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Women who live an active lifestyle need their clothes to be able to keep up with them, whether they’re in the gym or on the trails. This means that they expect certain qualities from their shirts. Activewear is expected to be lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and durable.

The Slimour Women’s Running Shirt is made with a polyester and nylon blend. These two materials work together in order to give you the best performance. They help the shirt be stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable.

This running shirt features a zipper at the neckline that extends to the breastbone. It can be zipped up in chilly weather and unzipped when you need extra breathing room. The sleeves feature thumbholes to help keep your hands warm and your sleeves in place.

The Slimour Women’s Running Shirt comes in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. The colors available (depending on retailer) include blue, green, pink, purple, and grey. It comes at a very affordable price with a money-back guarantee (depending on retailer).

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Runs Small

Snags Easily


45% of the material used in the construction of this running shirt is polyester. This is a synthetic fiber that provides durability via wear and tear resistance (even after many washes) and resistance to shrinking, wrinkling, and fading.

Polyester is harder to stain than cotton because it’s not absorbent. However, it does wick moisture away from your skin and dries quickly. It is also breathable. All of these qualities protect your skin from being damp for a prolonged period of time and helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

While polyester is durable, it is also vulnerable to snags. Also, when it’s wet, it can tend to stick to your skin. It is heat-sensitive, so you need to be extra careful with drying this shirt in a machine. If you want to screenprint a graphic onto it, you need to be careful as to not scorch or melt the material. Don’t iron it.

If you have sensitive skin, it may not like this material. It’s not as soft as cotton. If you do have sensitive skin, you can help combat irritation by wearing a cotton sports bra. You can find one here.

The other 55% of this shirt is constructed with nylon material. Nylon is flexible and thin yet durable and tough. This material is fire-retardant and resistant to abrasions. It is also water-resistant. It does not absorb moisture, rather pushes it to the surface and allows it to evaporate.

Nylon is popular for athletic apparel because it is great at managing moisture. Cotton absorbs moisture, leaving the shirt wet. This weighs your shirt down, making your workouts unpleasant. Having a wet shirt can lead to skin chafing. Nylon eliminates that issue.


Perhaps the most important and desired property in a running shirt is breathability/moisture control. The Slimour Women’s Running Shirt is made with breathable material that is great at wicking moisture from your skin without absorbing it and staying wet. This shirt will be able to dry quickly, keeping you comfortable. It also features strategically placed mesh panels to assist with airflow.

By controlling moisture in your running shirt, you also help to control odors. Because this shirt is able to wick away moisture and dry quickly, you will be able to stay drier, your temperature will stay regulated, and you’ll deter odor-causing bacteria.

Body odors are caused by bacteria, not your sweat. Bacteria are attracted to your sweat. They will feed on it and proceed to leave acid waste behind. It is the acid waste that is responsible for the odor. Thanks to the breathability and moisture-control of this running shirt, you’ll be better protected from sweat, bacteria, and odors.


This shirt includes a couple of features that are added for your convenience and comfort. The long sleeves have thumbholes at the wrist so that you can keep your hands warm in chilly weather. The thumbholes will also help to hold the sleeves in place while you’re running (or whatever you’re doing).

It includes a zipper closure that runs from the neckline to the breastbone. It can be zipped up for extra protection or zipped down for more ventilation. There is a piece of fabric at the top of the zipper in order to protect your chin from irritation. If you’re looking for a zip-up running shirt without sleeves, try this vest.


A shirt that is able to stretch can provide you with additional comfort. We are all fans of stretch jeans that make us feel better about our bodies, are less restrictive, and able to move with our bodies more naturally. When it comes to workout gear, having stretch is important.

When you’re active, whether you’re walking, running, climbing, jumping, biking, or lifting weights, you need your clothing to be able to move right along with you. You can have your clothes be what’s holding you back from performing at your best.

This shirt offers compression resulting in a contoured silhouette and is stretchy enough to move with you. If you want your shirt to fit in a more relaxed style, simply order a size larger than you normally would. Another running top with great stretch can be found here.


The Slimour Women’s Running Shirt is offered in five different colors. The availability of these colors will vary depending on the retailer. If you order from amazon, the colors that are available include pink, purple, blue, and grey. If you order elsewhere, you can find it in green.

The colors (according to reviews) are vibrant and bright. This makes sense because nylon is very receptive to dye. Choose a flashy color to workout in style or choose grey for a more versatile, subtle look that can be rocked in the gym or in the streets. Or, if you want to wear fun patterned leggings, the grey is able to match them.


The Slimour Women’s Running Shirt is available in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Even if you know what size you typically wear, please pay attention to the size chart. Not all products are made exactly the same. If you don’t know your measurements, take the time to figure them out.

