Sporteer Kinetic K1

  • This Sporteer Kinetic K1 Running Belt has three storage pockets and a phone display.
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Sporteer recognizes what it takes to stay committed to an active lifestyle. They recognize it because they’re just as committed. Their brand is made for those with active lifestyles and made by them too. This Sporteer Kinetic K1 isn’t loaded with additional storage or features but its straightforward design doesn’t need to be. That’s because the simplicity of the Kinetic K1 running belt speaks for itself. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 belt is great for a variety of activities and phones, preparing you for even the longest workouts. Stay plugged in without feeling tied down with the help of the creators at Sporteer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Water Resistant
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Expandable Waist
  • Lightweight
  • Many Phone Compatibilities
  • Feels Flimsy
  • Minimal Storage


A common complaint on many lumbar or waist packs is that they don’t have inclusive or comfortable sizing. Not everyone who works out looks the same, nor do they have the same waist size. This can range from frustrating to downright discouraging when shopping for similar items.

Waist belts try to recognize the need for a spectrum of sizes. This belt clips onto the body and accommodates people anywhere within the 25 to 40-inch range. Their belt is flexible, stretchy, and easy to take on and off. For those trying to drop weight, this is a phenomenal running accessory that will work for the long term.

If you are looking for a way to stay plugged in during your workouts but this won’t adjust to your waist size, there are super stretchy options also made by Sporteer that don’t fasten to secure. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 uses a clipping belt closure. This has a pretty large range though, especially being stretchy, it will still fit many people with different waist sizes and body types.


Brands do best when they know the products they sell. With so many companies being detached from their market, it is refreshing when one knows and understands their customer base. Sporteer is absolutely a company that understands who they’re making gear for and how to make it.

If you’re an ambitious exerciser, don’t fret, the folks at Sporteer are too. They specialize in mobile technology to help enhance your athletic performance. In today’s world, we can track our fitness carefully. Products that make it easier to integrate our technology into our workout are necessary.

This belt may just hold a phone but in a way that's tailored to the requirements of every athlete. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 belt is intended for running and other sports. It can handle whatever you do, letting you easily tune in to your favorite podcast or play your hype music. Sporteer specializes in this category of product, which makes their creations that much easier to trust.


If you don’t have pockets or storage in your actual clothing, such as in your waistband, there are only so many other options for carrying essentials. While hydration packs are great for those who need to keep water on them and backpacks fantastic for bulkier items, you don’t always want to carry that much additional weight.
Armbands are one way to avoid feeling bogged down by your accessories. The problem with armbands are, they can slip down or bounce when carrying an object like a phone with them. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 running belt is a product that finds a middle ground between the minimalist approach and the heavy duty one.

The face of your phone can easily be touched and accessed through the Sporteers front window. You can swing your phone to the back, like a lumbar pack, or keep it in front for quick use. In terms of phone usage, the only thing that may hinder access to the screen is having an iPhone.

There is a simple fix to this problem, however. The issue with iPhones is the inability to touch the home button to access your screen when it is in the belt. A quick settings adjustment fixes this issue. You just need to turn on AssistiveTouch and you are ready to go!


This item is very simple. As mentioned, there are different amounts of storage you can accommodate different types of accessories. If you are someone who doesn’t quite need a backpack or just doesn’t want to have something on your back when working up a sweat, you can use something like the Sporteer Kinetic K1 with complementary items.

They have specific things, like an expandable waist bag, that can be used with the Sporteer Kinetic K1. Your options are endless when it comes to this belt. Due to it being able to be worn as a lumbar pack or in the front of the body, you can even wear a hydration pack without interfering with the Sporteer Kinetic K1.

The Sporteer Kinetic K1 is compatible with any and all headphones. Instead of having to worry about personal items that will work with your gear, this gear will work with almost any technology you have, at least related to your smartphone. That makes Sporteer incredibly advanced, as you can have a set up that is just right for you, no matter what.


While there was a mix of rants and raves for the durability of this product, the positive prevailed over the negative. It seems that the Sporteer Kinetic K1 feels relatively light and flimsy during the first impression. Due to their slightly stretchy waist and thin strap, many didn’t trust this belt to last. There was also skepticism about the quality of the zipper.

There seem to be explanations for both of these gripes. The thin, stretchy belt serves two purposes. The thinness helps it be able to be worn with other around the waist items or pants with waistband storage. The stretchiness makes it comfortable and a better fit for a wider range of people.

