Salomon Drifter Mid Vest

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The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest is a great vest with a unique design. Unlike any other product on the market, it has a reversible design. This means that the inside can be flipped to become the outside. Depending on what you feel like, the Salmon Drifter Mid Vest can appeal to a more sporty or casual look. Regardless of which side you choose, this vest was created to protect your body and keep you comfortable.

This particular vest uses high-quality fabrics that are sewn with precision to produce the ultimate vest. Wearing this vest will protect you from both the wind and rain. This is ideal for people who tend to spend long periods outdoors. The materials that this vest is made of are also designed to be tear and rip-resistant. While this is a slightly more expensive investment, it is well worth it in the long run.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Complete mobility

Compressible material

Very lightweight

Windproof and waterproof

High-quality materials


On the expensive side

A little puffy

Wide hem

Activet Fit

Most people who choose to wear vests outdoors are going to be doing some sort of activity. Regardless of whether it is an intense sport or simply window shopping, the vest needs to feel comfortable. It can be very annoying if you’re trying to enjoy yourself but your clothing keeps tugging on you or feeling tight. One of the biggest reasons why this happens is the style of cut for your vest.

The Salomon Drifter Mid Vest features an active fit cut. This means that the vest was designed for people who were planning to do sports or activities that require a lot of movement. Creating a specific type of cutting for the Salomon Drifter Mid Vest can help ensure that it does not become a hindrance during your activities.

This particular cut features a wider shoulder area so that you can move freely within the vest. The vest is also not tapered so that you can twist or turn without worrying that the product will rip apart. The extra space is also so that you can wear clothing inside without feeling bulky.


It is always everyone’s hope and expectation that when they are purchasing a product, they can afford the most top of the line item. If given a choice, this top item would also be made by a prestigious brand. However, not everyone can afford said products and have to rely on manufacturers that produce a durable and long-lasting product.

The Salomon Drifter Mid Vest is a great product with a hefty price tag. This is primarily a brand that is sold in Europe, meaning there are import fees and other taxations. The price also increases significantly due to the difference in currency. However, those who have purchased the Salomon Drifter Mid Vest has agreed that the more expensive price tag is worth one.

Many people do not want the hassle of having to purchase new products over and over again. This is both a waste of time and money. Many people would rather invest in something that is slightly more expensive but knows that it will last a very long time. This can prevent them from spending extra time shopping and know there is always something that they can easily grab out of their closet.


One of the major dislikes that people have when choosing their clothing is how heavy it is. When you wear heavy clothes, it makes you feel very bulky and fat. The actual weight of the clothing can also add to increase your fatigue as you wear it for a long time. This is not ideal for people who plan on exercising in their vests.

When it comes to the Salomon Drifter Mid Vest, this is not something you will have to worry about. The product is made using very lightweight fabrics. Wearing this vest will not feel like any physical weight has been added.

Another thing that has helped decrease the overall weight of the Salomon Drifter Mid Vest is that it uses precision materials. This means that all the fabrics and materials are measured to what is exactly needed. It removes the extra fabric that other manufacturers put as leeway to prevent their products from ripping. The reduction of material translates directly to a decrease in weight.

This allows people to wear the vest for a long period without feeling tired.

Moisture Wicking

When people partake in activities that are outside, they usually choose to wear something that can protect them from the elements. Usually, people want to be protected from the wind and rain as both can lead to an uncomfortable experience. When clothing absorbs moisture, it will become increasingly heavy and start to sag. A lot more energy will be spent carrying the weight around, rather than focusing on what you’re doing.

The Salomon Drifter Mid Vest has very good moisture-wicking properties. When moisture gets onto the vest, it does not absorb it right away. The droplets continue to sit on the outer layer before it is shaken or brushed off. This can be done by hand or simply by your movements when you walk or run.

Having good moisture-wicking properties can also have an added benefit. As there is an assumption you will be wearing your Salomon Drifter Mid Vest outdoors, there is a chance coffee or other drinks can be spilled on it. The water repellent material will delay the absorption of the beverage, allowing you ample time to find something to clean it off.


One of the things that people expect when purchasing their clothing is that clothing does not restrict their movements. Wearing an ill-fitting product can lead to tightness or discomfort during the entire time you wear it. In some cases, it may even cause accidental tearing when you reach or move in a certain way. It is important to always check how stretchy the product is before purchasing.

The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest features four-way stretch capabilities. This includes up, down, left, and right. This is unique because most products are only meant to be able to withstand a longitudinal pull or a latitudinal pulling. This means that when the clothing is pulled in a direction that it was not meant to, the clothing will tear. The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest has spandex mixed into the materials so that it can help with elasticity.

