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If you’re someone who struggles with foot discomfort, fatigue, and even pain from normal everyday use or foot conditions, you may find that you can benefit from what Superfeet Green insoles have to offer. These insoles are heavy-duty; packed with shock absorption and support. 

The design for the Superfeet Green hasn’t really changed since 1977. That’s because the design works. And it’s even offered at an affordable price so that more people have access to professional quality orthotic performance, comfort, and support. 

Superfeet Green insoles are durable and will keep their shape, support, and comfort for as long as twelve months or as far as five-hundred miles. Keep in mind that your weight and gait will make these measures vary.

They are designed to fit at high volume and have a high profile. This means that you can expect them to take up a lot of space in your shoe and be able to feel a lot of shape from the insole under your foot. They come standard at fourteen inches but can be trimmed to size.

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Odor Control

Shock Absorption




Aggravates certain conditions

No returns


Johnny Walker began designing Superfeet insoles in 1977, but they weren’t able to be mass-produced until the design was perfected in 1982. Once the design was finalized and publicized, the company took off. By 1985 they had two storefronts; Vancouver, Canada, and Whistler, British Columbia. Originally, the company attracted skiers that needed better performance for their hard-worked feet.

It wasn’t long before the focus shifted to the medical market. Podiatrists were finding problems left and right, but there weren’t any solutions in sight. It was the perfect time to be diving into the design head-on. Superfeet quickly made itself a good reputation and sold thousands of insoles. A customer service team was brought to the table in 1987, with their main priority being on shipping products efficiently.

Orthotics for dress shoes and high heels joined the inventory in 2001. The line is called Footnotes. 2013 brought technological advances like blended polymer and carbon fiber material with lightweight foam. Check out other Superfeet products here.


The fit of the Superfeet Green insoles is a high volume and high profile fit. This means that the insole will take up a lot of space in your shoe (volume), and you will feel a lot of shaping under your foot (profile). They are designed to be able to be trimmed to the correct size for your feet/shoes. For women, they can fit shoe sizes from six and a half through twelve and a half. Men who wear shoe sizes between five and a half and seventeen can wear them. Even children with shoe sizes thirteen and a half through two can wear them.

The Superfeet Green insoles work best in roomy footwear that has removable insoles. Some good shoes for them could be athletic shoes or work boots or hiking boots. If you need better shoes to go with your new insoles, check here.


Superfeet is aware of the fact that not everybody’s feet are the same. Some have poor reactions to different adhesives, materials, and chemicals. Because of this, the company is dedicated to producing items that don’t contain unnecessary adhesives, materials, and chemicals.

All materials used in the manufacturing process of Superfeet Green go through a testing period. They are tested for and meet the requirements of, Phthalates and heavy elements, CPSC’s lead requirements, the European chemical restriction standard (REACH), and California Prop hazardous chemical list.

Although extensive testing is performed, not every single allergen is tested for. There is such a large range of allergens that consumers could be allergic to. The Superfeet Green insoles are as hypoallergic as possible. However, with how many allergens there are out there, they cannot guarantee to be completely hypoallergenic based on what your specific sensitivities are.

Superfeet Green insoles are manufactured and packaged without any natural rubber latex. Some of the shoes the company makes may, or do, contain NRL ingredients; though they are working towards being completely latex-free.

The Superfeet Green insoles are made of polyethylene foam, a polyester fabric top, an EVA adhesive, and a polypropylene cap. Make sure, before you purchase any health-related products like the Superfeet Green, that you consult your doctor to make sure the product will help, not hinder, you.


Animal-friendliness is becoming more and more popular, as it should. And since people are so much more aware of the environment, and their effect on it, Superfeet has decided to do be as vegan as possible. The only parts of the insoles that aren’t vegan are the merino wool covers that are present on some of them. The merino wools are recycled from wool fibers that were too short for other purposes. For other animal-friendly products, check here.


There are many people who struggle with what is sometimes known as flat feet or overpronation. What this means is that the arches of your feet tend to roll inward when you walk. If you struggle with this condition, it could be because you were born with it, you’re overweight, or pregnant. In any case, there are ways to help.

People who overpronate are more likely to attain injuries than those who pronate normally. Because of this, it’s important to stabilize your feet with good shoes. If the shoes aren’t enough stabilization, you can turn to insoles like the Superfeet Green.

Built to keep your feet where they belong, Superfeet Green has a deep heel cup for your heel to sit in and a stabilizer cap that will support your rearfoot as well as provide structure to the layer of foam. Before you decide on an insole, consult your doctor. Be sure that you need stabilization and that it won’t cause further damage to your feet. A pair of good running shoes could help your overpronation.


