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The Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses¬†are an excellent option for anyone who’s going for style, functionality, and durability. Save a great design that most consumers love and come in a plethora of color options. You’re sure to find a pair of these glasses that you love. They are of average size so they can accommodate most people with ease. Of course, if you are looking for something for a child or somebody with a larger sized head, then there are probably better options out there for you.

Between the Grilamid frames and the polycarbonate lenses, this product can take a lot of abuse before it suffers from wear and tear. It’s always nice to know that when you spend money on a product that it isn’t going to fall apart on you right away. The lenses are even scratch-resistant, so that is one less thing you have to worry about. Additionally, they come with a carrying case, so you have a place to store them when not in use.

Spy Optics utilizes there Trident polarization as well as their happy lens technology into this product. They want to make sure that you have the best visibility possible, so there are no distractions while you’re out and about. They’re going to help you see clearer and feel better.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Happy Lens technology

Trident Polarization

Comfortable fit

Long-lasting durability

Great color options


Moderate to high price tag

No non-slip grips


The Spy Optics company is a little unconventional. They consist of a fun-loving family of artists and athletes, and each and every one of them is committed to making fantastic eyewear products.

The independent company got its start in 1994 in Southern California. They design numerous eyewear products, including sunglasses, goggles, and prescription frames. They get most of their designs and style idea from the sports community as well as the lifestyle that surrounds those who like to be outdoors.

Spy Optics has developed their own exclusive happy lens technology. This is the only lens on the market that can filter out the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light. It offers you protection from shortwave blue light, which can damage your eyes, and she continues to give you the benefits of it. Studies have shown that the long-wave blue light can help increase your overall mood and alertness.

They may not be a household name as of right now, but they're doing what they can to make that a reality. They are an overall great company who cares about their customers. They strive to produce fantastic quality products at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy them.


If you're spending any kind of time outside under the sun, you want to make sure that you're staying protected. Most people would put sunscreen on their skin to protect that from the sun's harmful Rays, why not give your eyes the same treatment? Wearing sunglasses with UV protection coating can help keep your eyes see from UVA and UVB rays.

You can wear the Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses for just about any outdoor activity that you participate in. They are more for casual use based on the design. However, some consumers might choose to wear them for their athletic events.

That said, they are going to thrive in and athletic setting. They don't have any rubber grips in the nose piece or on the arms of the glasses to prevent them from slipping down your face will you sweat. So yes, you can wear these for running, biking, hiking, or any other physical activity, but you run the risk of them sliding off of your face and cause a distraction.

Most consumers stick to wearing them for their everyday activities. Some of those occasions include driving, watching sporting events, spending the day at the beach, were any other casual activity outdoors.

No matter what you're doing while you're wearing this product, you will at least know that you're going to look great.


The frames of the Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses are constructed out of Grilamid materials. This type of material is ultra-lightweight as well as extremely durable. It allows the structures a certain amount of flexibility so I don't feel brittle and they don't easily break in your hands. Thanks to the flexibility, if you drop the glasses you don't have to worry about them snapping it increases the overall durability which customers can appreciate.

The use of this type of material in the frames is relatively standard across the board when it comes to sunglasses. There's a reason for that; it's because it works. It's a great material which makes an excellent base for your glasses.

Grilamid is a transparent polyamide that uses thermoplastic methods to be processed. This type of material is known for being lightweight, flexible, and durable. It offers excellent transparency, and the elements can be colored exceptionally easily. Additionally, this type of material is impact, weather, flame, and chemically resistant. This means but the frames of this product will be able to stand up to almost any abuse that you can put it through.

Most consumers are very pleased with the way these frames look and feel while they are out and about.


The lenses of the Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses feature in 8 base polycarbonate ARC lens that helps increase your overall optical performance. The polycarbonate in glasses is relatively standard. It's an extremely durable component that can resist a lot of abuse. Yes, the lenses are durable, but it's more than just that.

This product features Trident polarized lenses. This means that they can effectively reduce approximately 99% of the glare from the sun while you're out and about. When you're on the go and the sun shining high overhead you can usually see a glare from the Sun is especially on pavement, water, or any other reflective surfaces. Thanks to these lenses, that glare going to be reduced dramatically, allowing you to see what's going on around you without distraction. This technology works by filtering the glare filled Rays from the Sun into a stream of bright and clean light. Spy Optics states that thanks to this technology you'll be able to see clearer and last longer while you're out in the sun.

As you would expect from sunglasses, these ones are also going to protect your eyes from the Sun's UV rays. So you'll have 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, so that isn't something that you're going to have to worry about when you're under the sun.

Overall, consumers are happy with the durability and functionality of these lenses.

