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If you enjoy athletic activities after dark then you need a reliable light source to guide your way. That’s why so many people turn to the SupFire headlamp! It delivers powerful LED lighting that is ideal for running, cycling, and all other physical activities. This hands-free headlamp has a built-in motion sensor so you can power it on or off with a wave of your hand.

SupFire headlamps offer convenient USB charging which makes it super easy to power your device. Having a rechargeable battery is more cost-effective and eco-friendly than having to replace the battery every so often. A built-in indicator light tells you when your device is fully charged so you can get out there and go.

The SupFire headlamp offers an intelligent edition CREE-XPG2 (R5) high-powered LED. This technology makes for brighter light and more reliable design. It’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor use and delivers 25% more light output for perfect illumination.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 500 Lumen OUtput
  • 60° Swivel Capabilities
  • 5 Light Modes
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • USB Charging
  • Long Charge Time
  • Narrow Beam


The SupFire headlamp is the perfect lighting solution for athletic individuals. It offers convenient USB charging and delivers a powerful LED beam. With up to 500-lumens of output, this headlamp is bright enough to illuminate any area and is more than enough for all of your favorite outdoor activities.

Whether you enjoy running, hiking, climbing, or even cycling this headlamp makes the ideal companion. The last thing you want is to be out in the dark without light because it puts you at risk of injury. You must be able to see the path in front of you which is why investing in a solid light source is a must.

This option has multiple light modes to suit every situation and offers a minimalist appearance. Its sleek design looks good with practically all of your favorite athletic gear and makes this a must-have for fashion enthusiasts.


The SupFire headlamp offers a built-in rechargeable battery. This eliminates the cost of continued battery replacements and is more environmentally friendly than the disposable kind. Handy USB charging gives it a modernized feel and makes it super easy to charge from practically anywhere.

Whether it’s your laptop, home pc, car, or wall socket, you will find a USB port just about anywhere. This is much more convenient than having to use a unique charging cable that will be difficult to replace should yours fail. USB cables are readily available and you more than likely already have one or two lying around your home.

It’s nice to see a rechargeable light source because so many on the market today still utilize a non-rechargeable power source. Having to continuously replace the battery ends up costing you quite a bit of money and just isn’t good for the environment. But, with this option, you know that you’re saving money in the long run.

This SupFire headlamp has a long battery life which allows for 160 minutes of use from a single charge. That’s more than enough time to finish even the toughest routines and will ensure you never run out of light in the middle of a workout. It does take a while to charge and is fully-charged after 90 minutes.


The SupFire headlamp has a charging indicator light that tells you when the unit is fully charged. This feature helps you stay in control of the charge time and ensures that you never wait around too long while it charges. This is a great feature that ensures you get as little downtime as possible.

It offers an innovative motion sensor that enables you to control the light with the wave of your hand. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the device on or off which is ideal for athletes who don’t want to handle the device every time they control it.

Another great feature with the Supfire headlamp is its adjustable mount. This lets you adjust the light 60° up or down and is a handy feature for athletic activities like climbing or hiking when you want to survey your surroundings. It’s also a good safety feature because you’re able to get the best view of the path in front of you without having to move your whole head up or down.

LED Light

The SupFire headlamp offers an intelligent edition CREE-XPG2 (R5) high-powered LED. This gives you longer functionality and superior brightness. You must choose a light that won’t die after very little use. This would be costly and inconvenient. That’s why the SupFire headlamp is a great choice to consider because it outlasts the competition.

You also want a light that is bright enough to guide your way in the darkest conditions. If your beam isn’t strong enough you will still have trouble seeing and could get hurt because of it. The CREE-XPG2 (R5) offers the latest high-powered chip technology and delivers 25% more output over other models. This innovation gives you reliable lighting and superior efficiency. It’s geared toward both outdoor and indoor lighting making it an ideal choice for practically every occasion.


SupFire headlamps are a comfortable choice to wear. It offers an adjustable strap that is just the right width to make it more enjoyable. The strap must fit properly, otherwise, you will end up being uncomfortable. If it’s too tight you will end up with pain or discomfort along with a headache. Whereas, if it’s too lose it won’t stay in place.

This strap isn’t too thick which lessens the chance of irritation and discomfort. But, it’s not so thin that it won’t support the weight of the unit. Athlete’s find the Supfire headlamp is a comfortable choice thanks to its lightweight build and well-sized strap. There aren't any bulky closures or clips like you see with several other styles which will dig into your head causing all sorts of discomfort. Instead, the fastening system in minimal and doesn't cause any pressure points while you wear it.