Superfeet Green insoles are designed so that they can effectively help ease strain and aches in your feet, legs, and lower back. One of the biggest ways that pain relief is possible is through the support provided by the design.

The deep heel cup that your heel sits in doesn’t just provide you with comfort and stability. It will also give you a supportive foundation to reduce pain and stress on your feet. There is even a layer of foam designed for high-impact to support the forefoot.

When you get adequate support out of your shoes and/or insoles, your body will thank you for it. By giving your foot a good foundation, along with the stability, Superfeet Green will be able to help with a number of conditions like flat feet, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, etc. Just always be sure to check with your doctor first. You can even get extra support out of your socks.

Shock Absorption

It is important, especially if you have foot trouble, to have either shoes, insoles, or both that will absorb the shock from your foot strikes. Not only is it better for your joints, but the absorbing shock will provide energy return to keep you supported and comfortable all day. Why not add shock-absorbing shoes to go with your Superfeet Green?

Efficient shock absorption will disperse the impact of each foot strike in order to decrease strain and stress on not only your feet but your legs and back as well. Between the cushioning, high-impact foam, the deep heel cup, and the stabilizer cap, Superfeet Green has you covered.


Among the important aspects to consider when shopping for insoles, is the comfort. What good is all of the support, stability, and shock absorption if you’re not going to be comfortable at the start, middle, and end of your day?

Superfeet Green insoles are designed with comfort in mind. The foot is cushioned by a closed-cell foam that provides long-lasting comfort. It is also durable, so you can enjoy that comfort for months to come.

The design follows the contour of your feet, hugging your heels and arches to provide relief for your aching and tired feet. Some consumers were concerned that there wouldn’t be enough cushioning to support feet for jobs like nursing, where you are on your feet for more than twelve hours at a time sometimes.

However, other consumers have reported that they have worn the Superfeet Green insoles for backpack trips, at the suggestion of other backpackers, and found that they could hold up, even after many rough miles. People who work long shifts on concrete floors have claimed that the Superfeet Green insoles have helped their back pain and foot fatigue.

Even though it doesn’t look to be cushioned enough, the support, shock absorption, and stability make you forget all about what you think it should look like. For insoles with extra cushioning, check here.


An important factor to consider when shopping for insoles is how often you’re going to have to invest in new ones. Let’s face it, nobody likes to have to replace anything more often than is absolutely necessary. And the longer something lasts, the better. However, in today’s market, products aren’t always made to last, they’re made to sell.

But, when it comes to Superfeet Green insoles, you can depend on them to keep going with you for as long as twelve months or as far as five hundred miles. This will obviously depend on your weight, gait, and what kind of wear and tear you’re putting them through.

There are some consumers who have even gotten two years of use out of their Superfeet Green insoles. But, if you’re going to be wearing them all day, every day, and especially on hard ground, you will see them wear out more quickly. You’ll know it’s time to replace them when you don’t get the same support and comfort from them that you did in the beginning. At their price, it’s well worth it for the time you get out of them.

Odor Control

The Superfeet Green insoles are engineered with a coating that will fight odor-causing bacteria. Why is this important? The bacteria that cause “smelly feet” are there because they’re attracted to your sweat. They feed on your sweat and produce acid, which causes the odor. The problem is, it’s not just the odor that you may end up having to deal with. Here are some great tips for sweaty feet.

Sometimes, when your feet sweat excessively and have no way to dry off, the bacteria can run rampant. Besides the odor, it can cause athlete’s foot and even toenail fungus. Here are some tips for dealing with Athlete’s feet. For extra protection, make sure to wear socks and shoes that will work to keep your feet dry and cool.


Some people don’t like to shop online, especially for things that you would typically try on before purchasing if you were in a retail store. These people aren’t crazy. There have been customers who have purchased the Superfeet Green insoles and received the wrong product. It looks like the Superfeet Green but is a knockoff. If you’re concerned about this, either shop in-store or go directly to Superfeet’s website and purchase from there. You can also try a different insole altogether.


According to consumers, when you purchase Superfeet Green from Amazon, there is no option to return the item if you are dissatisfied or have, in fact, received the wrong product. However, if you purchase your Superfeet Green directly from the company, you can make returns within the first sixty days after purchase.

Bottom Line

Whether you struggle with foot pain, a foot condition, or simple discomfort when standing, walking, or running, you could benefit from a pair of Superfeet Green insoles. Even if you don’t have any issues, you could benefit from what they have to offer.

Not only will your feet be cradled comfortably in a bed that is supportive, absorbs shock, provides stability, and durability, but they’ll be able to enjoy these benefits for up to twelve months or five hundred miles. The Superfeet Green will even work day in and day out to keep your feet from stinking up the gym or office. They are vegan and affordable. The only reason to hold back would be if you haven’t spoken to your doctor yet.