Tifosi Alpe 2.0

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The Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses are an all-around great pair of shades that can accommodate most activities. Whether you are looking for something to wear while being active or you want a pair of casual glasses, this product has you covered. They have a look that is the perfect blend of sporty and causal that consumers love.

The adjustable ear and nose pieces help give you a customizable fit for a more comfortable experience. Additionally, these pads act as a non-slip grip to ensure the glasses are staying in place. No matter how hot it is or how hard you are pushing yourself, you can be sure that the frames are going to stay put.

Between the polycarbonate lenses and the Gilamid frames, these sunglasses are exceptionally durable. You will not have to worry about premature wear and tear when it comes to this product. Combine the stellar durability with the affordable price tag, and you end up with satisfied customers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Polarized lenses

Shatterproof and scratch-resistant

Adjustable ear/nose pads

Non-slip design

100% UVA/UVB protection


Runs small in size


The word Tifosi is Italian for the word 'enthusiast,' and that is what the team behind these fantastic sunglasses are all about. They are sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts. They are all about bringing you great quality products that can be worn on all of your adventures.

Since their start in 2003, Tifosi has been striving to bring customers eyewear that consists of high-quality materials, fantastic functionality, and an outstanding value. They have achieved this goal time and again, with all of their products.

They are a trusted brand when it comes to active eyewear. Customers love them!


There are a plethora of uses for these sunglasses. Whether you are spending the day at the beach or heading out for a run around the neighborhood, if you are in the sun, you want to make sure that your eyes are protected. After all, you wear sunscreen to protect your skin, why wouldn't you wear glasses to protect your eyes?

The glasses are polarized and decentered so you can see as clearly as possible while you are out and about. They are going to help reduce the glare from the sun, so you have no distractions, no matter what you are doing. When you are heading out for a walk, run, or a bike ride, it is important that you can see what's going on around you. You need to be aware of your surroundings to make sure you and other people are safe from unnecessary accidents. Thanks to sunglasses like these ones, you can reduce distractions from the blinding sun so you can pay better attention to what's going on around you.

Some customers prefer wearing these shades as a pair of casual sunglasses. Something to wear while driving or spending the day by the pool. The simple yet stylish design allows them to blend in just about anywhere.

On the other hand, there are some consumers who love wearing them outdoors while they are active. The glasses feature rubber ear and nose pads that give the shades quite the grip. Whether you are running, biking, or participating in any other sport, you can rest easy knowing that they are going to stay put on your face. It's frustrating when your sweat causes the glasses to slide down your nose, that isn't something that you will have to worry about with the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses.


The frames of the sunglasses are constructed out of a lightweight yet super-durable material. The Grilamid TR-90 frames can withstand quite a bit of abuse, so you don't have to worry about your shades snapping or breaking on you prematurely. They are both chemical and UV resistant, so there is no need to worry about damage on those fronts.

The glasses feature ear and nose pads that are made of hydrophilic rubber. This feature is handy because it will help prevent slippage when you are out and about. No matter how hot it is outside or how hard you are pushing yourself, you won't have to worry about your sweat causing the glasses to slide down your nose. Additionally, the nose and ear pads are fully adjustable. This will help you achieve a personalized and more comfortable fit.


The most important part of your sunglasses is, of course, the lenses. After all, you wear glasses to get protection from the sun, and you wouldn't get that without the lenses. That good news for customers is that the shades have great lenses. They offer outstanding protection as well as incredible durability.

The lenses of the sunglasses feature polarized material to help reduce the annoying and distracting glare from the sun. The lenses are injected with polarized elements to block out the light that reflects off of any horizontal surface such as the road in front of you or passing cars. The fact that they can help minimize glare means that you will have a reduced risk of eye strain. This makes wearing glasses, such as these ones, perfect for water and snow sports, as well as driving and casual wear.

In addition to the polarization, they have decentered lenses. This helps increase the overall clarity of your glasses, allowing you to see better while you are out and about. The lenses are designed to help reduce, and even eliminate, any distortion and prevent magnification. This can also help alleviate any unnecessary strain on your eyes.

Another way that the sunglasses help prevent eye strain is the coating. The lenses are coated with Glare Guard. This works with the polarization to give you even more protection from glare.

The sunglasses feature lenses that are made out of polycarbonate. This gives them stellar durability, so you don't have to worry about them breaking on you while you're on the go. The lenses are both scratch-resistant and shatterproof, so you don't have to worry too much about lens damage.

As you would expect, the lenses offer you complete protection from the suns harmful rays. After all, that is part of the reason most consumers choose to wear sunglasses.