Happy Lens Technology

You will be able to take advantage of Happy Lens technology when wearing this product. What is Happy Lens technology? It is a patent-pending technology in their lenses that fuses together scientific research and years of experience in optical design.

These lenses help maximize the transmission of the sun's "good" rays (long-wave blue light) while still being able to block out it's "bad" ones (short-wave blue light and UV). The lenses can help filter out the bad while still giving you the good so that you can reap all the benefits of long-wave blue light without any of the negatives from the shortwave.

Researchers have stated that exposure to the long-wave blue lights helps create a positive change in your body. Additionally, it can align your body's rhythm with the natural preference to a specific color. Basically, it can help increase your mood and alertness.

But how does that work, you might ask? They use a proprietary lens curve that helps transmit a maximized amount of the good Rays getting through while blocking the bad. It's going to let you see better by providing an optimal viewing experience. It gives you crisp and color enhancing lenses that'll block out the harmful rays from the sun. However, it will still give you an unrivaled visual experience that can help tap into your body's natural desire of the pleasant rays.

Thanks for the happy lens technology and the ability to transmit the sun's good rays to your eyes, you're going to get a much better and more vivid visual experience. The lenses have been proven to give you a lasting positive impact on your body. This positive impact has been known to be felt even after you've taken your glasses off. It just makes you feel better.


As you would expect from any pair of sunglasses, you're going to get complete protection from the sun's harmful rays. The lenses of these glasses can block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. However, they can also block out the shortwave blue light that is harmful to your eyes. As mentioned above, they do still allow the long-wave blue light through because that creates a more positive experience for the wearer.

You're going to get more than just protection from the sun's Rays, however. Since you're going to be able to see better and clearer while you're out and about, there's going to be fewer distractions. Thanks for the Trident polarized lenses the reduced glare from the sun off of reflective surfaces will allow you to see better and more clearly, reducing the risk of unnecessary accidents. If you are heading out in your car, running down a trail, or biking on the street, you are going to Be able to see where what is going on in front of you and around you with ease. The fewer distractions in the better you can see, the more likely you are to have a safe trip with no accidents.


For the most part, customers are happy with the overall size and fit of the Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses. They have a fairly average size and can fit the majority of consumers comfortably. Of course, there are always a handful of people who cannot wear this product comfortably. If you are somebody with a larger sized head, then you might want to check out some different products if you want something that will comfortably fit. Additionally, if you're looking for glasses for a child, then these are probably not going to work for you.

The size of the sunglasses measured as follows:
Lens width- 62mm
Lens height- 35mm
Bridge- 16mm
Arm- 125mm

If these size measurements don't work for you, then you might be better off finding a different option for a better fit. Again, they do fit the majority of consumers without any problems. They are an average-sized pair of sunglasses.


The Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses come in a variety of different colors so you can choose from when purchasing this product. Customers can appreciate the color options they have available to them. Some people might even decide to buy more than one pair so they can have them in a variety of colors.

You can pick from black ice frames with gray lenses, black, brown ale happy bronze with polarized black mirror lenses, happy bronze frames with polarized lenses, matte black frames with gray lenses, shiny white frames with gray lenses, or white.

Regardless of what color you decide to go with these wrap-front sunglasses have a metallic logo placed at the temples along with notched arm tips.

Overall consumers are pretty happy with the look and style of this product.


You don't get too much extra when you purchase this product. However, it does come with a hardshell case that you can use to store the sunglasses. Most people can appreciate the case as it will give them someplace to keep their glasses when not in use.


When you're shopping around for a pair of sunglasses you want to make sure that you're getting something that's going to last. It can be extremely frustrating when you spend any kind of money on a product like this just to have it break shortly after you get it.

The good thing about these glasses is according to customers they have a reliable and durable construction. Premature wear and tear is not something that you should have to worry about when it comes to this product.

The Grilamid frames combined with polycarbonate lenses ensure that the product will stay intact and handle most of the abuse it will come in contact with. Additionally, the lenses are scratch-resistant so you don't even have to worry about getting them all scratched up.

Uber all consumers are pleased with the level of durability they receive with this product.

Bottom Line

If you're on the hunt for a reliable and great-looking pair of sunglasses, then look no further. The Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses have a durable Construction I can stand up to a lot. Once you purchase these glasses, you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Additionally, most customers find them super comfortable to wear. The lightweight materials and average size frames I'm sure that they are going to feel Pleasant on your face. The best part is it they look great too. They have an excellent design that fits in for most occasions.

These Shades feature Happy Lenses which gives you 100% protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays as well as blocking out the short wave blue light. However, they are designed to allow still the long-wavelength blue light to reach your eyes. This type of blue light is considered the "good" sun's rays and can help give you a positive effect on your mood.

Overall, customers really like these sunglasses. Most would recommend them to others.