Slimour Women’s Track Jacket Review

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Are you somebody who loves to wear comfortable hoodies, jackets, sweaters, or long-sleeve tops? You’re not the only one. Many people wait all year for “hoodie season” so that they can wear the famously versatile style. The Slimour Women’s Track Jacket can give you all of the comfort and versatility of a hoodie, but with a few extra features added in (and one taken out).

You may quickly notice that this track jacket doesn’t include a hood. Some people will turn around right away and look elsewhere. However, some people prefer to have the benefits of a hoodie, without the hood. It can get in the way during certain exercises.

This jacket does include a half-zip closure that makes putting it on and taking it off a lot more simple. It has a kangaroo pocket to warm up your hands or store your essentials. The sleeves are raglan style, providing an extra range of motion, and have thumbholes at the wrists to keep your hands warm and your sleeves in place.

The Slimour Women’s Track Jacket is offered at a very competitive and affordable price. Depending on the retailer you purchase it from, you will find that there is most likely a return policy in place. If there is any chance that this hoodie won’t be the right fit for you, make sure there is a return policy where you’re purchasing it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Moisture Management


Reflective Stripes




Short Torso



90% of this jacket is made from polyester, which is a durable manmade fiber that can handle washing, drying, and wear and tear like a champ. It can handle a beating without wrinkling, shrinking, or fading as quickly as some of its competitors.

It is harder to stain because it does not hold onto moisture. Polyester is breathable, can wick moisture away from the body, and dries quickly. Therefore, it is able to manage moisture inside of it, help to regulate the body’s temperature, and help ward off body odors.

The other 10% of the material in this jacket is spandex. This fabric is able to stretch and bounce back to its original shape many, many times. Its strength allows it to hold up for a longer lifespan. It only makes sense that clothes would wear out faster when you’re active. The Slimour Women’s Track Jacket is a great choice if you want your top to be able to go the extra mile with you.

Moisture Management

If you’re not somebody who is thrilled to be drenched in sweat at the end of your workout, you’re not alone. Many people prefer to avoid being saturated and uncomfortable. More people want to worry less about body odors.

This jacket is constantly working on managing the moisture level inside of it as well as your body temperature. When you’re sweating, your body is trying to lower its core temperature. If your skin isn’t able to be dried, your body will become confused and your temperature will be thrown off.

The polyester material in this jacket offers breathability, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly. It is because of these properties, and the fact that polyester isn’t super absorbent, that it is able to help manage moisture and your body’s temperature.

Managing moisture means you’ll also be managing your body odor. It is common to think that sweat is to blame for body odor. It’s not entirely wrong, but it’s not right, either. When you produce sweat, it doesn’t have an odor. However, when sweat is left to sit on the skin, bacteria are attracted to it.

The bacteria will come feed on your sweat and when they’re done, they’ll leave behind waste. It is this acidic waste that produces the body odor we’re all familiar with. You can find another running top that effectively controls moisture here.


Many women are happy with clothing that has a relaxed fit. However, many women prefer clothing that fits the contours of their bodies better. Sleeves that don’t hang passed the finger and don’t hang loose in the biceps. A torso that shows your natural curves instead of turning you into a tent or box.

This track jacket is designed to give you a more contoured fit. While it is form-fitting, it is not so tight as to make it uncomfortable to breathe or workout in. It is sporty and flexible. If you’re after a more relaxed fit, try this jacket.


The Slimour Women’s Track Jacket is available in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Size extra-small is designed with a bust circumference of 31.1 inches, a waist circumference of 26.8 inches, a torso length of 22.4 inches, and a sleeve length of 27.8 inches. It is best suited for women around 5 foot 3 inches and 115 pounds.

Size small has a bust circumference measurement of 33 inches. The waist circumference is 28.7 inches. The torso length measures 23 inches, and the sleeve length is 28.3 inches. It is best suited for women around 5 foot 5 inches and 130 pounds.

The size medium has a bust circumference of 35 inches. The waist circumference is 30.7 inches. The torso length is 23.7 inches, and the sleeve length is 28.9 inches. This size is best for women around 5 foot 7 inches and 140 pounds.

Size large has a bust circumference of 37.4 inches. The waist circumference is 33 inches. The torso length is 23.7 inches, and the sleeve length is 29.7 inches. It is meant for women around 5 foot 9 inches and 160 pounds.

Size extra-large has a bust circumference of 40.2 inches. The waist circumference is 35.8 inches. The torso length is 25 inches, and the sleeve length is 30.3 inches. It is best suited for women around 5 foot 11 inches and 170 pounds.

Keep in mind that not all women are built the same. Your exact measurements may not fit into a specific size. Choose the one you believe will best suit your bust, waist, height, and arm length.


This track jacket comes with features that work together to give you the most convenient, comfortable, and functional product possible. All that this jacket has to offer can be enjoyed by anyone; whether you’re active, sedentary, or anywhere in between.

The sleeves are constructed in the raglan style. This means that the stitching which attaches the sleeve to the body material isn’t done vertically from shoulder to underarm. Instead, it is stitched diagonally from collar to underarm. This allows your shoulder room for a better range of motion.

At the ends of the sleeves are thumbholes. These aren’t just for show. Slip your thumbs into the holes for instant half-gloves to help protect against wind or chill. You can also use the holes to simply keep the sleeves in place while you’re exercising. Some people use them just because they’re comfortable or they like how it looks.

