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The Soul  Combat+ headphones have a closed over-ear design that fits like a compression sleeve. Its ear pads are interchangeable to suit any kind of activity which means this pair of headphones is great for working out! They won’t slip or slide off your head and are very breathable to prevent overheating. The Combat+ draws inspiration from the top athletes of the world, including Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man.

Soul Electronics is a brand that builds headphones for every aspect of life. Whether you’re looking for sports or lifestyle designs this brand has exactly what you need. Notorious for crafting high-quality pairs that outperform the rest, SOUL is a brand name that you can trust. SOUL and partner Chris “Ludacris” Bridges created the first pair of SOUL headphones together in 2011. Since then they have continued to outperform the competition in every way possible.

The Soul Electronics Combat+ has a comfortable headband and ergonomic shape that ensure you won’t feel any irritation while you train. This is a great sounding option that delivers powerful bass and crisp notes so you can power through even the toughest routine with these headphones!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Interchangeable Ear Pads
  • Ergonomic Headband
  • Compression Fit
  • Powerful Sound
  • Sweat-Resistant
  • Expensive

Ear Pads

Having the right ear pads will make the world of difference. If they’re uncomfortable you won’t enjoy wearing your headphones at all and will be less likely to perform your best while working out. The Combat+ comes with two pairs of interchangeable pads designed to suit two specific needs.

The first is an ultra-comfortable over-ear pad that is ideal for everyday occasions. This well-cushioned pad prevents any irritation from wearing it for hours on end. If you’re planning on wearing your headphones while you’re at work or cleaning the house, this is the perfect ear pad to choose.

The second, a mesh material ear pad made for sports and other endurance activities. This option keeps you cooler while you exercise because it’s breathable and lightweight. Mesh is an open-weave fabric that lets plenty of air pass through its fibers. This is why you should always consider this material while you exercise because it will prevent overheating and be more comfortable overall. The great thing about the mesh pads is they’re easily washable so odors won’t build-up from wearing them while you’re all sweaty.


A poorly designed headband won’t be enjoyable to wear! This pair features a wide grip headband that’s very comforting and pleasant to wear. The open concept band keeps you nice and cool whether it’s on your head or around your neck. It allows for more airflow under the material and around your skin. This prevents overheating that will make you sweat excessively.

Having an ergonomically shaped band that fits better while exercising is a must! The Soul Combat+ delivers beautifully with its precisely shaped headband that conforms to the contours of your head and neck. The results are a more enjoyable style of a headphone that is ideal for wearing while you exercise or any other time of the day or night!

Compression Fit

The Soul Combat+ offer a unique kind of fit that is tighter and more secure than most others. Made to fit like a compression sleeve, there won’t be any movement once you put them on. This is ideal for sporting because the constant movement makes it tough to keep your headphones in place. The smooth fit looks sleek and modern making it easy to match will all of your athletic apparel.

Most people choose earbuds over headphones because over-ear styles don’t fit as securely. That’s not the case with these! The compression-like fit is ideal for athletic activities and will stay perfectly in place no matter how hard you train.


If you’re all about great sounding headphones then the Combat+ is the right pair for you! It’s made with Soul’s signature sound quality that delivers an ideal mix of powerful bass and clear mids and highs. This results in beautifully crisp details and precision notes that will take your listening to a whole new level.

The over-ear style gives you better quality sound and won’t seem overpowering like an earbud. You’re left with booming tunes that won’t hurt your ears even after you’ve been listening for hours on end. If music gets you ready to workout then you’ll love these pairs incredible sound that echos through your ears.


Everyone sweats when they exercise! But, all the moisture takes its toll on your gear, especially electronics like headphones. That’s why you need a pair made from sweat-resistant materials to protect the integrity and life-span of your listening device. Soul understands the needs of athletes who trust its designs.

The company draws inspiration from the inputs of professional athletes, including 6-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. Just knowing this gives these headphones an edge over the competition and makes me trust their products to outperform most others.

