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When you enjoy an active lifestyle it’s important to take extra steps to ensure you’re as safe as can be. That’s why investing in a safety light is a smart thing to do. But, so many just aren’t convenient and are often difficult to use. That’s why athletes enjoy the Sturme safety light – it has a compact design that gives you just the right amount of light.

Sturme lights are easy to use and have a handy rear clip that attaches to your belt, backpack, and even your pets’ collar. Having such versatility in a safety light makes the Sturme stand out from similar products. It is the perfect companion for both day and night time athletics or emergencies when you need to signal for assistance.

This safety light offers three light modes to suit every situation which lets you conserve battery life. The downside to this unit the use of disposable batteries which aren’t particularly good for the environment. Each battery lasts for 70-96 hours which means you won’t need to replace them too often.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Powerful LED Lights
  • Heavy Duty CLip
  • Aluminum Carabineer
  • Includes 4 Velcro Straps
  • Multiple Colorways
  • Non-rechargeable Battery


The Sturme safety light ensures that you're visible in dark conditions. This is a great choice for runners and athletes who enjoy heading out after dark. It has a compact design and is a versatile option that works rain or shine. Go ahead and step out in dreary weather because Sturme lights are weather-resistant meaning they can withstand wet conditions.

This option is a great value because you get several units for the price of one. Sturme lights come in multiple fun colorways to suit your sense of style and look great when paired with all of your favorite exercise gear.

Sturme lights are battery-operated but not the rechargeable kind. This is an issue for anyone looking at more eco-friendly choices because replaceable batteries just aren’t the best for our environment.


The Sturme safety light isn’t without a ton of great features! This option offers three lighting modes that give you exactly the kind of lighting you need at the moment. This helps conserve battery life because you won’t use any more power than you need. A strobe mode enables drivers and other passersby to better assess your distance and helps them differentiate your light from all of the background illumination.

If you don’t like strobe lighting then opt for the steady mode which provides a consistent beam. Whereas, the flash mode gives you a slow and steady flash that is handy if you’re pulled over for a moment. The flash signifies that you’re not in motion and lets passersby know that you've stopped. Having three modes help extend the battery life so you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

Another favorable feature with Sturme safety lights is the 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied within one year you can request a refund, in full, for your purchase. This guarantee is no-questions-asked, so whatever your reason, you can return it without hassle.


Who doesn’t enjoy a versatile piece of equipment?! Especially when it comes to safety lighting which often has a poor design and has limited functionality. Sturme lights are as versatile as can be thanks to the handy rear clip that easily mounts on backpacks, armbands, and even your dogs’ collar.

Every purchase includes a bonus aluminum carabineer that makes it even easier to connect this light to any kind of gear. Sturme lights are perfect for day or nighttime activities and provide just enough light to make you more visible to drivers and other passersby. These lights are surprisingly powerful and offer more than enough to make it easy for others to see you and to assess how far away you are.

This product is excellent for use in case of an emergency, to increase visibility, and to ensure pets are easier for drivers to spot. Having peace of mind while you’re out and about is great for you and for the people that care about you too! This product offers a compact design that will fit just about anywhere so there’s no need to worry about packing around an extra piece of equipment while you exercise. Sturme lights are nearly weightless so you won’t even know it’s there.


Sturme lights are weather-resistant which means you can use them rain or shine. Your gear must be able to withstand any weather because you don’t want to be trapped indoors just because of a little rain. Serious athletes won’t let a little moisture hold them back but any electronic gear will likely fail once in contact with water.

Sturme makes their products so that water can’t get inside which protects the wiring. This means your light won’t break as quickly and that you aren’t relying on good conditions to train. You can use this item on windy days and even during snowy conditions too!


You need all the help you can get to keep yourself safe while you’re out and about. Whether you enjoy running, walking, or cycling this light makes it easier for drivers and other passersby to see you. It’s especially difficult for them to spot you when it’s dark, but did you know it can be tough when it’s daylight too?! This is why investing in a solid safety light is such a good idea.

Safety lights help people to see you and to assess how far away you are from them. This is difficult with all of the other lights from the city behind you. Plus, when it’s nighttime they just can’t see you at all, period.