When dust gets inside your device it wreaks havoc and often ruins it all together. That’s why you want a light that is dust-proof because it won’t be able to penetrate the outer layer which means your gear will last longer. Sometimes you can’t help encountering excess dust while you train like during windy weather.

A Supfire headlamp is a dust-proof option. This means you won’t need to worry about your light failing in dusty environments, or just from everyday exposure. In the long run, you will save money because you won’t be replacing your light as often and won’t need to worry about ending up in the halfway through your workout.


Having a headlamp that won't break just because you drop it is a must for athletic individuals. It’s all too easy to drop your light while running or cycling which is why your equipment must be tough. SupFire headlamps are durable enough to withstand being dropped which means it won’t break if you have a mishap.

SupFire headlamps offer specific design features that make for a durable choice of lighting. You can drop this light without having it break which is an important feature for any athletic gear. This option has a flexible light mount which allows for 60° tilt in both up and down directions.

Being able to tilt the light makes it easier to see in all directions without having to physically turn your head in that direction. This also makes the design more durable because the light isn’t on a rigid material but has more maneuverability.


When it comes to lighting you want an option that does more for your safety. The SupFire headlamp offers five light modes that let you choose the one appropriate to your situation. The five modes available are high, low, SOS, red light, and red strobe. The low mode conserves battery life and is ideal for daylight or indoor use.

The high power mode is perfect for outdoor night time athletics because it offers the most powerful beam. It also consumes the most power which is why you won’t want to use this unless necessary. Having an SOS mode gives you peace of mind knowing that you are safer in case of an emergency. This mode signals other passersby that you need assistance and is a life-saver in some cases.

The red light and red strobe modes serve several purposes and signify that you have stopped. This helps drivers and other people determine that you aren’t moving so they expect you to remain in the same place as they approach.


Having waterproof equipment is a must while you exercise, otherwise, your light won’t last long at all. The SupFire headlamp offers a water-resistant design that withstands rain and sweat without breaking. This means you can head out rain or shine without having to worry that your light will fail.

As with anything electronic, lights are susceptible to damage from both water and moisture. This is why you should take caution heading out in stormy weather unless your gear is waterproof. Even your sweat is enough to damage the delicate wiring should it get The SupFire headlamp has an innovative design that encases the delicate wiring inside of a solid shell, protecting it from water, moisture, and sweat.

Narrow Beam

The SupFire headlamp has a focused beam that prevents it from traveling for any distance. While this is great for zoning in on a specific area, it’s no good for illuminating the path ahead. The beam is bright enough that you’ll be able to see clearly what’s in front of you but not if you plan to light up a large area a few feet in front.

For lighting larger areas I recommend the Foxelli headlamp which is similar in style but does cover more surface from further away. However, the SupFire headlamp is a great choice for cycling, running, or walking when you want to light up a narrower path to look for any obstacles in your way.

Bottom Line

Overall, SupFire headlamp is a great choice for athletic lifestyles. It offers a focused beam and powerfull 500-lumen output that safely guides your way. Whether you enjoy cycling, walking, or running this is a solid option to consider. It gives you five light modes to suit every situation and has long battery life.

This lamp is a USB rechargeable which makes it a convenient option that you can charge practically anywhere. It does take 90-minutes to fully charge which is quite a while but once it’s up and running it goes for ages. The different modes consume more or less power so you can extend the battery even longer by adjusting the settings.

I love how the SupFire headlamp is both water and dust-resistant because it holds up longer than other options available. Sweating is inevitable while you exercise which is why you need a light that won’t break if moisture gets inside. The headband is comfortable and doesn’t put too much pressure on your skull which would give you a headache. It fits just right and adjusts so it doesn’t slip or slide around.

No one wants to buy expensive equipment for exercising which is another area where the SupFire excels! It is very cost-effective and has a long lifespan which makes it a better value. The rechargeable battery saves you having to buy replaceable ones which gets expensive after a while.

Anyone in search of a powerful and long-lasting headlamp will enjoy the Supfire. It is a durable option with long battery life so you can depend on it when you need it most. This is a must for any kind of athletic activity otherwise you could find yourself out in the dark with no light to illuminate the path ahead.