A Guide to Choosing The Best Shoes For Air Travel

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It’s getting to be that time of year again, folks. You know exactly what I’m talking about. That “string-of-holidays, rushing around, constantly traveling, last minute shopping trip” time of year that everybody dreads. Of course, there is much happiness to be gained from the festivities, as well. Don’t get me wrong! I love cookies, ham, and family as much as anybody else. And, y’know, presents.

Giving, of course, not receiving. What kind of person do you think I am?


Anyways, there’s something we need to discuss. This is a topic that has been debated by many, and there are several opinions on the matter. “What is this divisive topic?” You might ask… Although, you probably aren’t actually wondering because of the title.

I’m talking, of course, about what to wear while you’re flying. The days of dressing up are long past us, and now it’s a question of just how much you can get away with. There have been recent stories about outrage over certain passengers being turned away due to attire. I certainly don’t agree with that (live and let live, people), but to be on the safe side this guide will let you know exactly what you should wear to avoid mishaps. The worst thing possible, after all, is not being able to board the plane you need to be on. It can be the difference between being there for Christmas dinner and being there in time for the ball to drop. Alright, so that’s a little dramatic, but waiting in an airport for an extended period makes it feel like weeks have passed.

So, let’s get to it! The holidays are approaching, and each day brings us closer. First, I’ll talk about the three different cabin classes and what each one means. From there I’ll talk about the different styles that are appropriate for each, and how to rock them successfully.


The Difference In Seating

If you’re no stranger to flying you can probably skip over this section. However, for those of you who are new, or those who just don’t know the difference, let’s go over the three different seating options available. Some are, of course, vastly more expensive than others.

  • Economy: Most people end up flying in the economy, or standard, cabin. This is the cheapest option, but it still offers enough amenities to keep most passengers happily occupied. Some may come with USB chargers and TVs, as well as WiFi or in-flight meals. This all depends on whichever company you fly out with.
  • Business: if you’re looking for the whole package then business is the choice for you. Generally speaking, it’s reserved for people who are going on business as the name suggests. They have incredible features that will both astound and amaze.
  • First Class: This is, obviously, the premier choice for airline travel. Pretty much the only people who fly first class are either wealthy or splurging a small fortune on their ticket.


Shoe Styles For Flying

Now that you know the basic classes, I’ll focus on the footwear appropriate for each. So, what to do, and what to wear? I’m going to mainly be talking about both economy and business class, and only cover a little on first. I figure that most of you, like myself, will be flying almost exclusively on an economy budget. However, this actually works out for us. Fun fact: Economy is the most dressed down. So, suck it, snobs! You might get champagne, but we get sweatpants. Who’s the real winner?

I’m totally not envious of the champagne (I am).


Economy Friendly Footwear

This is a laid back atmosphere where you can get away with a lot more. You don’t really have to “dress up” unless you choose to go that route. Normally if you’re flying lowkey you’re going to wear laid-back clothing that’s comfortable and easy to snooze in. Sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants, and more are all staples of economy travel. It’s important to find the right shoe to match the look! After all, there’s a fine line between “comfortable” and “sloppy” that you’re treading here. Let’s go over some styles we suggest for this purpose.

  • Clogs: The first choice of many, these are a classic style that is as comfortable as they are durable. Clogs are great because you can slip them on and off with ease, which makes getting through security a breeze! They also have plenty of support, provided you invest in the right pair. I recommend a nice, clunky clog with a thick heel and plenty of arch support. Make sure it stays put on your foot, too! You don’t want to struggle to keep your feet anchored while you’re speed walking to your gate.
  • Slides: Ah, the timeless choice of both athletes and fashionistas everywhere. Most people think of Adidas slips when the term comes up, but this really applies to any slip-on shoe with the same general silhouette. Most notable is the fur slide, which is coming back big time right now. These are fantastic because they’re so effortlessly comfy, and they’re easy to “slip” on and “slip” off, hence the name. Plus, fur slides are totally in right now, so you can look a million bucks while you’re a mile up.
  • Flip-Flops: Alright, so, take this piece of advice with caution. Honestly, there is nothing we hate more than a cheap pair that is liable to break at any time. When we say flip-flop what we mean is a sturdy pair that offers support and reliability. Fit Flops, for example, are a great way to go. There are several companies putting out great styles that fit the bill and will keep you happy for the whole trip!
  • Comfortable Sneakers: Finally, the go-to for almost everybody everywhere. No matter what style you’re rocking, from Vans to Asics, you just can’t go wrong with a faithful pair of trainers. This isn’t a style we really recommend for flight, however. They are hard to take off compared to the others while you’re going through security, which presents a problem as far as holding up the line is concerned. However, for those who really need a sturdy shoe and don’t really have a huge closet to choose from, you can always reach for “old faithful”.


