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For those people who enjoy running, they need a pair of socks that performs as well as they do. The Saucony Competition is just that pair! Made with breathable air mesh ventilation and RunDry moisture-wicking technology you can forget about hot and sweaty feet. Whether you run, walk, or play these socks have the features you need to feel your best while you train.

The Saucony Competition offers a no-show design and comes in a selection of cool colorways. Though they’re not completely out of sight you can easily wear them with shorts and sneakers. If you’re frustrated with always having ripped socks then this is a great choice to consider! The Saucony Competition is well-made and won’t fall apart with regular wear and tear.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • RunDry Wicking Technology
  • Arch Support
  • Machine Washable
  • No-Show Design
  • Seamless Toe
  • Cuff Is Visible Over Sneakers


The Saucony Competition is a no-show pair of socks that’s perfect for athletic activities. Whether you enjoy running, walking, or racing these socks will carry you where you want to go. They offer comfortable cushioning and wick excess moisture away from the skin for dryer wear.

The Saucony Competition comes in several vibrant colorways to suit your sense of style. These socks have an easy pull-on design that makes for effortless on-off wear. A ribbed arch keeps them in place and prevents any slipping down at the heel.

A lightweight build makes the Saucony Competition perfect for exercising which is why this is such a popular choice with athletes. It has a unique combination of materials that blend perfectly for enjoyable wear that will boost your performance in every way.

Moisture Control

Socks you intend to wear while exercising need to offer moisture-controlling technologies. Otherwise, you will end up uncomfortable because your socks will feel damp and soggy from the build-up of sweat. Sweating is unavoidable while you train which is why it’s so important that your socks limit the moisture that pools up inside of the fabric.

Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments like sweaty exercise socks. This is why the Saucony Competition is so popular among athletes; it offers built-in RunDry Moisture Management. This innovative technology uses a supple wicking yarn that draws excess perspiration away from the skin.

RunDry technology makes the sock more breathable which controls the temperature while you run. By staying cooler and allowing your skin to breathe you won’t sweat as much. This is a must if you want your socks to stay smelling fresh because it won’t be long before damp socks start to stink.


As I’ve already mentioned, your feet need to breathe otherwise they will get too sweaty while you exercise. Saucony Competition socks offer a lightweight structure and breathable materials that let plenty of air circulate your skin. This regulates the temperature inside your shoe and prevents uncontrollable sweating.

The Saucony Competition has built-in RunDry technology that makes it more breathable. This design feature is a favorite among athletes who appreciate the importance of adequate airflow. Anyone who has ever run in a pair of sweaty socks knows all too well how uncomfortable it will be.

You won’t need to worry about overheating while wearing these socks because they offer the perfect amoung of circulation to keep you cool and comfortable. This sets the Saucony Competition apart from similar styles that don’t offer the same kind of breathability.


Exercising is tough on your body, especially your feet which is why you need a comfortable pair of socks. The Saucony Competition offers the kind of cushion you need to prevent foot pain and lower limb fatigue. This means you will feel your best no matter how hard you train.

These socks have specific zone cushioning that provides protection where you need it the most. Certain ‘high impact’ areas take the full force from every step you take and should be well-padded to prevent injury and fatigue.

The Saucony Competition targets these delicate areas and delivers just the right amount of cushioning without making them feel bulky. Runners like feeling connected with the ground beneath their feet which is why you don’t want a pair with heavy padding.

Luckily, the Saucony Competition offers just the right amount! You still get a solid ground-connection with the protection and padding you need most.


Most people think they only get support from their shoes. This just isn’t true! The right pair of socks will provide you with the extra support you need to prevent foot pain and lower limb fatigue. The Saucony Competition offers built-in arch support which stabilizes that delicate area and protects it from injury.

The arch supports the entire weight of your body with every step you take. As you can imagine it needs as much support as possible. Otherwise, you will be more susceptible to injury and arch collapse. These painful conditions will have a huge impact on your ability to run and take weeks to months before they fully heal.


