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Twins are a true blessing in any family. Yes, they’re a handful and they’re a much bigger financial burden to the new parents. But the fact they are double the trouble in the family is truly a fantastic feeling. Not to mention that by having a twin sibling, a child gets a best friend for life basically from the day it’s born. And the transportation times for twins have existed ever since the dawn of time.

The trick is that they got bigger, much better and a hell of a lot more comfortable with time. A lot of effort, time and ingenuity are invested in the design and manufacturing of the double strollers.

Thule has one of the best designs of strollers specialized for transport of twins. And here in this post, we’re going to have a closer look at one of their bestselling items. The second generation of the Urban Glide stroller. What’s so great about it? What are the pros and cons of the stroller and what needs to improve in order to make the next generation even better?

Scroll down and see for yourself. Hope you’ll like this review and this item as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

A front wheel that swivels

A practical hand brake

Parking brake

Compact and easy to transport

Adjustable handlebar




There’s a lot to be said about the comfort in one single section, so it’s best to summarize the comfort (for the sake of time and clarity) and try to explain the different parts that compose it more efficiently one by one in other sections of this review. Much like with everything in life, comfort is provided by various other sources. It’s not always down to one single item, and probably the best things in life have comfort that’s basically bursting out of the seams.

The Urban Glide is not an exception to the rule. Whether the canopy or the seat or the handlebar, you just know that it’s going to give you the best possible comfort with the least possible effort. That’s partially down to the design and of course down to the multi-functionality of the item itself. Why make things complicated when they can be oh so simple? But more on that later in the review.


Although some strollers that are specially designed for twin babies have a much narrow fit, this is an item with a specific side to side type of fit. Which means that the two seats are designed and placed next to each other for a more practical transport of the children. Why more practical you say? Well, because the visibility of the babies is increased when they’re next to each other, instead of when they’re behind each other.

And more recent studies have shown that the closeness and the special bond that forms between the twins in utero is developed and nurtured in a much efficient way when the babies have the ability to see and touch each other. By positioning the seat side by side, the bond grows stronger between the twins, and not to mention, the parents have better visual control on the activities of the young ones.


The total weight of the Urban Glide stroller is 34.2 lb. It’s, in fact, a surprisingly lightweight and easy to fold item considering that it’s a model designed for 2 children at the same time. The skeleton or the frame of the model although it seems very heavy it’s actually made out of very lightweight aluminum. The additional plastic and polyester in the different areas of the item are also very light and easy to handle, but the main part is basically a breeze to hold on to and actually push down the street. We’ll get into the specifics of each of the parts later, but for now, it’s worth mentioning that the Urban Glide is actually a stroller with a sleek and practical design.


Let’s break it down one thing at a time. Would you be interested to know the dimensions of the Urban Glide when it’s actually in a folded state? It’s a very important feature because the stroller is designed for twins so, the overall size and with is much greater from the get-go. It’s supposed to fit two babies at the same time and you can pretty much guess that it will demand much bigger dimensions even in a folded state.

So, according to the official Thule website, the dimensions of the stroller when it’s folded are 22.8 inches by 34.3 inches by 13.4 inches. But let’s not forget about the heels. This is a three-wheeled type of stroller and the front wheel measures 12 inches in diameter while the rear wheels measure 16 inches in diameter.


Although Tule states this is a stroller designed for all types of terrain (both the rugged and flat type of terrain are just fine), the model pride itself for being a stroller that could navigate through the narrow, tight and extremely crowded places you can possibly think of.

You can easily jog with the stroller, but according to the comments left by the parents who bought the Urban Glide, you cannot use the footbrake of the stroller while wearing light footwear like flip-flops. This particular item requires much stable and sturdy footwear, and it’s in the best interest that you wear such shoes when you use the footbrake.


We’ve already mentioned that you can use the Urban Glide for a regular stroll on any type of terrain. You can also jog with it, and you can even use it in very tight, narrow closed up spaces like the busy city sidewalks. But what do you get while doing that? What kind of performance could you get out of this item while strutting down the park or the busy sidewalks? Well, it’s a smooth type of ride that’s for sure. And the biggest culprit for that is the excellent suspension that makes the ride much pleasant for the children and for the parents that are pushing the item down the street.