Size extra-small has a bust circumference measurement of 30 ⅓ inches. The length, from shoulder to waist hem, is 24 inches. The length of the sleeve, from shoulder to wrist, is 27 ½ inches.

Size small has a bust circumference measurement of 32 ⅓ inches. The length, from shoulder to waist hem, is 25 ⅕ inches. The sleeve length, from shoulder to wrist, is 28 inches.

Size medium has a bust circumference measurement of 33 ⅘ inches. The length, from shoulder to waist hem, is 26 inches. The sleeve length, from shoulder to wrist, is 28 ⅓ inches.

Size large has a bust circumference measurement of 35 ½ inches. The length, from shoulder to waist hem, is 26 ⅓ inches. The sleeve length, from shoulder to wrist, is 28 ⅘ inches.

Size extra-large has a bust circumference measurement of 37 inches. The length, from shoulder to waist hem, is 26 ⅘ inches. The sleeve length, from shoulder to wrist, is 29 inches.

Remember, if you want a relaxed fit, choose a size larger than you normally would. This shirt runs small and has a snug fit, which are preferable qualities for some, but not all.


Lightweight clothes bring many benefits to the table. Whether you’re a runner or not, you can appreciate a shirt that you hardly realize you’re wearing. A lightweight shirt is more comfortable and more functional. If you want your feet to enjoy the same benefits, try these shoes.

No more worrying about getting weighed down by sweat during your workouts. The polyester and nylon in this shirt don’t absorb the moisture. They simply wick it away from your skin and send it to the other side to be evaporated. This will save you from bacteria, odors, and chafing from wet fabric rubbing against your skin.

Because this running shirt is form-fitting, it’s not easy to layer underneath (unless you order up for a more relaxed fit). You can, however, throw a layer over top of it if needed. Give yourself more warmth with a jacket when you’re outdoors and take the extra layer off when you’re indoors or warmer conditions.


While this running shirt is designed specifically for a woman who leads an active lifestyle, it is not restricted to that purpose. You can wear it for activities like yoga, biking, gymnastics, running, camping, tennis, and hiking. But it can also be worn for casual occasions, work, school, dinners, or just lounging around the house.

This running shirt comes in beautiful vibrant colors (along with a subtle grey) that are easy to pair with leggings, jeans, or shorts. Here is a great pair of leggings that work well for exercise and casual wear.


Slimour is dedicated to customer satisfaction. In order to show that they want you to be happy with your purchase, a 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with the Slimour Women’s Running Shirt. This guarantee is applicable for thirty days post-purchase. Policies will vary from retailer to retailer. Make sure you check the policy for each retailer before purchasing it. There’s nothing worse than purchasing something to find out that it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work for your needs, trying to return it, and discovering that you can’t.

If you purchase this shirt from Amazon, it will have a different policy. They do offer free returns/refunds, but only for specific sizes and colors. Again, make sure to check before purchasing it. Once ordered, you can look in your order details to find the cutoff date for returns. This is also where you will go to begin your return and get instructions/a shipping label.


Most of the reviews found for this shirt are positive ones. On Amazon, this shirt has 4.5/5 stars with 24 reviews. Many consumers have reported that they love how lightweight it is. It’s perfect for running because it is thin and stretchy. They are happy with the thumbholes because they can act as gloves and they successfully keep the sleeves in place.

Most consumers are fans of the contoured fit. One even claimed that it made her stomach look smaller (who doesn’t want that?). If you don’t like very snug, form-fitting clothing, you will need to order a size up to achieve a regular fit. If you wear sharp jewelry, take it off before wearing this shirt as they could snag the material.

For the quality that you receive with this shirt, consumers agree that it is well worth the cost. Speaking of the cost, this shirt is very affordable. Many running shirts are priced on the high-end, even though they offer the same exact benefits.

Bottom Line

If you’re an active woman or you like form-fitting, lightweight, comfortable shirts, this one could be for you. It features a zipper that extends from your neckline to your breastbone, as well as a fabric flap at the top of the zipper to protect your chin. The long sleeves protect your arms from the sun, bug bites, and chills. They feature thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place and give your hands some warmth.

The polyester and nylon materials used in the construction of this running shirt will give you breathability, moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities, and durability. You can also expect the perfect blend of compression and stretch so that the shirt can move more naturally with your body.

The Slimour Women’s Running Shirt comes in sizes extra small through extra-large, is available in five colors (varies by retailer), and comes at a very affordable price. Also, depending on the retailer, you can expect a money-back guarantee for a limited time. Take this shirt with you to the gym, the trails, the streets, casual occasions, and the couch. It can be your go-to lightweight shirt anytime you leave the house.