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Every man deserves to have at least one pair of moccasins in his closet. Not only are they simplistically comfortable and beautiful, but they are also extremely versatile. You can wear them as slippers, to the grocery store, on a walk, to dinner, a party, etc. Depending on the style and color and quality you purchase, they can go virtually anywhere with you and match virtually anything you want to wear with them.

Whether you’re lounging or endeavoring, the Catens moccasin from Ted Baker will give you just the look and feel you’re going for. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night in a comfortable pair of moccasins instead of stiff oxfords?

The Catens feature a square toe on a rubber sole. They are considered driving mocs. These suede or leather moccasins that had rubber-grommeted soles were created specifically for men to wear while cruising around in roadsters. The rubber gave them extra grip.

There is a classic leather saddle tie across the top of the foot with a metal bead. The upper material is an elegantly smooth suede. There is a sporty stripe on the internal lining around the collar and a patterned footbed for extra flair. The lining is smooth leather, as well as the insole. The sole is flexible grommeted rubber. Colors available are grey and brown. Sizes offered are seven through fourteen. There are no half, narrow, or wide size options.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Quality materials
  • Trusted brand
  • Casual feel/Versatile look
  • Traction
  • Breathable
  • High price tag
  • Limited size options


When Ted Baker went out on a fishing trip in 1987, he had no idea he was about to stumble upon an idea that would change his world. Inspired by the environment, he had the idea to create a global brand. Glasgow, Scotland was the first location graced by a Ted Baker store in 1988. Goldberg and Sons purchased the company outright in 1990. By 1993, stores were popping up in Soho, Nottingham, and London. That was also the year that the company became officially privately owned.

Ted Baker Woman and Ted Baker Lite were brought to the table in 1995. 1996 is the year that wholesale got off to a running start in the United States. Teddy Boy, another new line, was also launched that year. Ted Baker finally created a website in 1998, joining the world wide web community. New York City held the first American standalone Ted Baker store. 1998 also brought the unveiling of the Skinwear and Underwear lines.

Ted Baker finally came out with their Footwear line and Teddy Girl line in 2000. In 2001, Eyewear and Sunglasses joined. Ted expanded his reach into Australia and New Zealand in 2004. And in 2006, the Qantas Socceroos suit for the World Cup was officially supplied by Ted Baker. In 2007, Ted yet again broadened its horizons by coming out with a jewelry line as well as a couple of mobile phones. The phones were called The Needle and The Button.


Driving shoes were created specifically for driving, as the name might suggest. Drivers were in need of extra comfort and grip, and the answer was to amp up a classic moccasin construction to feature padded rubber soles that often extended to the Achilles heel.

They were also designed to be easily slipped on without a lacing system, but they were still comfortable and snug. Overall, driving shoes are functional, flexible, comfortable, elegant, and easygoing all at the same time. They make for an extremely versatile shoe nowadays and can be worn for way more than just cruising around in a car.

When it comes to pairing up outfits, there are a couple of ways you can wear them. To keep with the aesthetic of your shoes, try pairing them with slim or skinny jeans, cotton shorts, or chinos. If you do choose long pants, try going with no-show socks and let your ankles hang out for a casual, effortless look.

To make your driving shoes more formal, wear a suit made from a “casual” fabric. Don’t go overboard. It is essential that your drivers be kept clean to pull off these more formal looks. Even with casual looks, you still want your shoes to look their best, right? The relaxed look and feel of drivers make them easy to dress down in too. Just toss on a pair of shorts or jeans with a t-shirt and you’re ready to go in style. You can even wear them in the cold weather by just adding a sweater and warm socks.


The upper of the Catens moccasin is brilliantly smooth suede. This is, perhaps, the most captivating feature of this shoe. Suede does come with advantages and disadvantages as anything does. The most important thing to take note of is the proper care for the material, and be sure to have a routine maintenance plan in place. That is if you want to keep them looking nice and living longer.

Suede is mechanically made by removing a layer from split leather during one of the stages of preparation. This allows the suede to retain the leather-unique ability to wick up moisture and then expel is as vapor, with the added benefit of extra breathability. Suede will still be resistant to abrasions and punctures, but not as much so when it comes to stains.

Since suede is much more susceptible to stains than full-grain leather, some consumers opt to apply a protective layer onto the material. This will improve the long-term appearance and durability of the suede, however, it will hinder the suedes ability to expel the vapor. It still wouldn’t make enough of a difference to keep the suede from being a lot more breathable than artificial leather though.


