Superfeet Copper Men’s and Women’s Full-Length Insoles Review

  • Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles
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The Superfeet Copper Men’s and Women’s Full-Length Insoles are an all-around great pair of inserts. They sit well in just about any kind of shoe to provide you with the comfort and stability you need. Customers can agree that they can help keep your feet feeling great throughout the day.

Thanks to the memory foam and the stabilizer system, these insoles will give you relief from many ailments. You can get relief from flat feet, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and more. However, the soles are not a cure-all for these issues but can alleviate some pain and discomfort associated with it.

The insoles are a bit on the pricey side, but don’t let that scare you away. They are going to last you quite a bit longer than some of the competitors. These inserts only need to be replaced every year or 500 miles (whichever comes first). So yes, you might be spending more upfront, but you’re also saving a lot in the long run.

Overall, customers love the Superfeet Copper Men’s and Women’s Full-Length Insoles and can appreciate all of the excellent benefits they get from wearing them.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Super comfortable

Lasts up to 12 months

Provides stability and support

Memory foam base

Eliminates odor-causing bacteria


High price tag

Confusing sizing scheme


It all started with a simple idea: people deserved something better. That was all it took for the Superfeet company to get its start. That was the ideal they brand started with, and 40 years later they still believe that.

Superfeet combines cutting-edge technologies with innovative materials to ensure that you are getting the most out of every step that you are taking. They strive to provide you with relief from pain in your feet and lower extremities. They want you to be able to experience the life-changing amount of comfort that is built into each and every pair of their insoles. They have spent the last 40 years innovating new and improved ways to deliver shape and support to your feet.

Superfeet is an employee-owned and operated business. Their employees care about the products that they develop. They want to make sure that you are getting the perfect product and in stellar condition.

The company might not be a household name but they are a big player in the game. They make excellent quality products that consumers absolutely love.


When you are spending a lot of time on your feet, you don't want to have to deal with pain or discomfort in your legs or feet. Thanks to products like this, you shouldn't have to. The Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles are designed to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

There are many uses for this product; consumers may choose to wear them with a plethora of shoe types and for many activities.

That said, they are not great for running and athletic purposes. Yes, you can put them in your sports shoes and still experience comfort; however, you might not get all the support and stability you need for specific workouts. If you want an insert for your running shoes, there are far better options that you can choose from.

The best uses for these insoles is casual or dress shoes. Additionally, you want to try to make sure that the shoes you are placing them in have removable insoles of their own so you can swap them out. This ensures that you will have enough room in the foot chamber for the insert while still allowing enough room for your feet to fit comfortably.

If you are spending the day shopping or hanging out with the family at an amusement park, you want to make sure that your feet are tiring you out. Whether you work retail and you're standing all day, or you work in an office and have to wear uncomfortable dress shoes, these inserts will help give your feet some relief.

Customers can really appreciate the versatility they get from these insoles.

Shock Absorption

When you are walking or running, every step that you take is impacting your lower body. Your feet, ankles, legs, and knees are being affected by the impact of your steps. Sometimes it is even sending the equivalent of 2-3 times your body weight through your body. Thanks to some shoes and most insoles you can take some of that pressure off of your joints. This product is one that can help alleviate some of that discomfort and reduce the pain in your lower extremities.

Yes, these inserts will give you a decent amount of impact resistance. That doesn't mean that they are the best on the market. Again, they can be placed in your athletic shoes, but they might not provide you with the protection that you need for those kinds of activities. However, if you are slipping them in your work or casual shoes, they can provide you with what you need. They will absorb that impact of your steps and keep you feeling great.

Thanks to the memory foam in the insoles, your feet will sink down into the padding with each step that you take. That slow sinking feeling of your foot is what helps take the pressure off your lower body. It slows down the motion and lessens the overall impact so you can prevent or reduce injury and discomfort.

Odor Control

When you get home after a long day on your feet and kick off your shoes, the last thing you want to smell is awful foot odor. Nobody likes being the person with stinky feet. Thanks to these insoles you don't have to be.

The Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles have an all-natural coating on them that will help reduce and even eliminate nasty foot odor. Unlike other products that just mask the odor, these insoles will eliminate the bacteria that causes the smell to begin with. Instead of hiding the smell, they are preventing it altogether.

Whether you spend the day walking around a park, standing all day for work, or sitting in the office, you can rest easy knowing that when you kick off your shoes at the end of the day you will still smell fresh — no more embarrassing odors from your feet or shoes after a long hard day.


