1.5L reservoir which lets you drink hands-free.


The Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest is made from a lightweight and breathable combination of nylon and two variations of stretch mesh. This helps to keep you cooler and more comfortable while you’re on the move which is ideal for athletic activities. Mesh is one of the most breathable materials because of its open weave fabric that lets plenty of air through so your skin won’t overheat.

When we get too hot our bodies naturally start to sweat excessively which gets downright uncomfortable and can lead to unpleasant odors if left untreated. Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments which is why damp and sweaty clothing is the perfect conditions for unpleasant smells to call home.

This combination of materials will prevent this from happening because your skin won’t get smothered and will be able to breathe so no matter how warm you get you still won’t sweat as much which will keep your gear smelling and feeling much better.

Ultimate Direction Body Bottles

This vest is all about hydration which is why it comes complete with two 2,500ml soft Ultimate Direction Body Bottles. These handy bottles are the perfect place to store enough liquid to keep you hydrated for the duration of your outdoor activities! Having two is ideal for longer outings because you’ll never run out of liquid which means that you won’t end up feeling dehydrated while you’re on the move. This makes for the ideal choice for hiking, backpacking, and even camping which are all activities that you really need to stay well hydrated while performing.

Dehydration comes with tons of unpleasant effects and can quickly ruin your outing by making you feel weak, tired, and even sick. It’s also quite dangerous being dehydrated which is why you should always have ample liquid with you when you’re engaged in any sort of physical activity.

Plenty Of Pockets

Storage won’t be an issue while you’re wearing this vest thanks to its ample pockets that give you enough space to store all of your valuables with ease. It’s important that us ladies can keep our belongings nice and organized because we tend to carry way more things than men do and the Ultimate Direction Vesta offers a design that caters to our feminine needs.

Complete with two large sized zippered storage pockets on the bottom and a rear vertical zippered pocket, you won’t need for any additional space while you’re out and about. The bottom pockets are perfect for storing all of your snacks and personal effects like make-up, cleansing wipes, and even your cell phone. While the rear vertical pocket is ideal for storing larger items and even a change of shirt or pants for post workout changing.

There’s also a deeper back pocket that’s made to hold a 1.5L reservoir! This means that if you prefer not to use a handheld bottle you can literally stay hydrated hands-free thanks to its handy bladder storage compartment.

Hydration reservoirs make for easy sipping because you don’t even have to handle any equipment while you take a drink. They come with a handy drinking tube that connects to a mouthpiece so you’re able to drink without any manual operation. This is ideal for high impact sports like cycling, running, or even hiking when you might not want to stop just to take a drink.

Hose Routing

Every lady knows that keeping their hydration tube nice and taught can be tough if your pack isn’t properly designed to handle this type of equipment! Luckily, the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta comes equipped with hose routing tabs on the shoulder straps. These let you take charge and route your hose in a way that won’t get in your way and won’t cause you any headaches while you’re out and about.

Load Compression

Having your gear stick out can be a drag, especially if you’re planning on hiking through tight spaces! This vest is ready to take on whatever type of terrain may come your way and lets you tighten and compress the load so that it sits tighter and more flush to your back. This is ideal for athletic activities when it can actually be dangerous having a pack that sticks out. If you’re cycling and have a load that shifts it can throw you off balance putting you at a greater risk of being injured while you ride.

Even when you’re hiking you don’t want to have your gear shifting or sticking out because it can cause fatigue and puts added strain on your body trying to carry around weight that’s not properly centered. This option has an external bungee cord on the rear pocket that helps to compress and stabilize the load. This is a great feature to have that will really make your activities that much more enjoyable and will help to keep you safer by providing better stabilization.


The Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 has been named the top-choice by several big names in the outdoor athletics community. Outside Magazine called it ‘The Best Women’s Trail Running Gear’ and Wired Magazine raved that “The Ultra Vesta is women-specific and endlessly adjustable.” Other sources who have previously raved about this design are Women’s Running Magazine and Ultrarunning Magazine, both of which are considered to be the holy grail of ladies running reads!

Sternum Strap

The sternum strap is one of the most important parts with this kind of gear! Without a good adjustable cross-sternum strap your vest will end sliding down your shoulders and will irritate you by constantly blowing open in the wind while you run. This vest has the perfect design to prevent irritation and to keep you in total control of how it fits your body. The sternum strap is totally adjustable which lets you tailor your experience to suit your size and shape. This is so much better than those one-size-fits-all styles that don’t let you adjust it at all. That can be downright uncomfortable because those straps are usually geared towards men and are too big, to begin with.


One of the downsides to this option is its hefty price tag. Some people found that it just didn’t offer enough features to be worth such a high retail price. Despite selling for a pretty penny, the Ultra Vesta is a very nice piece of gear that will really help ladies to excel at whichever outdoor activity they so choose. You’ll really have to weight the quality and features against the retail price in order to decide if this is the right choice for you.w


Like with other similar options (see my review of the Gregory Maya 22), the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 lacks in exciting colorways. Especially since this item was designed for use by ladies only! Women like to wear a color that really pops and stands out but this item runs short on both those characteristics. It comes in a powdered light blue and light orangish hue that really doesn’t help to give it an overly 'girls only' kind of vibe.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a solid design for ladies who enjoy living an active lifestyle. If you like to regularly hit the track, trail, or city streets then this option will help to boost your overall performance and increase your top speeds thanks to its lightweight and versatile style. Made to promote better hydration, this vest will ensure that you get the liquid you desperately need when you’re engaged in this kind of demanding physical activity.

The great thing about this option is that it’s made with seamless construction and offer chafe-free wear for all-day comfort. Four-way stretch mesh guarantees that you won’t overheat while you exercise and helps to prevent excessive sweating thanks to its open-weave fabric that lets plenty of airflow around your skin. Preventing excessive sweating is a must when you’re exercising otherwise all of your gear will end up being smelly and uncomfortable to wear.

This option is fantastic for outdoor activities other than running too! It’s a good choice for hiking, day hiking, cycling, and even for camping. It can be worn with all sorts of clothing and accessories thanks to its adjustable and easy flexed design so you won’t have to worry about running short on space while wearing this option.

As with all products, there are a few drawbacks, one of which is its hefty price tag. The limited colorways are also a bit of a disappointment but it’s nothing that can’t be overlooked considering the exceptional design aspects and the slew of benefits that this product has to offer.

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