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The Starter crew socks are a great pair of socks for those who are looking for something to wear to the gym. Starter caters to athletes of all shapes and sizes, delivering you great quality products at an affordable cost. These socks are no different. 

The affordable price tag might draw customers to the Starter crew socks, but once they try them out, they keep coming back for more. They’re super comfortable, featuring a cushioned footbed, arch support, and ventilated panels for breathability.

They might not be the most durable, according to some customers. They do, however, have decent longevity that most are satisfied with. Most socks are prone to holes, and these ones are no different. Considering the low cost, though, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to most customers. 

Whether heading to the gym, running a marathon, or going to work, let the Starter crew socks go with you on your journey.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable cost

Arch support

Ventilated panels

Cushioned footbed

DRI-STAR technology


Prone to holes

Poor packaging


The Starter brand was founded in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1971, by David Beckerman. His primary purpose was to design team uniforms for various high school programs. Later that decade they entered some non-exclusive licensing deal with professional sports teams, giving them the ability to sell copies of their athletic apparel.

Starter really boomed in the 80s with their new licensing arrangements with the NBA, NHL, NFL, and even the CFL (Canadian Football League). This was also when they started selling the Starter Jacket that is iconic to the late 80s and early 90s. The "breakaway jacket" resembled that of a coach's parka and featured your favorite sports team, they were a hit!

In addition to the Starter Jackets, the company also got a lot of brand recognition thanks to its iconic logo. The "S and Star" logo became a staple in their apparel. It was embroidered all over their products, whether the sleeves of the jackets or the back of their baseball caps.

There have been some ups and downs, but Starter has always made their way back. The now produce all kinds of athletic apparel, including running socks, compression clothing, basketball shirts, sneakers, jackets, and more.

They are a known and trusted brand when it comes to active apparel and gear. They cater to the athletes in us all. Whether you are the one playing the sport or you are rooting for your favorite team, Starter has the perfect product for you!


There is almost nothing that you can't do while wearing the Starter crew socks. They excel in an athletic setting, but that doesn't mean you can't wear them for anything else. A lot of the customers prefer wearing them as their casual, everyday socks.

That said, some customers prefer wearing their Starter crew socks to the gym. They are thin enough that they fit comfortable while wearing a pair of athletic sneakers. The cushioned sole and arch support give you the comfort that you need while you're going hard.

Interestingly enough, some customers have even stated that they wear these, or will wear them, as dress socks. If you're pairing them with a pair of black slacks, then there isn't much reason why you couldn't. The crew socks go halfway up your calf, and the logo would be covered by your slacks, making a comfortable option to wear to the office.


Comfort is essential for most people. When you're heading out, whether to the gym, running errands, or heading to work, you want to be as comfortable as possible. The clothes you wear, including your socks, help contribute to your overall comfort level. If your feet aren't satisfied, then chances are you won't be either.

The Starter crew socks have a decent amount of comfortability that customers appreciate. They have a cushioned bottom for a little extra padding underfoot. This is especially nice for athletes as it will give them more cushioning under the bottom of their feet, increasing their comfort level. Just because they are thin, however, doesn't mean that they can't keep you comfy. They may be light, but they are still padded.

Customers stated that the Starter crew socks have the perfect amount of stretch to them so they can get a fantastic fit for added comfort. They aren't thick and bulky like some other ones on the market. Additionally, reviewers mentioned that they were soft along their skin, which felt great.

Overall, they are a pretty comfortable pair of socks, no matter what you are doing.


Not everyone thinks about arch support when they're buying socks, but it's usually more important than you think. If you've ever worn socks on your adventures with support under the arches, then you know how much better your feet feel afterward.

That said, there are some consumers who simply don't like this in their socks. Usually, it's people who low arches, or none at all, that prefer their socks without this feature.

The Starter crew socks do offer you arch support. If you're looking for a pair without, then you might want to look somewhere else.

Most customers are content with the support the Starter crew socks offer. There is a band built-in is that will squeeze you just a little more in the midfoot area, around your arches.

Something to note, there are a handful of customers who felt the arch support was weak or non-existent. This isn't the popular opinion, but it's something to keep in mind. If you want strong arch support, this pair might not be the right one for you.


Started uses a blend of 75% polyester, 18% cotton, 5% rubber, and 2% spandex in the making of their crew socks. The mixture of fibers works together to bring you a comfortable, breathable, and stretchy pair of socks.

