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If you’re searching for a sturdy, functional, convenient, hands-free device to keep track of everything from your heart rate to your sleep cycles to your workout routines, look no farther. The Spitilo Fitness Tracker smartwatch has all of the above, and more. This lightweight watch comes in at just twenty-four grams so that you hardly notice it on your wrist.

The display is shown in color, has five different backlight levels that you can adjust, and a .96 inch OLED screen. The strap is adjustable from five and a half inches to just under eight and a half inches. It is Bluetooth compatible with smartphones that run on Apple’s iOS 8.0 or newer and Android’s 4.4 operating system or newer.

This smartwatch can track your sleep, heart rate, steps, calories burned, and your workouts. It is rated IP68 on the waterproofing scale, making it suitable for wearing during a shower or swim. You can also enjoy the convenience of having your smartphone’s notifications sent to your wrist so that you can truly stay as hands-free as possible in this world obsessed with technology.

The Spitilo Fitness Tracker comes in at a great, competitive price. It even comes with a warranty and a dedicated customer service team. They will make sure to resolve any issues you have to the best of their ability.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Dust & Waterproof (IP68)

Sleep Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Step Counter

GPS Real-Time Stats

Great Price


Doesn’t Measure Blood Pressure

Doesn’t Measure Blood Oxygen

Workout Tracker

If you are somebody who enjoys variety to their workout routine, you’ll love this feature. This smartwatch comes with more than fifteen different sports/exercises preprogrammed into it. Each workout comes with accurate reports of your pace, distance, calories burned, etc, as well as a coach to keep you performing at your best.

Simply access the workout screen, choose which activity you’d like to record (walking, biking, running, basketball, hiking), and hold the “touch” button down for two seconds to begin the timer. If you accidentally start too soon, simply stop it so that it won’t save. When you begin the timer, the watch will give you a countdown, from three, so that you can be fully prepared to start.

If you have trouble keeping your motivation to workout or you make excuses that you don’t have enough time, you can push yourself to make the time. One tool to use is a calendar. People are more likely to complete a task and less likely to ignore it if it’s on their calendar where they see it every day. If it’s on your phone calendar, you can even set a reminder alarm.

If you utilize a smartwatch and track the number of calories that you’re burning, along with recording your weight every so often, you’ll be more motivated to continue working. There’s just something about being able to see the numbers in real-time. Give yourself realistic goals, aim to achieve them, and then aim to intensify your routine. Here you can find a smart scale to keep track of your weight more conveniently.

Free Application

The free app that you can link to this smartwatch in order to conveniently track many measurements in one place is called VeryFitPro. While it is able to monitor a wide variety of important data, the app is only rated at just over three stars out of five stars. Consumers report that it gets the job done, but could use some updates.

Some key features of this app include monitoring of your exercises (including step counter, distance, calories burned), sleep quality (deep or shallow sleep), and your heart rate (both during exercise and at rest). This watch can even be set up with an alarm clock to wake you up, remind you to workout, or alert you that you need to pick your kid up from school.

When you record your exercises, the app will eventually be able to evaluate your level of fitness. There is a community on the app that you can share results with and even compete with. You can also link your Google Fit account to the VeryFitPro app to have all of your statistics easily accessible.

You can not track your food and water intake with this app, so it will come in handy to have an app like MyFitnessPal to keep your diet on track. Let’s face it, exercise isn’t quite as effective if you’re not eating a somewhat regulated diet.

This app will likely use your location, even when you don’t have it open. Make sure to go into your phone’s settings and turn the location setting to only be active when using the app. Otherwise, your battery will drain more rapidly. You can find other watches that are great for tracking your activities here.

Heart Rate Monitor

Most of us have used a heart rate monitor at some point in our lives. Some of us were fortunate enough to use them in gym class in high school; when the gym teacher tortured us by making us attempt to keep our pulses in targeted heart rate zones for forty minutes. Some have had medical reasons to use a heart monitor.

What we all have in common is that we know it’s usually not a super comfortable experience. The heart rate monitors in gym class were certainly more comfortable than those the hospital gives you. For the gym, they were straps worn around your chest, just below your breast. The ones from the hospital have sticky sensors that hurt to take off and leave a residue behind. They also come with a big, annoying box you have to clip onto your pants.

Why does everyone seem to care so much about what your heart rate is? Well, because your heart rate doesn’t only determine how many times your heart beats in a minute, but it detects unusual rhythms, evaluates how well your lungs are working, if your cardiovascular system (including the heart, blood, and arteries) is functioning efficiently, and if your muscles are consuming oxygen as they should.

All of these measurements are important to know in order to optimize your fitness and keep track of your health. In the average adult, the resting heart rate should be between fifty and ninety beats each minute. If your heart rate is on the lower end, it typically means you’re in better shape. However, if your heart rate falls below fifty beats per minute, it may be time to consult your doctor.

When you invest in a Spitilo Fitness Tracker smartwatch, you are investing in yourself. Conveniently, quickly, and efficiently track your heart rate and evaluate your health with a small smartwatch right on your wrist. If your heart rate isn’t showing on your watch’s screen, simply hold the small “touch” button for two seconds. It should display very soon after you let go.

Sleep Monitor

Sleep either comes easily for you, or it doesn’t. You either stay asleep all night, or you don’t. You either toss and turn, or you don’t. And you either wake up refreshed, or you don’t. Thankfully the team of designers that created the Spitilo Fitness Tracker understood all of these factors. Everybody has a different relationship with sleep.