Rigorous testing ensures that the Soul Combat+ is fully waterproof to maximize its performance. When sweat and moisture seep inside of fabric it will quickly cause odors and will ruin the delicate wiring. That’s why these Soul headphones are a must for athletes because they offer the best waterproofing on the market.


While wireless headphones are all the rage these days, a corded pair can be just as functional. The Soul Combat+ has a detachable 48-inch audio cable and built-in microphone. Along with the mic comes a player control button that lets you effortlessly answer and end phone calls or control your music without ever having to handle the device itself.

Complete with a modified stereo 4 contact mini-plug that works well with nearly any device, the Soul Combat+ offers incredible corded connectivity. The tough-as-nails kevlar cable makes for excellent longevity. Its Apple in-line controller is sweat and wat-resistant for running in any kind of weather conditions.


The Soul Combat+ is easy to transport and you can take it with you practically anywhere you go! It offers an easy fold-in design that ends up small enough to fit right in your hand or even in your back pocket. It’s certainly not too big to take with when you’re out and about and can easily fit in your purse too!

This is a big thing because most over-the-ear styles are just too bulky and won’t be easy to carry with you while you’re out and about. Having a design engineered towards performance really shines in this area and is the driving force behind its compact structure.


The Soul Combat+ has a wired connection and ⅛” (3.5mm) gold plated connector. The gold plating offers better corrosion-resistance than other materials so it will last longer. It provides a conductive layer overtop of the copper wires for the best performance and longest-lasting design. Over time copper tarnishes and turns green when it’s exposed to air but gold doesn’t.

When you’re purchasing gold-plated connectors be careful that the product doesn’t cost more because of it. The amount of gold used to plate the copper isn’t enough to justify raising the price more than a few dollars.


Another drawback with this style of headphones is how much they weigh when compared to earphones. Most people think that they’re too bulky to wear while exercising and that’s mostly correct. The Soul Combat+, however, is ultra lightweight and won’t feel heavy while you train. Its innovative design folds inwards so you can literally carry them with you wherever you go and not feel weighed down. This is a great aspect because similar styles just aren’t as portable as this one is.

Weighing in at just over a half pound (236 grams), this is one of the lighter styles of headphone on the market and you’ll really feel the difference while you exercise.


These headphones don’t come cheap! But I expect that while shopping for a high-quality pair. If you’re on a budget the price will be offputting but take the time to look around for the best deal. If you look online you will be able to find great deals and will pay way less than you would at a retail store. Online shopping saves you a ton of money because the seller doesn’t have to pay the extra costs associated with owning a retail location. Because they have less overhead costs they sell their products for less which will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Soul Combat+ headphones are an excellent choice for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or dominating the heavy bag, these headphones will keep you pumped the whole way through.

The Combat+ is enjoyable to wear and comes with two types of ear pads that you can interchange depending on the activity you’re engaged in. One is an extra-padded leather that is perfect for everyday wear and the other is a breathable mesh material that is ideal for athletic occasions. The mesh is extremely breathable and keeps you cooler while you train which prevents excessive sweating.

The headband has an open-concept design that allows for plenty of airflows and won’t make you too hot while you train. It’s very comfortable to wear and folds away for easy storage while you’re on the go. The ergonomic shape feels better than traditional styles and conforms to the contours of your head and neck for a more comfortable experience. One aspect I really love about the Combat+ is its compression-like fit that guarantees the headphones won’t slip or slide around no matter how much I move.

The Combat+ has a wired connection that utilizes a ⅛ (3.5mm) gold plated connector. The gold lasts longer than copper alone because it won’t tarnish when exposed to oxygen. The gold gives you a better connection overall and results in crisp, clear sound.

I really enjoy how light these headphones are even though they’re larger than most earphone styles. The way that they stay despite being an over-ear style, the Combat+ really stays in place well and won’t slip or slide around even while you exercise.