Polyester is standard in athletic apparel, including your gym socks. It is hydrophobic, so it will help keep you dry. It's not going to absorb your sweat like some other products might. Instead, it's going to work with the DRI-STAR technology to wick away moisture to keep you dry. Whatever sweat doesn't bead up and gets soaked into the materials will dry quickly, you shouldn't have issues with being stuck running around in soggy socks.

There isn't a whole lot of cotton in the blend, which disappoints some customers. The use of cotton allows the Starter crew socks to offer a decent amount of breathability, so you are staying cool while you're going hard at the gym. A lot of consumers prefer cotton socks, but the truth of the matter is, polyester just works better for athletic gear.

Rubber might seem like a weird material for socks, but it's more common than you might think. This rubber latex comes from rubber trees and is used to help make your socks more stretchy. The rubber, as well as the spandex, help give the Starter crew socks a decent amount of elasticity that will hold it's shape over time. No need to worry about stretching out.


When you're heading to the gym, or simply hanging out on a warm day, you want to make sure that your clothes are breathable, including your socks. If there is no air flowing through the materials of your garments, then you run the risk of overheating and discomfort.

Thankfully, the Starter crew socks are super breathable. Even though they are primarily polyester, air can still flow through them well enough, keeping your cool and dry while you're out and about.

Additionally, the Starter crew socks feature DRI-STAR technology that will help wick away moisture. When you're working out, you're going to sweat. There is no need for that moisture to soak into your socks. Instead, the sweat will bead up and evaporate, keeping you dry.


The Starter crew socks come in three different colors. You can choose between black, white, or grey. There aren't any flashy colors that will give you a fun look, but these choices work well for most consumers. Regardless of the color you choose, you will find the "S and Star" logo on the leg of the socks and the Starter name across the front. The toes and heels are grey or black, depending on the color you choose.

They are crew socks, which means they will come up to about mid-calf. The leg of the Starter crew socks is ribbed to give you a more comfortable and secure fit.


The Starter crew socks are available in two different sizes. You can choose from the medium which is ideal for men's shoe size 6-8.5 or a large, which is perfect for sizes 9-12.

As long as you order the size that corresponds to the correct shoe size, you should not have any problems with the way they fit. The Starter crew socks fit true to size, making sock shopping super easy.


When it comes to your socks, you want something that is durable. It's annoying when you're out and about and feel your toe poke through the sock, or you feel your heel rubbing against the sole of your shoe due to a giant hole.

When spending your money on something, you should take longevity into consideration. You don't want to waste your money on a product that will fall apart right after you get it.

The Starter crew socks have reinforced heels and toes to try to protect against holes. Of course, there are customers who still experienced rips and holes in the stockings. They are thin, even where there is reinforcement, so you can expect some holes and tears.

That said, not everyone shares that experience. There are a plethora of customers who had no problems at all with holes in their socks. In fact, some consumers switched over to the Starter crew socks after poor experiences with other brands.

More often than not, customers are content with the durability of the Starter crew socks. Are they the best of the best? No, but they are most certainly not the worst ones out there.

One of the biggest problems customers have with the Starter Athletic crew socks is the packaging. There is a plastic string that connects the socks together with the packaging. More often than expected, ripping this plastic to separate the socks causes them to rip or fray. That can be extremely frustrating.


When you're hitting the gym, the chances are that you're going to sweat. No matter how much the Starter crew socks wick away moisture, there is always a chance that they'll absorb some of your sweat. This is how you get stinky gym socks, which then causes smelly feet. No one likes to smell their shoes when they kick them off at the end of the day or after a good workout.

In order to try to combat this odor, you want to make sure that you're washing your socks regularly. You want to clean them after every time you wear them so they'll stay smelling fresh and looking clean.

The good news is that the Starter crew socks are machine washable. You can just toss them in the washer with the rest of your laundry, and you'll be good to go — no special washing or drying instructions for these socks.


The Starter crew socks have a very affordable price point. They come in packages of six socks, but if you look at the price per pair, you are getting quite the deal. When compared to competitor's socks, they are on the low end of the spectrum.

The decent longevity of the Starter Athletic crew socks mixed with the budget-friendly cost makes these the perfect option for those looking for something affordable.

Bottom Line

The Starter crew socks are a great pair of socks for those who are looking to hit the gym. Of course, you can wear them casually as well without a problem. Some customers even opt to wear them as dress socks.

The affordable price point draws customers in, but the great quality and comfort keep them coming back for more. The breathability and arch support provide you with comfort no matter what you are doing.

If you're in the market for affordable and comfortable socks, check out the Starter crew socks. Customers love them, and they come highly recommended!