The “flimsy” zipper is intended to be a quiet zipper. It locks into position so it won’t rattle and interrupt your groove while running. Reviewers felt the zipper seemed cheap and hard to zip, yet none reported breakage.

The positive reviews about the durability of the Sporteer Kinetic K1 asserted that this is an everyday item for many. The first impressions are more than likely deceiving on this item by Sporteer. Its lightweight materials read as poorly made to some.

Moisture Resistance

Anything carrying electronics needs to be water resistant. Though more and more phone companies are providing dust-proof and water-resistance phones, usually labeled IP68, water damage is still a threat. Since we all don’t have endless buckets of rice to dry out our damp electronic devices, there needs to be water protection of some sort.

The Sporteer Kinetic K1 does more than just protect your phone from rain or moisture out in the world. It also works to block perspiration from the body, which can be just as damaging to a phone. The touch screen of the Kinetic K1 belt acts as a barrier for the screen but there are other materials to protect the body of the phone.

Foam is used on the side close to the body to keep sweat from permeating through your pocket to get to your phone. This is fantastic for long runs in the summer heat or any physically grueling outdoor activity. It keeps your phone safe, secure, and most importantly dry.

Phone Compatibility

A recurring theme of items which are phone compatible is limited compatibility. The pocket is usually far too small to fit a phone, let alone the larger smartphone options we have now. What can someone do when no pockets work as advertised?

That won’t be a huge concern with the Sporteer Kinetic K1. Though the company urges customers to measure their phones, just in case, the Sporteer Kinetic K1 works with so many makes and models. This is compatible with Google, Apple, and Samsung phones, as well as many other lesser known brands. This would be a great dual item to be used with a smartwatch too!

Customers did mention that larger phones will not be able to use really large cases. When they say large phone cases, they mean the heavy-duty Otterbox-style cases. They are the three-piece cases that add a lot of bulk to the phone. Customers also mentioned that older iPhones, which were smaller than the current smartphone options, don’t fit tightly in.

Other than those few conflicts, this belt from Sporteer fits almost every phone on the market. As phones get larger, technological accessories need to follow suit. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 does just that with their stretchy belt


Phone holders with just the function of holding phones can be disappointing. You have no doubt seen the lanyards with the big, clear pocket for the phone that people wear. It bounces around uncomfortably and gets in the way. There is some reluctance to buy phone holders like this belt because they don’t serve another function.

The Sporteer Kinetic K1 has more than just the window for the phone. Behind where the phone is held, there is a large pocket for cash, cards, energy gels, or assorted small items. On the sides of the belt, there are tiny compartments great for chapstick or headphones.

This doesn’t have mass storage though. You won’t be able to fit a bladder in this and it shouldn’t be mistaken for a waist pack, which expands more readily. This can fit smaller items but it isn’t going to function as a bag. If you need more storage for essentials or a hydration pack, you will have to buy additional storage accessories.


One qualm that was brought up has to do with the durability concerns mentioned earlier. The price was too high for reviewers who felt this was a flimsy item. They said it is no better than a plain clear case for the phone that you could get anywhere for less.

Due to its style and other compartments, this isn’t accurate. You would have trouble finding a comparable item at a similar price. This is a decent item for the price. Other heavier duty belts will cost much more than this Sporteer Kinetic K1. You can get a bundle of the Sporteer items for an awesome price as well if you’re looking for a more custom experience.

It is worth noting that the people saying this were saying it based on their first impression. Many did like and use the product regardless of still being in the market for a different running belt. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 may feel very light but the durability concerns didn’t prove to be warranted.


Even though some customers didn’t see the value in this Sporteer Kinetic K1’s lightness, it makes it a lot more versatile for a wider range of uses. Many products are specifically running products or specifically hiking gear. This can be used for many different activities.

Due to its thin, stretchy strap, you can layer this with a lot of your existing gear. This is advertised as a running and sports belt and it can be used for just that. If you don’t want to carry a large bag with you and just need your phone and essentials, the Kinetic K1 is perfect.

Wearing heavier lumbar packs or waist packs is sometimes impractical for a lot of movement. If you are going to be making quick, tight motions, you want something that won’t get in the way. This is fantastic as a minimalist accessory if you like to keep it light and stay flexible while plugged in.

Bottom Line

The Sporteer Kinetic K1 is a lightweight, stretchy option for trail or road running. If you want to keep your electronics close, this is the best alternative to unsecured armbands. Though it feels a bit flimsy and it isn’t packed with storage, this will be a phenomenal choice for someone who likes to keep their accessories minimal. Water resistance allows you to keep your technology safe in any conditions.