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Treat your feet to a season of ease and comfort in one of the hot fashion trends for summer sandals. The shower slide style sandal has been around for a long time and is used a lot by athletes for the convenience. Athletes don’t typically wear their sports shoes outside of the track, court, arena, whathaveyou. So it’s very easy for them to have a pair of slide on sandals at the ready.

The upper material, which in this case only covers the top of your foot and stops before your toes start, is made from smooth synthetic leather. There are stitching accents throughout the shoe. An embossed Skechers emblem is included where your heel rests on the footbed and on the outer portion of the upper.

The strap is generously lined with soft fabric to keep the top of your foot from irritation due to sweat/friction. The footbed is also geared toward comfort with lightly textured contouring cushioning. There is a flexible midsole that provides shock absorption without adding a lot of weight to the meant-to-be lightweight sandal. The flexible rubber outsole will offer traction and protection from the elements/terrain.

The Gambix slid-on sandals from Skechers come in size eight through fourteen and that includes whole and medium sizes only. If you normally wear a half size you will want to order a size up. If you have wide feet, you may want to do that as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Convenient
  • Can be used in water
  • Slide-on
  • Cushioned
  • Great price
  • No narrow/wide sizes
  • No adjustability


The Skechers brand was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg after he left LA Gear; a company which he also founded. Skechers brand was originally meant to distribute footwear by Dr. Marten. However, within one year, Greenberg had decided that he wanted to shift focus to designing and manufacturing his own footwear.

Skate shoes and utility boots were among his first designs to grace the world. Marketing for the brand initially was directed towards the young, hip crowd. The first major success for the brand came in 1993 with the launch of the ‘Chrome Dome’. This shoe was created for people of either gender and was a street boot.

The Chrome Dome was crafted to appear scuffed and well worn. The appearance was reflective of the popular grunge look of the 1990s. Inspiration for this design came from the ripped stonewashed jeans that were all the rave. This first big hit propelled Skechers into a reputation of being able to keep up with the constantly changing trends in the fashion industry, especially among young consumers.
The brand expanded even more in 1995 when agreements with Signal/American and Genova were signed. These licensing agreements were for Skechers to manufacture casual wear for boys and men. They were to focus on comfort and wearability without sacrificing style.

1997 is the year that Skechers went overseas to begin selling their products internationally. A womenswear line was finally introduced to the inventory in 1998. This line included funky platform boots and sandals, again targeting the young crowd. This is also the time when the company began producing clothing and footwear for children and ended up becoming successful enough to be rewarded space in Macy’s in New York.


The upper on a sandal doesn’t do all the same work as an upper on a tennis shoe. When you wear sandals, you’re leaving portions of your feet exposed that you typically wouldn’t. The parts of your foot that do have coverage still need to be covered by quality materials, though.

If you have uncomfortable, scratchy, or suffocating material touching only certain areas of your foot, it’s going to be even more annoying than if it were your entire foot. We’ve all worn sandals that we couldn’t handle because of the way the straps felt against our skin.

The upper on the Gambix is a smooth, flexible leather with a soft lining. It covers the top of your foot and will provide protection against abrasions and functions in that portion. It will also keep your foot from becoming irritated due to friction or moisture. It will not be able to offer your protection for your toes, ankles, or heels.

A desirable feature on the upper of a sandal in this style is a velcro closure so that the fit can be adjusted to be more custom and secure. This sandal does not have this feature, but consumers still say they get a secure fit with the right size.


The midsole is the piece of the shoe that is going to give you the most cushioning, rebound and stability. It is sandwiched in between the insole and outsole of the shoe. Midsoles are meant to protect you from over-pronation, which is what happens when your foot rolls in. This is especially important in shoes that don’t have any other means of protecting your foot and ankle, such as this one.

The midsole is also another layer of protection against the terrain under your feet. You’ll feel less of an impact from sharp or hard objects you walk across. Most importantly, the midsole absorbs impact to protect the rest of your body from pain, discomfort, and fatigue.

Adding insole inserts to slip-on sandals is not a great option, so having a midsole that can work hard to give you comfort, support, and stability at the same time is very advantageous. If you have foot problems/pain then this type of shoe may not be the best option for long durations of time.


The outsole is a very important component of any piece of footwear. It is the part that is going to be coming into contact with whatever terrain you take them down. Most usually, the priorities when it comes to what consumers need from their outsole are a comfortable feel, protection, and waterproofing.