This jacket has a half-zip closure. The zipper makes it easier to put the jacket on and take it off. You can zip it more or less in order to achieve the amount of ventilation you’re after or to be more comfortable. There is also a kangaroo pocket that can conveniently store your keys, phone, or keep your hands warm.

This jacket is missing one thing that most people desire these days. That one thing is a hood. This feature would be great to protect your hair from a slight drizzle or wind that will surely mess up your hair. You can find a running shirt that has a hood here.


Versatility is the definition of convenience when it comes to clothing. Who wants to wash four outfits in one day, after all? Of course, if you’re going to be sweating profusely in your clothes, you’ll want to change them midday or post-workout. However, if you are just going through a casual day, this jacket can go with you every step of the way. Wear it to breakfast, to the office, to your kids’ sporting event, and on your evening jog. Even wear it to sit on the couch.

Yes, this jacket is designed specifically for exercising in. It is designed for comfort, safety, and functionality. Because of its design, it’s perfectly versatile. It gives you everything you want in a piece of workout clothing, and everything you didn’t realize you wanted in your casualwear. Pair this jacket with jeans, leggings, capris, or shorts. Try one of these high-waisted workout leggings to combat the short torso of this jacket.


It’s common knowledge that if you’re wearing something “stretchy” it’s going to end up being comfortable. After all, clothing with stretch typically is able to move with your body. Stretchy clothes can lead to a boost in self-esteem as well. The more your clothes move with you, the less restricted you’ll feel.

When you’re an active person, you understand that having stretch in your clothing is important for more than comfort and self-esteem. A body in motion needs clothes that can be in motion as well. And they need to be able to move with the natural contours of the body, without losing shape quickly.

Because 10 percent of the material used for the Slimour Women’s Track Jacket is spandex, it has the ability to stretch where you need it to and return to its original shape when you don’t. The material will spread away from whatever part of your body is moving, for example, your shoulder. This allows a wider range of motion without feeling restriction.


We’ve been learning about our safety for our entire lives. From safety at home to safety at school to safety at work. It’s important to be aware of your safety no matter where you are or what you’re doing. What you wear while you’re doing certain things is no exception.

This running jacket makes sure that you’re visible to others in low light conditions. The reflective stripes on the sleeves come in handy when you’re out during dusk or dawn. Throw on this jacket for your walk home from work and rest assured that you’ll be seen (so long as the driver is paying attention).

Distracted driving is a major problem in today’s society. People believe it’s perfectly acceptable to text, do makeup, eat, change CDs, and more while they’re operating a large, heavy, dangerous piece of equipment. They aren’t only putting themselves and their passengers in danger, but they are endangering everyone outside of the vehicle as well.

If you’re leaving the house for any reason, at any time, it’s a good idea to take something with you that can help keep you safe should you end up being outside in low-light conditions. The reflective stripes on the sleeves of this jacket will help. You can also add a reflective waist bag to your outfit.


There is not a huge pool of customer reviews to find feedback from. However, enough was found to determine whether or not the product lived up to expectations. What consumers had to say was mostly positive, with one negative comment in common.

Women are agreeing that the jacket is a very comfortable, breathable, functional top for exercising. They love how thin it is and how well the fabric controls moisture and provides the perfect amount of stretch. The convenient thumb holes are a hit as well. Not only do they keep your sleeves in place and provide some additional warmth, but they’re comfortable and stylish.

The one negative aspect that women are claiming is that the jacket tends to be short in the torso. It ends between the waist and the hips, allowing it to raise up when your arms are lifted. Having your jacket exposing your torso isn’t typically what people want.

In order to achieve a better fit, you may need to order a size up or consider searching for a longer jacket. However, if you’re a woman who loves tops that are form-fitting and shorter, you could find the fit of the Slimour Women’s Track Jacket to be perfect for you.


It’s important to know whether or not you can return something you’re considering purchasing. While we all hope that we won’t have to deal with the return process, it’s almost impossible to avoid ever having to do it. Slimour wants to make sure that, when you need to, the return process is as easy as possible.

They are committed to customer satisfaction and, therefore, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For 30 days, starting on the date of purchase, you are able to return the jacket to Slimour hassle-free.

If you purchase your jacket from Amazon, there will be a different policy. Free returns/refunds are offered for this item, but only for specific colors and sizes. You can see the policy for each size/color you choose. Once you’ve ordered, if you discover you need to return it, simply navigate to your orders tab on Amazon and follow the instructions.

Return policies will vary from retailer to retailer. Be sure that you’ve checked the policy before purchasing. It’s no fun purchasing something to find out that it doesn’t work for you and then finding out that you can’t return it.

Bottom Line

If you’re an active woman and you’re looking for a comfortable, flattering, moisture-wicking, breathable, and affordable jacket to wear during your workouts, yoga lessons, or evening runs - look no farther. With a contoured fit, polyester and spandex construction, and versatile appearance, your possibilities are endless.

You don’t even have to be an active person to wear this style of jacket. Bring the gym clothes to the streets and to the couch if you want. Everyone else is doing it. And it’s no wonder; with the comfort and extra features like the half-zipper, pocket, and thumbholes.

Some women aren’t huge fans of the length of this jacket, claiming that when they lift their arms, their torso is exposed. You can either order a size larger than normal or you may want to consider a longer jacket in general. This style is meant to be shorter and more form-fitting, so it is exactly what some women are looking for.

The Slimour Women’s Track Jacket is offered at a very affordable, competitive price. Depending on the retailer, you have a worry-free satisfaction guarantee that is applicable for at least 30 days. If this jacket sounds like something you need to be added to your wardrobe, it’s worth a shot.