Salomon XA Shorts Review

  • The thick waist of the Salomon XA conceals the 360-degree pocket.
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Outdoor lovers know Salomon because Salomon knows the outdoors. Salomon wants you to go out and discover all the possibilities at your disposal. The XA short outfits you to explore the trail on foot in lightweight style. Athletes looking to improve their performance won’t want to pass up this Salomon option. This sleek design has accommodations to make all your outings just a little bit easier.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 360-Degree Pocket
  • Reflective Detail
  • Breathable Brief Liner
  • AdvancedSkin Technology
  • Active Dry Technology
  • Easy Care
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Not Versatile


Running shorts need to stay up, that is one of the few major requirements for the garments that we wear when we hit the road on foot. On the Salomon XA short, intended for long-distance training, there is a fully adjustable, as well as elasticated, waist for the perfect fit that sits just right on your hips. High-intensity training is made easier with a fantastic fit, which this Salomon undoubtedly provides. Not only is the fit perfect for a variety of different body types thanks to this adjustability, but it is flattering as well. The slits in the outer leg help to elongate the appearance of the legs. They also create a larger range of motion, so if you’re bringing your knees up further than usual, your pants won’t hold you back. You can get in even the more flexible, intense, and fast movements without your clothing holding you back, as too much coverage can tend to do.


The flattery of different bodies isn’t the only standout for the appearance of the XA. These are a truly adorable pair of training bottoms than even those with decidedly unsporty styles will love. With almost a subdued, geometric pattern on the fabric, there is a level of depth and interest to it that other options just don’t have. The back hem comes down a little lower than the front. This design achieves a couple of things. One, it is more flattering to have a shorter length on the front of the leg, especially when it tapers towards the outer thigh. This makes an aesthetically pleasing curve on your leg that accentuates the natural form of the thigh and hips. When a short is the same length all the way around, it can look drab and give the leg a stocky appearance due to the sharp cut off of the line. Additionally, being shorter in the front than in the back gives you more fabric to cover your backside during any workout. The brief within the short will ensure that everything stays in place but it won’t necessarily help you from feeling overexposed during a squat or lunge. These shorts consider wearer’s comfortability in their design, which is important when trying to create a product people will love.


Training gets overwhelming. People who workout thrive the most when they’re pushing themselves, trying to press on the boundaries that their body’s give them to see what they can achieve. Sweating is inevitable but it shouldn’t feel like torture when you put on great performance gear to do these workouts. Your bottoms should breathe and be able to give you great ventilation, as it gets extremely hot when you are pushing yourself to the limit. These are designed to keep up with some intense running but don’t let their lightweight build fool you. If you are running in all seasons, these shorts are equally prepared to keep you feeling warm and cozy where needed thanks to their AdvancedSkin technology. In this short, it is used to keep you dry. The woven synthetic materials and incredibly breathable meshed brief ensure that you will feel comfortably dry and cool even on the toughest runs. The active fit of the XA gives you a bit of room for natural ventilation as well. This helps in extending your range of motion thanks to fitting close to the body while maintaining wiggle room.


It is a pain to maintain workout gear. So many of your favorite brands require a lot of work to keep their performance gear performing at its best. This is frustrating because, in a world where many people struggle to even find the time to get active, it is silly to expect them to separately launder their activewear. These are resistant to sweat and other stains and their washing instructions are a total breeze. Throw these in on cold and then tumble dry and you’re done. Compared to the extensive handwashing instructions or line-drying requirements for performance technology, this is quite the relief. If you don’t want to spend time worrying about clothes you wear for high-intensity runs, then a garment that is low-maintenance such as the XA might be your match.

Quick Drying

Multiple factors go into this short being so quick drying and convenient to wear. While we will talk about the technologies later, two work in a sort of synergy to keep these insanely comfortable for their wearer. AdvancedSkin technology is multipurpose. Some versions of it are developed for insulation and warmth. Other versions of the technology are used for protection, such as what you would need while trail running or climbing. The XA utilizes it for ultra-fast drying. The meshed pocket that goes all the way around is only solid on its outermost layer. This ensures you aren’t trapping body heat against you when you’re using it for storage. Salomon uses another tool called active dry to make sure that moisture stays away from the skin and comes quickly to the surface to evaporate. Their inner brief is made from a meshed material as well. This will help keep you from feeling damp and uncomfortable when you go on a run in weather that is particularly tough on you.