This is ideal for people that will be exercising outdoors while wearing their vest. Sports usually require your body to be placed in positions it is not normally accustomed to. This particular product can withstand long periods of stretching without worrying it will break.


One thing that people do not often think about when they purchase clothing is how well will it compress. For example, many outer jackets and sweaters look great when worn. However, they would take up a lot of room if they needed to be stuffed into a backpack or suitcase. This can create an issue because it will prevent you from bringing other items that you need to do your activities.

The Salomon Drifter Mid Vest can be compressed into a fraction of its size. This is because the materials of this particular item are meant to be packed. When unfurled, the vest absorbs a lot of air and helps the vest expand. This gives the wearer a feeling of fullness and comfort.

This is ideal during the winter season, but there will be a time where it becomes too hot and you want to put it away. This can become quite a problem if your bag is already full and there is very limited space left. Because the Salomon Drifter Mid Vest is made with compressible material, simply roll the vest and push down until all the air bubbles are deflated.


A primary reason why people wear vests is that they need an additional layer to keep them warm and comfortable. Ideally, this layer should also be able to protect them from the elements. Wearing extra clothing will help your body generate heat at a quicker pace. The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest will continue the job by helping your body retain the heat.

The vest does this through a patented technology known as PrimaLoft. Once your body generates heat, this technology reflects the heat towards your body. This will allow your body to absorb any residual heat. The PrimaLoft technology also helps trap the heat within the Salomon Drifter Mid vest by making it hard to penetrate.

This means that the escaping heat has a hard time navigating through all the layers of material to exit. Heat wanting to escape the vest will have to find the pores of the fibers where they can continue towards the outer layers. The delay in the release of the trapped heat means extra time that your body stays warm. This vest can keep your body warm and protect much longer than most competitors.


While the material and fabric make up of a vest is important, stitching and sewing are just as imperative. Improperly sewn vests will break or start to rip after a few uses, which is why it is important to take some time to study the sewing style before purchasing the product. The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest is machine sewn with tight stitches to prevent the easy breakdown of the item. The close stitches help to decrease the chances of the vest ripping when a stitch starts to wear down.

Most people can attest to the fact that when their vest starts to break, it is usually because the edges are starting to fray. To prevent early signs of wear and tear, the Salmon Drifter Mid Vest uses hem binding to protect the lower hem. This means that the hem is reinforced by what is known as hem tape.

This is a fabric tape that is woven so that it can protect the fraying edges of the hem. The reinforcement will allow your vest to last longer without showing signs of age.

Wind Protection

People often wear vests as an extra layer during the colder months and as an outer layer during the warmer season. During these times, it is ideal to have a stiff collar that can stand up against the wind. The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest has a collared neck to help prevent you from becoming uncomfortable.

Depending on the length of your neck, the collar on the Salmon Drifter Mid Vest will reach your jawline or slightly below. Having this collar will prevent wind from seeping in and making it down to your chest. The collar is designed to reduce the exposed skin around your neck and chest so that the wind does not enter. This will help keep your body at warmer body temperature.

The materials used to create this vest is also windproof. This can help slow down the amount of cold air trying to rush through your vest and enter your skin. The wind protection of this vest is ideal for people that enjoy running or partaking in sports outdoors.

Zippered Pockets

Every time you leave your house, there is a requirement that you bring a few items with you. At the least, you will need your phone, wallet, and keys. People who are planning to go exercise may opt to bring a few more items such as a water bottle or a granola bar. Rather than having to carry all these things in your hand, it is ideal if your vest has pockets where you can place them.

The Salmon Drifter Mid Vest takes it a step further by having zippered pockets. This is ideal for people who are planning on moving lots as sometimes items will drop out without them noticing. Placing your valuable items in a pocket and zipping it up will ensure that you will not lose your belongings. This can offer you peace of mind while you are training.

When runners are exercising, they like to keep the number of items they bring to a minimum. This allows them to stay lightweight and also streamline themselves. If you are one of these people, simply pop your phone and keys into your Salmon Drifter Mid Vest and go.

Bottom Line

The Salomon Drifter Mid Vest is going to be your new go-to outerwear. It is created and meant for people who partake in outdoor sports. The patented PrimaLoft technology works to keep you warm for extended periods, thus making this a worthwhile layer. The heat that is generated from your body will stay circulating within the vest to keep your body temperature up.

For those who are avid travelers, the Salomon Drifter Mid Vest can easily be a good traveling companion. It will keep you protected from the elements regardless of the season and when it gets warm simply pack it away. This vest can be compacted so that it is very small, thus not taking much room in your bag. This allows you to have a better estimate of what you are bringing.

Coupled along with the active fit cut and unlimited mobility, this is a product you do not want to miss!