The insoles feature a reinforced stabilizer cap that will help give you a little extra support and stability while you're out and about. It has a base layer that will support the heel of your foot to help keep it firmly in place with each step that you take. You won't have to worry about your heel sliding around inside of your shoes.

It is not just the stabilizer cap, however, that gives the inserts a more stable base. It is also the shape of it. The Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles feature a low profile design that will help support and stabilize your foot. This is going to help reduce the overall stress on your knees, ankles, and feet.

The insoles are also great for those who have problems with pronation. If you tend to roll your foot outward (pronation) or inward (supination) when you are walking or running, this product might be able to help. Since they offer a decent amount of stability, it can help reduce some of the discomforts that you might experience when you're out and about.


In addition to stability, these inserts provide you with a decent amount of support. This will help ensure that you are staying comfortable and relatively pain-free while you're on the go.

Thanks to the memory foam layer of the Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles they can provide you with the support that you need. The soles will mold to the shape of your foot, so you have the right amount of padding where you need it. It can be frustrating being stuck in a pair of shoes without any arch support. Thankfully there are products like this that can give you the support you need when your shoes can't.

Something to note about these insoles is that they have a low to medium arch. If you are looking for something with higher arches then this is not going to be the right product for you. The arch height measures at about 30mm.


When it comes to your feet, comfort is important. Nobody wants to be stuck all day in a pair of shoes that causes discomfort and even pain. Even if your shoes can't give you what you need, at least the Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles can.

You simply put them in your uncomfortable shoes and transform them into something that your feet will thank you for at the end of the day. The memory foam padding, along with the low-profile shape, helps give you the most comfortable underfoot experience possible.

They feature a deep and narrow heel cup with a reinforced stabilizer cap to give your feet support and stability to help prevent any discomfort, which can keep you comfortable.

Everything about these insoles is designed to give you the comfort that you need to survive the day on your feet.


The insoles can fit many different shoe sizes. They have a trim-to-fit construction so you can simply get them and cut them to the perfect size.

Even though they are trim-to-fit, there are a couple of size options that you can choose from to make sure you are getting ones that you can easily trip and slip into your shoes.

You can choose between:
B- Juniors 2.5-4 // Women's 4.5-6
C- Men's 5.5-7 // Women's 6.5-8
D- Men's 7.5-9 // Women's 8.5-10
E- Men's 9.5-11 // Women's 10.5-12
F- Men's 11.5-13
G- Men's 13.5-15

You will want to make sure that you are getting the right size for your foot to make sure they will be able to fit into your shoes easily.


The Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles have a decent amount of durability which customers can appreciate. The soles will be able to keep their shape and not lose their padding quickly like they might with other, lower-end brands. The inserts will give you reliable comfort and support for your feet.

It is recommended that you replace the insoles about every 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of the insoles.

When it comes to spending your money on a product you want to make sure that it is going to last and work as intended. Thankfully these insoles will do just that. You won't have to worry about premature wear and tear when it comes to this product.


The Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles are a little on the expensive side. When compared to similar products on the market, they are high on the spectrum.

That said, these ones last a lot longer than the competitors. The durability is on point and should only need to be replaced every year. So, yes, you are going to spending a little extra money, but the inserts will last you a lot longer.

Most consumers don't have a problem with the high price tag of the insoles; however, there are a handful of people who feel that it is just not worth the cost. They are a great product and last a while, but some customers just can't justify the high cost.

Bottom Line

If you are on the search for a great pair of insoles for your work, casual, or athletic shoes, then you have come to the right place. The Superfeet Copper Men's and Women's Full-Length Insoles are great for just about any kind of shoe for almost any activity. Some customers will choose to use then in their gym shoes; however, they might not be the best option for that activity. That said, walking sneakers and dress shoes are the ideal target for the inserts.

The insole can give you the support and stability you need to help prevent and sooth pain from bunions, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain and strain, flat feet, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, over pronation, shin splints, and sever's disease. These insoles are not a cure-all, but they can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort so you will have a more pleasant experience.

The inserts are a bit on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to insoles. However, they are more durable and last a little longer than other ones that you would find. Most customers are OK paying the extra cost, but others just think that it isn't worth it. It seems to be more of personal preference.

Overall, they are a pretty decent pair of insoles and most customers love them.