The outsole of any shoe is important. It is the part of your shoe that is constantly experiencing force and friction and pressure from all over. You want to make sure it’s going to be sturdy, protective, and comfortable. Since this shoe was designed for extra comfort and grip on the gas pedal, it’s got raised rubber grommets all over the sole and even extending onto the back of the heel.

The rubber is going to provide you with grip and traction for shifting gears or hitting the pier. Rubber can protect you from trips, slips, and falls due to uneven, rough, or slippery terrain. It can give you a speed boost because of the grip, making the transition from stride to stride smooth and effortless.

The sole is what sets a traditional moccasin apart from the driving moc. A traditional moccasin doesn’t have a separate sole. The leather for the upper wraps all the way around, creating the sole, and joining at the top of the shoe. The moc is still constructed in that style, however, the rubber grommets were added on top to make these mocs more functional and versatile.


No matter what type of shoe you’re wearing or what you’re wearing it for, you want to be able to breathe in it. There’s nothing worse than a suffocating shoe, leaving you walking in a puddle of sweat all day trapped in a sauna. Waterproof shoes are typically the ones with the least amount of breathability. It makes sense though, considering they’re meant for keeping things out. If that’s what you need from your footwear, you’ll just have to sacrifice airflow.

However, when it comes to the Ted Baker Catens driving mocs, you don’t have to sacrifice happy feet. Sure, you don’t get waterproof protection out of these, but who really wants to take such a classy looking shoe into terrible weather anyway?

The suede upper material is breathable by nature. And what’s more, since it is missing a layer that full-grain leather has, it’s even more breathable. So, it can absorb moisture from the inside of your shoe, turn it into vapor, and expel it. This will help keep you dry and cool without weighing down your shoe.

The lining and insole are both made of leather, just adding to the breathability of the shoe all around. You shouldn’t have much of a problem staying dry, cool, and comfortable. If you do have problems with foot sweat and odor, consult your doctor, or invest in spray or powder.


There are many contributing factors to the durability of a pair of shoes. The construction, style, materials, purpose of use, wear and tear, etc all affect how long your shoe is going to stay looking new and/or functional. Original moccasins are very hardly ever worn outdoors because they’re not built for concrete or pavement. They’re great for camping, for sitting around a fire though.

Today, most shoes that are in the moccasin style, such as driving mocs, are constructed to be able to handle the tougher terrain. Of course, they’re still not running shoes or hiking boots, but they will be able to take you to the park or out to dinner or to a party without any trouble.

Being made of high-quality suede material and possessing a grommeted rubber sole, the Catens moccasin will be able to accompany you to many events over many years. That is if you care for them properly. Routine maintenance is detrimental to the look and lifespan of your suede. Use soap, water, and a soft brush to clean the material. In the most extreme circumstances, they can be put in the washer on gentle. However, don’t dry them in the machine. Let them dry out naturally with a towel stuffed inside of them so that they don’t lose their shape.


The way your shoe feels on your foot from the second you put it on until the very second you take it off is extremely important in how you’re going to feel all day long. Physically and mentally. If you don’t have a secure fit, or if it is too snug, your feet are going to be screaming at you. Loose shoes make you have to work to keep them on and to keep them from sliding around. This will cause your feet extra stress and fatigue that is not necessary and very avoidable. If your shoes are too snug, they’re going to cause you pain and discomfort with every step that you take. They will be working against the natural movement of your foot.

The option to adjust the fit of your shoe is ideal for achieving the perfect amount of snugness. However, these moccasins don’t have any kind of laces or adjustable straps. It is up to you to know your feet and your needs. Keep in mind that, while they are not adjustable, they do have comfort measures put into place.

The suede upper is going to be flexible and eventually conform to the shape of your foot. If you can stick it out, you’ll end up with a truly customized feel. The lining and the insole are also leather and will conform to your feet. This style of shoe was created for comfort, and as long as you have typical feet, they should be comfortable for you as well.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a teenage man or an elderly man, you can always benefit from having a pair or two of driving mocs. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to impress a pretty lady (or gentleman). And you’ll be thankful to have a pair of Ted Baker Catens in your closet when the occasion arises. You can dress anywhere from casual to business casual and look sharp and relaxed in each style.

The suede upper is going to give you protection, airflow, a contouring fit, and an elegant aesthetic. The leather lining and insole and going to help keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. The flexible, durable, anti-slip rubber grommeted sole will protect you and keep you comfortable all day.

The Catens may come with a hefty price tag, but they are made with quality materials and will last a long time if taken care of properly. Having such a versatile piece of footwear in your wardrobe is well worth it.