One feature about the lenses that many consumers can appreciate is that the Direct Fit lenses can incorporate most prescriptions. If you have a single-vision prescription in the entire glass, then these shades can accommodate your needs. They will provide you with a distortion-free experience without the use of adaptors or any visible lines.


Protection is essential when you are spending time outside. If you are in the sun, you want to make sure that you are as protected as possible from the harmful rays. You probably cover your skin with some sort of sunscreen so why wouldn't you give your eyes the same treatment? Thankfully, products like the shades give you a decent amount of protection while you're on the go. These sunglasses offer you 100% protection from the suns UVA and UVB rays so you can make sure your eyes are staying safe and sound, no matter how sunny it is outside.

It is not just the sun, however, that you need protection from. Imagine you are riding your bike, and a pebble flies up from your tire and hits your face. What if you are hiking in the woods with a group of friends and a branch snaps back and smacks into you? If you are wearing glasses such as the shades, you can be sure that your eyes will stay safe. They are shatterproof, giving you a little extra protection from debris that might come flying at your face. They shouldn't take the place of safety glasses, but if you want a little additional protection while participating in outdoor activities, then these ones have you covered.


In order to get the most out of the comfort and usability of your sunglasses, you want to make sure that they are going to fit your face. If they are too small, they will be extremely uncomfortable and virtually unwearable. On the other hand, if they are too big for your face, then they won't stay in place, causing discomfort and annoyance.

The sunglasses are a bit on the small size so if you are looking for a larger pair of shades then you might want to look elsewhere. These ones are ideal for women and teenagers, fitting those with smaller faces.

The measurements for the sunglasses are as follows:
Eye size- 61mm
Temple size- 123mm
Bridge- 15mm

In addition to the smaller size of the glasses, they are incredibly lightweight. They weigh in at one 0.8 ounces, giving you a comfortable feeling while you're out and about.


The Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses come with a couple of accessories that you can use to help keep your product in good repair. They come with a half shell case with a zippered closure so you can store the shades with ease. Additionally, they come with a small microfiber bag. The bag can be used as additional storage, but you can also clean your lenses with it.

Customers appreciate the little extra they get when they order this product. It is always nice to have something handy to store your glasses in when they aren't in use, as well as something to keep readily available to clean the lenses when they get smudged.


There are a couple of different colors that you can choose from when ordering the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses, so you can make sure you are getting ones that best suit your style needs. Whether you are looking for something sporty or casual, these glasses give you the perfect blend to meet your needs.

They are available in pink crystal frames with smoke lenses, tortoise frames with brown lenses, blue tortoise frames with brown gradient lenses, or crystal purple frames with smoke lenses.

Regardless of the color you choose from, every pair of these glasses comes with the Tifosi logo printed on the corner of one of the lenses. Additionally, the iconic Tifosi "T" can be found on both of the temples. Everywhere you go, there will be no doubt of the brand of glasses you are rocking.

For the most part, customers enjoy the look and style of the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses. Of course, there are always a few consumers who aren't the biggest fans of the product, but that is more the exception than the rule. Most consumers love the way these shades look on them while they're on the go.


When it comes to your sunglasses, you want to make sure that you are getting a pair that is going to last you. It is incredibly frustrating when you go to grab your shades and find them broken or scratched up. Thankfully, this isn't a problem that you will have to face when it comes to the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 glasses.

The Tifosi Alpe 2.0s have a sturdy construction that can stand up to quite a bit of abuse. They are, after all, designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. It would only make sense that the glasses can keep up with you and your wild adventures, right?

The Grilamid frames combined with the polycarbonate lenses make for one reliable pair of sunglasses. The lenses have a little extra protection from wear and tear as well. They are both shatterproof and scratch-resistant, so you don't have to worry about them breaking.

Customers love the long lifespan of the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses.


The Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses are an exceptional value. No, they aren't the cheapest glasses out there, but they are far more than the cheap pair you might pick up at the local department store. These shades offer you outstanding durability and functionality.

Customers love these glasses and can appreciate the very affordable and budget-friendly price tag.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a versatile pair of sunglasses that can be worn for just about anything, then you have come to the right place. Whether you want to spend the day on the lake, running a marathon, hiking, or relaxing by the pool, the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 shades are a perfect choice. They feature non-slip rubber pads at the ears and nose to ensure the glasses stay firmly in place, no matter what you are doing.

The Tifosi Alpe 2.0 shades have a smaller build to them, so if you have a larger face, then you might want to consider a different option. These glasses are ideal for women or teenagers, those with smaller heads. Overall, however, consumers believe that these are exceptionally comfortable.

The price is right, and the durability is on point, making the Tifosi Alpe 2.0 sunglasses the perfect choice for most customers.