The Saucony Competition offers a comfortable blend of materials that help improve performance. With 96% polyester, this pair is machine washable on a gentle cycle. Polyester is a breathable fabric that isn’t too heavy so you don’t feel weighed down while you exercise.

With 2% Spandex and 2% rubber, the Saucony Competition stays perfectly in place and doesn’t slide down at the heel. Spandex provides an elastic effect that holds the cuff in place keeping it from slipping down like so many pairs.

The rubber material makes for an interesting feel that is more resilient than most styles available. Rubber is a durable material that provides better protection from moisture which is why it’s a good choice for athletic and outdoor hosiery.


Everyone loves a good deal and that’s exactly what the Saucony Competition offers. These socks come in a value pack with six pairs which makes them a great deal. Having to buy individual pairs gets too costly, especially in today's world which is why the value pack is a great feature.

The Saucony Competition is a well-made choice that offers quality materials and comfortable wearability. Most pairs that sell for this little are poor quality and usually end up falling apart after very little wear. The Saucony Competition tends to be a durable option that lasts quite a while even with daily wear and tear.


The Saucony Competition is full of performance-geared features. It offers air mesh venting technology that keeps you nice and cool so you won’t sweat as much. This innovative feature makes the Saucony Competition an excellent choice for athletics like running and walking.

This pair gives you a slight bit of compression that lessens downtime and shortens the recovery period. Compression increases blood flow to decrease the build-up of lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue and other uncomfortable issues. It’s a must for anyone with diabetes and is a valuable aspect of running gear.

These socks are very durable and last longer than other similar options available. Most pairs just can’t handle the tough wear and tear of constant running but this one does quite well. You won’t have any issues with tearing after little wear and they look brand new for quite some time. This is because of the polyester material that is easy to care for and holds up well under pressure.


Most socks have a seam along the toe that makes them uncomfortable to wear. This seam often rubs against your skin causing friction spots and is irritating while you run. After a while, you will end up with a painful blister from the repeated rubbing which can take weeks to fully heal.

The Saucony Competition offers a seamless toe that is more comfortable to wear. The seam is the place most likely to rip which makes this pair more durable than others. Without that weak spot the socks last longer even with repeated wear and tear.

This feature makes these socks perfect to wear while you train because it lessens the chance of blisters and feels more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about tears after only a few times wearing them so you can push it as hard as you want.


Despite being a no-show sock, the Saucony Competition still peaks out from the top of your sneakers. While this isn’t a huge deal some people find it to be annoying. The good thing is that only a small bit of the socks peek out from your shoes so it’s not even noticeable unless you’re staring.

You can always try rolling down the cuff if you’re concerned with it being visible. Though this might make the socks slide down at the heel which leaves your foot open to blisters. When the heel is exposed it will most likely rub against the shoe causing friction-related irritation.

Bottom Line

The Saucony Competition is an excellent pair of socks for athletic activities. It offers air mesh ventilation technology that keeps you cooler. This prevents overheating and excessive sweating by circulating air around your skin. Sweating is a problem that every runner has to deal with which is why it’s so nice to have socks that keep you drier.

This pair offers a no-show design, though it fails to be fully out of sight when worn with sneakers. Even still, the Saucony Competition is barely noticeable which makes it perfect to wear with shorts and sneakers.

RunDry technology keeps you drier while you run which is a must if you want to be comfortable. Wet and soggy socks just aren’t enjoyable while you train which is why so many athletes turn to these socks. Specific zone cushioning targets those areas that need more padding and protects them.

The Saucony Competition is a lightweight choice that feels good on your feet. It doesn’ bunch up inside your shoe and you won’t have to worry about it sliding down your heel. I love the built-in arch support because it helps lessen foot pain and lower limb fatigue even after long hours on my feet.

The Saucony Competition is 96% polyester which makes it easy to care for. You can throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and even in the dryer on low. This is great because exercise gear needs more frequent laundering. This is a pain, especially when there are special washing instructions.