Business Class Styles

Unfortunately, you have less wiggle room. You can always, of course, go off the beaten path and wear whatever you damn well please. I suggest you at least dress it up a little, though. The good news is that even if your clothing is casual, your shoes can be the statement piece that brings your outfit to the next level. Remember: every outfit starts with the right pair of shoes.

  • Fashionable Sneakers: Just because they’re classed up doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable! Expensive sneakers give off a luxurious and classy vibe that matches business class to a T. There are several brands out there that are known for being fashion-forward while still maintaining a level of comfort that is out of this world.
  • Low Heels: If you’re one of those girls that just love to rock sky-high stilettos on the regular, then go with a classy pair of kitten heels. They’ll give you a little boost of height, and elevate your confidence while they’re at it. There are several classic styles to choose from, and all of them are a perfect match for business class cabins!
  • Oxfords: A timeless classic that cannot be denied, the Oxford is a great choice for basically anybody. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be matched with almost any outfit imaginable. Oxfords always look great and are a fantastic option for flying. This is another one to be aware of when it comes to security, however. Keep in mind that taking them off and putting them back on again can be a hassle. We recommend taking them off while in line to skip the struggle at the bins.
  • Loafers: We’re rounding the list off with ever luxurious loafers. These come in styles for both men and women, so they’re greatly versatile. Loafers are generally very comfortable and remind us vaguely of a library with a fireplace and scotch on the rocks. You don’t get much more “laid-back high society” than this style of shoe.


Basic Airplane Etiquette

First off, there are some travel necessities you should have. I’ve looked for the best products on the market for you, which are displayed below. The travel pillow will help you stay relaxed the whole time, and is a must-have for anybody taking a long flight. The socks are the epitome of comfort and simple luxury! They’ll help you stay comfortable during your ride. I don’t recommend them if it’s particularly hot, however. Try a pair of cotton socks, instead! And, finally, baby powder! … I’ll explain that one below. I promise, there is absolutely a logical explanation for it.


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Alright. I shouldn’t have to go over this, but I’m going to, anyway. There are way too many videos from disgruntled fliers about people who just don’t seem to get it. Here’s a list of “do not do” and “please, dear lord, DO NOT DO” that you really need to follow to keep everybody happy… and not end up as the main character in a viral video.

  • Put Your Feet Away: Do not, under any circumstances, take your shoes off. This is only permissible if you’re wearing slip-on shoes WITH socks, and even then it’s uncouth. Feet are smelly, gross, and don’t need to be seen by the general public. This is one of the number one complaints about passengers, and definitely not something anybody wants to deal with. We’ve all seen that hilarious viral video. Don’t be that person.
  • Stay Grounded: For the love of all things good and holy, please don’t put your feet up on somebody else’s seat. If the seat in front of you is empty, that’s one thing. But don’t poke your tootsies through the armrest space into the space of another person. That’s just… not okay, dude. It’s just not.
  • Get Squeaky Clean: Basic hygiene should be a given, but it’s especially important to take care of yourself before a flight. This isn’t just about deodorant, however. We suggest using a little baby powder in your shoes to keep sweat, and accompanying scent, from accumulating.in your shoes.


And that is basically that. After reading this you should be better equipped to make a solid choice for shoes to travel in. Flying is stressful even in the best of times, but when the airport starts getting busier during the fall and winter months it can turn into a straight-up nightmare. Anything you can do to lessen the stress is going to lessen your load. Make sure the choices you’re making as far as footwear goes are in step with what’s on trend, as well as what’s fit for flying.

“But what if,” You begin, obviously flustered, “I’m not traveling by plane?! What then?!” Fear not, faithful reader! I have the answer to that question, and many more, at my fingertips. Soon, you’ll have them at yours. We’re going to cover all sorts of different traveling tips as far as your feet are concerned in the future. Just keep reading, and stay tuned for more! Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram for the latest news, tips, and tricks, as well as handy buying guides to the best products on the market! We also have a variety of single reviews to make sure every style you buy is right for you.