There’s no way of forgetting the parking brake and the highly efficient hand brake that let you maintain the control and the speed when you’re jogging downhill. It’s easy to grab and easy to handle even in the trickiest situations. The cargo basket that’s located under the seats is roomy enough to store all the essentials for you and your children and they’ll stay locked thanks to the zipper style closure.

Along with the basket, there’s the rear pocket made out of mesh and the two compartments (also made out of mesh) for the additional snakes, toys, and bottles. However, a really unfortunate flaw about this item is that it doesn’t include trays for the child or even for the children. Although the basket and the compartments/pockets are well equipped to handle the additional load, it would be nice if some of the items are within arms’ reach to both the parents and the babies.


The second generation of the Urban Glide works awesome as a regular type of stroller and it’s known to have excellent performance in the jogging/running department as well. It’s well suited to be used on all kinds of terrains, and there’s the hand type of brake perfect for each and every terrain you can imagine. It’s easy to grab and easy to control the speed with. Especially in more tricky pathways.


When it comes to the protection, here in the second generation of the Urban Glide, two separate types of protection come to mind. First, there’s the protection that comes from the harness. It has the well admired 5 points system of security that is bound to keep your children tightly sectored and well protected at all times. The 5 point system of security is strong and efficient enough to withstand the constant movement of the children in the stroller and the different types of terrain on which the stroller is walked on. And that’s all great and dandy.

But what if you’re using the stroller at night or in poorly lit locations? What can guarantee the protection of your children then?
Well, the reflective rims. They’re nicely positioned on the wheels of the stroller and they’re visible even in the poorly lit locations. They’re visible in the dark also, and they can really come in handy when you need them the most.


While most of the stroller son the market have fairly useless accessories, that are more pleasing to the aesthetic of the item, then to the practicality, the Urban Glide has 4 additional accessories and each and every one of them is useful, practical and highly recommended to purchase. First, there’s the bumper bar. The bar gives something strong and fixated for your children to grab and hold while seated in the item.

Secondly, there’s the seat adapter (for the specific Maxi Cosi merchandise), which allows you to transform the model from a car seat to a fantastic and modern stroller in a matter of seconds. You can attach the car seat to the stroller and be done with it. There’s the car seat adapter (especially for the specific Chicco merchandise) and the universal car seat adapter that it’s well suited for any type of merchandise.


Thule specifies that the fabric in the seats along with the fabric in the canopy is removable and easy to wash in the standard washing machine. Just make sure to use a mild detergent and not to allow the water in the cycle to go beyond 30 degrees Celsius. Much colder temperature and milder detergent is always the best option, and as for the aluminum frame of the model, it’s best to use a gentle washcloth, mild soap and little bit of water. The tires are easy inflatable as well, and once you notice that they’re deflated you can bring them back to life with you standard bicycle pump. Just mump the tires back, and they’ll be good to go again.

Bottom line

Although the second generation of Urban Glide is heavier than the predecessor, the fact remains that it’s still very practical, lightweight and easy to use. You can fit your twins safely in the two side by side spacy seats, while the canopy above them will keep them protected from the sun. The weight capacity of the Urban Glide is 100 lbs max, while the parking brake and the hand brake are there to make the ride much safer. And you know what else makes this item safe for the children that are inside? The 5 points type of harness and the reflective rims on the tires.

The harness will keep your children snug as a bug, safe and sound in the stroller, while the reflective rims and canopy will make that stroller visible even in the less desirable situations. This is an item that makes even the storing of the model a lot easier, let alone the transport of that precious cargo. The Urban Glide is perfectly capable to be used in all types of terrain and even at night. There’s a fine suspension that makes the ride smoother and easier for both the parents and the children, and the adjustable handlebar is there to ensure the comfort and maximum efficiency.

This is not a cheap item by any means. And doesn’t have treys for the children and the parents. But it does come with a huge basket that offers plenty of room for storage the essential things. Diapers, bottles, snacks, and toys for the babies and keys, phone and snacks for the parents. It’s designed to make the life of every parent much easier, and the experience of every baby much more comfortable and pleasant.