The Sturme light makes it easy for drivers and other people to see you from a fair distance away. This ensures that you will always be safer while you’re out and about. The three lighting modes give you an extra layer of security because you can use the most appropriate for the situation. For example, if you’re pulled over to the side you want to use the flash mode because it tells others that you’re stopped.

The strobe mode is a better indicator of your distance because the strobe effect stands out from other background lights. There’s also a steady mode with a consistent beam that is ideal for times when visibility is okay like daytime walks.


The Sturme light is battery-powered which eliminates the need to charge it between uses. However, the drawback is that non-rechargeable batteries aren’t the most environmentally conscious choice, This is especially true in today's world with all of the technologies available that aren’t as hard on our environment.

The good thing about the batteries is they last for quite some time. You get between 70-96 hours of illumination before they need replacing. Considering you usually exercise for one or two hours you should only be replacing them every two months, roughly.

Each light unit requires two coin batteries to operate and you get five with every purchase. This makes it a better value because you won’t need to buy any additional batteries right away. If you prefer a rechargeable option, consider the Foxelli or Gearlight headlamps, both are excellent alternatives, though they are also a different style. The EverlightFX is a rechargeable light that is very similar in design and utilizes a USB charging cable for superior convenience.


Exercise equipment is costly which is why you don’t want to end up spending a lot for a safety light. The Sturme safety light is an inexpensive option that is more economical than most. Every purchase includes four lights for an affordable price.

Getting multiple units for one low price makes this a smart choice for family units or pet lovers who want to ensure that everyone is safe when they’re out. For pet safety, clip a Sturme light to their collar or leash to help others better see them. For children, you can attach a light to their backpack or even a stroller to ensure that they’re extra visible.

The only downside to this option is having to replace the battery rather than recharging it. This product uses a non-rechargeable lithium battery that will only last for somewhere between 70-96 hours of use. Luckily, the batteries are reasonably cheap and also come in multi-packs for better value. Some people would prefer a rechargeable device because it’s more eco-friendly and eradicates the expense of having to replace the battery every so often.


Sturme lights offer three high-powered LED lights that make it easy for drivers to spot you. Whether it’s day or night having an extra layer of security is always a good idea. Drivers are easily distracted which is why you want to ensure that they see you. This option has three light modes that are tailored to specific situations which are a great feature to have.

The powerful LED lights are impressive especially considering how compact the unit is. Using different light modes will help to extend the battery life too because the steady mode uses the most power. LED lights are more sustainable and better for the environment than traditional bulbs. They also last for way longer than other kinds of lights which means you get more use from your safety gear.


Your gear must be easy to use otherwise you won’t enjoy wearing it. The Sturme light is easy to use thanks to its sturdy clip that attaches to all kinds of places. It clips on backpacks, bike parts, clothing, and more. This light also offers an aluminum carabineer that makes it even easier to attach on all your clothing and accessories.

If you like to wear an armband style then you can simply chain the four included Velcro straps to make a band. This is convenient for running and other intensive sports that you won’t want any bouncing equipment. If you use the clip it’s likely to slip while you train and the carabineer will bounce around with every step you take so athletes will enjoy wearing the light on their arm.


The downside with Sturme lights is their durability or lack thereof. Some people reported issues with the power button failing after just a few uses, while other people had their unit fall apart completely. Most people found the Sturme light lasts for quite a while before inevitably breaking. It’s all about how careful you are because if you’re too harsh while operating it you can easily break the clip or any other component.

Bottom Line

Overall, Sturme safety light is a great choice for everyday occasions. Whether you enjoy athletics like running and cycling, or a more relaxed walking pace, this light makes the perfect companion. It makes it easier for drivers and other passersby to see you especially when it’s dark outside.

This is a versatile product that can easily be attached to all of your clothing and accessories too. Its heavy-duty clip is perfect for sliding over pants and straps, while the included aluminum carabineer makes it easy to attach to bags, strollers, and more. You can ever use this light to protect your pet too by attaching one to your dogs’ collar while you’re out.

When you enjoy outdoor athletics rainy weather isn’t enough to stop you which is why you want weather-resistant gear. Sturme lights withstand wind, rain, and even snowy weather making them a solid choice for practically any occasion.

I don’t like having to replace the batteries but at least they last for a long time. They offer good value for your money especially since there are four lights included with every purchase. You also get extra batteries and four velcro straps to use with your light.