This smartwatch has the capability to track how long you are awake, how long you are asleep, how much time was spend in a deep sleep, how much time was spent in shallow sleep, and the overall quality of your sleep. By monitoring your sleep cycles, you can better equip yourself to find the issue and work towards a solution.

The best part is that you don’t have to remember to tell your watch that you’re going to sleep. Let’s face it - not all (or many) of us are able to fall asleep the second we close our eyes. Because of this, the watch has a sensor in the wrist that can automatically detect when you fall asleep.

The sensor reacts to changes in your activity, such as body and arm movements and your heart rate. Typically, the heart rate will slow down when a person falls asleep. Depending on dreams and breathing capabilities, the heart rate should stay relatively low throughout the night.

Step Counter

This smartwatch features a step counter. What makes this step counter special is that it also tells you how many calories you’ve burned and reminds you to move when you’ve been sedentary too long. It can tell you how many miles you’ve gone and how many minutes it took you to get there.

You don’t even have to open the app on your phone to get these results. Simply go to the step counter screen and hold the “touch” button for two seconds. You may be wondering how a smartwatch can accurately calculate how many calories you’re burning.

This watch isn’t as efficient at measuring calories burned as a watch that measures blood pressure is. However, since it does monitor your heart rate, it can determine an estimated reading. Knowing a ballpark figure can help you establish your baseline and better prepare for activities by comparing your past workouts with your current workouts.

It’s more effective to be present in your workout than it is to be a slave to the calorie counter. When you’re not focused on the numbers on the screen, you can be more focused on what your body is doing. You can concentrate more on your form and intensity. You can find other step counter options here. (best step counters)


The screen of your smartwatch is going to be one of the most important components. It’s what is necessary for you to be able to use it the way it’s intended to be used. In order to view the time, your stats, and notifications, you have to have a display, right?

Right. The display on the Spitilo Fitness Tracker is a 0.96” OLED color display with five different adjustable backlight levels. Something that didn’t impress a few consumers is the fact that the clock display takes up two rows. However, it did not deter them from liking the product anyway.

The date display shows you the day of the week and the day of the month (ex: Wed 09). The battery life is displayed on the screen as well as the connection status. The clock, date, battery life, and connection are all displayed together on the first screen.

Some consumers have reported that this screen is hard to read when the sun is shining directly on it. This is a problem that is especially difficult to remedy. The best suggestion is to find shade in order to read your display.

Water Protection

This smartwatch is rated IP68 for waterproofing. This rating means that this watch can withstand moisture up to fifty meters. You can wear it to shower or swim, but it won’t be able to track your fitness while underwater. For a watch that can track your swimming workout, try this one.


Another convenient feature for the twenty-first-century watch-wearer is the fact that the Spitilo Fitness Tracker can be connected to your phone in order to receive your text, call, email, and social media notifications. This will allow you to read messages without needing to use your hands.

Even if you don’t want to check the messages via your watch display, it will vibrate to alert you that you should check your phone. Often, text messages are too long to be displayed on the small screen anyway. The notification for text messages will stay on the screen until you hit the “touch” button. It’s just another way to remind you to read/respond to the message.

Phone Compatibility

This smartwatch is designed to be compatible with certain smartphones. It is not able to be paired with desktop computers, laptops, iPads, or tablets. If you have an Apple smartphone, it must have an operating system of 8.0 or newer. If you have an Android smartphone, it must run on an operating system of 4.4 or newer.

Once connected to your smartphone, you can use the smartwatch to take photos on your phone. Set your phone up for the perfect shot, step back, and use your watch as a remote by clicking the “touch” button or lifting your wrist. How much more convenient can it get? You can find another great smartwatch with even more capabilities here.


When setting up your smartwatch, you’ll want to begin by pulling the wristband from the tracker and inserting the included USB plug into the nearest USB port in order to charge it up. There is no separate cord needed for charging, which means one less cord to worry about losing.

In the included user manual will be a QR code that you can scan to download the free app called VeryFitPro. If you don’t know how to scan a QR code, either download a QR scanner from the App Store on your phone or simply search VeryFitPro in the App Store on your phone.

Once the app has been installed to your device, ensure that you’ve got your BlueTooth setting turned on. Once your smartwatch has paired with your smartphone, the time and date on your tracker will automatically synchronize with your phone - saving you from a usually annoying task.


Spitilo is passionate about making sure their customers have the best experience possible. They design and manufacture their products to do what they’re meant for and to do it well. If you find that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact the authorized retailer you purchased the item from.

There is a twelve-month warranty included with the purchase of this smartwatch. The warranty begins the day that you purchase the product. When filing a warranty claim, be sure that you have your proof of purchase.

Bottom Line

This watch features a crisp, OLED color display that is .96” in diameter and has five backlight level settings. It is lightweight, coming in at just twenty-four grams. The strap length can be as short as 5.5 inches and as long as 8.3 inches.

This watch is dust and waterproof (IP68), making it safe for showering and swimming. It has the ability to track your heart rate, sleep cycles, steps, calories burned, and exercises. This smartwatch lacks the ability to monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, though.

The Spitilo Fitness Tracker comes at a very competitive, reasonable price with a twelve-month warranty. What do you have to lose?