Safety Features

Reflective details are incredibly important for anyone’s safety. If you are a long distance runner and practicing for long hours testing your endurance, it is likely you will be running surrounded by motorists. Though there is access to tracks in many areas, that isn’t true for a majority of runners and still many prefer the open road. The XA has all over reflectivity. If you have ever been surprised by someone on the road walking, running, or biking at night without wearing anything reflective, you know how scary it can be. Allover reflectivity isn’t incredibly visible in the day time on the XA, but at night you are sure to be seen even in the darkest roads. This increases safety for you and safety for those around you. It can be dangerous to run at night or before dawn, endurance runners are often pushing themselves quite hard and can get lost in the moment. For this reason, it is important to protect yourself and wear something where you can be unmistakenly recognized just in case.

Storage System

Women always get robbed of pockets. I am not sure if clothing companies get together and decide to deprive us of these necessities due to them also having stock in purses and handbags. What I do know is that it is extremely inconvenient to go without storage directly on your persons. The XA does something quite new and exciting, in that it has a pocket that goes all the way around the waistband. This helps to balance and distribute the weight of the items you’re carrying without interruption to your run. The inside lining of this pocket is mesh, so you aren’t doubling up fabric that could make you feel too hot or constricted. Pockets that go all around the waistband are a fabulous trend for practical reasons. The opening to this pocket is zipped at the back of the shorts, which keeps it hidden but accessible. One possible downside to this zipped, 360-degree storage area is that some items may be harder to access since there is only one opening for the whole compartment. Regardless, this is large enough to hold a variety of items and soft flasks, making for a very convenient addition to the XA.


Salomon caters to runners, specifically, probably more than any other type of athlete. Solely based on this alone, you can always expect Salomon to be quote excessive when it comes to properly outfit the runners who choose them. AdvancedSkin is a technology with so many uses, and on the XA, it is designed to keep you dry during your workout. Endurance running is hardcore. While doing it, of course, you can expect to work up quite a sweat. These technical fabrics that Salomon has developed ensure you stay cool and dry no matter how far you are pushing the envelope. Active dry will prove to not be expendable after you try these for a run. Another added plus to the XA is that they have 50 UPF. This protects against harmful ultraviolet rays. It doesn’t only protect you from skin damage and slow the process of tan or burn, it blocks out a good 98 percent of both UVA and UVF rays. This is the new standard for clothing that protects against the sun and Salomon is ahead of the curve by integrating it into the XA.


Depending on the quality of the athletic gear, there is a huge range of prices that you can buy much-needed performance wear within. While the XA isn’t fully at the high-end of this range, they are definitely in the high middle. You can expect to find a lot of performance wear to be priced similarly to lounge shorts, however, Salomon so carefully and specifically designs their garments to outfit runners and athletes. Due to this dedication, there is a slight rise in the price that you are going to be shelling out for the XA. They know what they are doing from years of focus and experience, their product is worth the extra cash, but it isn’t accessible to all at the cost. For dedicated runners who are going to get a lot of wear out of them, the XA is more than affordable. If you wear performance gear more like leisurewear, there are going to be better options for you that are less aimed towards athletes. The brief alone makes these less practical for casual wear. With the increase in sporty clothing being worn outside of the gym, some purchases make sense for just being comfortable at home or the store, but the XA probably isn’t one of them.


Sporty clothing has become a staple all over the world. Athletic wear is worn in a slew of situations that are anything but athletic. If you style certain sporty staples, they can take on a completely new look. The XA isn’t one of these staples. They have a very straightforward, no-nonsense appearance. At their price, you don’t want to be buying these unless you’re using them exclusively for running or training, because they aren’t fit for that much casual wear. These are a pure running short, down to the sound of the material when you walk. Their brief, though breathable and comfortable for runners, isn’t going to be practical for casually wearing around town or the house. That being said, if you love the look of the XA, don’t think you can’t get it if you aren’t a runner. It just doesn’t have that kind of versatile wear that a less-obvious performance garment would have.

Bottom Line

Anyone who trains or does endurance, long-distance running will benefit greatly from the Salomon XA. Salomon caters to runners specifically and this short is proof of that. With a 360-degree zipped storage pocket and super light, fast-drying fabric, these are as comfortable as they are convenient. Their lack of versatile wear and higher price aside, the XA is fitting for a runner committed to finding the best performance option to enhance their run. The XA goes the distance so that you can too.