Rubber provides all of these needs, however, waterproofing doesn’t really protect you from much when your heel and toe are completely exposed to the elements anyway. They are great for playing in creeks though!

Rubber is durable but flexible, comfortable but supportive. It is built to handle wear and tear. The lifespan depends largely on how often and hard they are used. People who just wear them to the store or to hang out with friends can get a lot of life out of them.

If you’re wearing them to walk on trails or explore some water, they’re probably going to get beat up faster. But, the memories are more than worth the money you’ll spend on another pair. It may even be advantageous to purchase a couple of pairs. Keep a pair in the car for spontaneous adventures and a pair at home for the day to day activities.


Part of the reason this style of sandal is so popular and has been for quite some time is that they feel great on your foot. You may not be inclined to draw this conclusion just from looking at them. They’re not very remarkable. They’re simply constructed and don’t have bells and whistles because they’re not needed.

There are people who need adjustability, even in this style of sandal. For those of you who do, there is another model of the Gambix that does have a velcro strap. This would be beneficial for those who have feet that swell often or deal with symptoms from diabetes.

This version of the Gambix comes in sizes eight through fourteen. There are not any half-size options available. Consumers have suggested ordering the next size up if you normally wear a half size. There are not any narrow or wide options either. Sometimes, ordering up a size can help for wide feet. You know your feet, so you will be able to determine whether or not this sandal will work for yours.

The contoured footbed will help provide a more customized, secure fit. The strap is also a snug, secure fit when the right size is purchased.


While slide-on sandals are primarily made for ease and convenience, they are secondarily constructed for comfort. You can slide them on any time of day for anything and enjoy instant comfort all around.

The flexible synthetic leather upper will stretch and conform to the shape of your foot over time. The soft fabric lining on the underside of the upper will give the top and sides of your foot comfort from start to finish without causing irritation from friction while walking.

The footbed is cushioned and contoured and will give you the feeling that the sandals were designed just for your feet. Under the footbed is an extra layer of comfort that comes with shock absorption, support, and stability.

The flexible, supportive rubber outsole will give you comfort while you’re walking over uneven terrain. It will provide your legs and back with comfort by taking force from your steps.


Perfect for the upcoming season is the open toe and heel of sandals. You wouldn’t think you’d need any airflow or breathability from your shoe if half of your foot isn’t covered right? Wrong. If the part of your foot that is still covered by a material isn’t able to breathe, you’re going to notice rather quickly.

If the rest of your foot is open to the air and cool, you’re going to know when the covered portion of your foot is hot and sweaty and begging for some air. Thankfully, the upper of the Gambix is made from synthetic leather and is a breathable material.

The soft fabric lining and the leather upper will work together to wick up any moisture your feet may produce. This will help keep the area of your foot covered by the material from getting clammy, irritated, growing bacteria, or producing odor.


Slip-on sandals such as these are used for communal showers, shoes to wear to and from sports events, slippers, or casual day-to-day wear. You can take them into the creek with you when you’re hunting for crayfish. You can wear them on the bike trails when you’re exploring nature.

The great thing about how versatile these sandals are is that you can throw them on with virtually any outfit you have and look like they were made for it. They’ll compliment your skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts, and shorts. You can wear them to be sporty or you can wear them to be comfortable.

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, or size you are. These slip-on’s suit everybody from every walk of life. The elderly can use them as house slippers to prevent slips and falls in the kitchen and bathroom. Adults can use them to attend their kids’ sporting events in the summer or to host the summer picnics. Everyone can surely find a great use for such convenient sandals in their life.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for footwear that you can be extremely active in or that will provide you with all-around protection, this style probably won’t suit your current needs. These aren’t meant for hiking or dangerous terrain. They aren’t meant for heavy exercise or sports because if you need to suddenly stop or change direction, your ankle is very vulnerable to injury. Lounging and light activity is what goes best with these.

You can enjoy years of use out of these simple, convenient, comfortable sandals. Use them gently and they will last and last. If you wear them with the intent of excessive wear and tear, then you should be aware that that will drastically change the lifespan of your shoes. However, they are great for random adventures and getting caught in the rain. And at their price point, it’s well worth the memories made when you need to buy another pair.

The synthetic leather upper is going to keep you comfortable with its flexibility and the soft fabric lining on the inner side of the upper will keep the skin on the top of your foot from becoming irritated or odorous. The footbed will provide you with cushioning and rebound as well as keeping you more stable on your feet. At the price point and with all the benefits of being so versatile, it’s worth investing in not just one pair, but a spare to keep in the trunk too.