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Backpacks go by several different names; they’re also called knapsacks, rucksacks, or just with their abbreviation term – a pack. And the different names for the item really come from the region in which they were used. In fact, the word itself (backpack) was actually coined in the US, at the start of the 20th century, while the rucksack word is derived from the German words „rucken“ and „sack“. The word rucken basically means back, while the word sack describes a type of bag.

But, although there are several types of backpacks in existence, their use has been expanded over the years. For instance, the basic design of the school type of backpacks have varied over the years, and so have the other types of packs. The army uses specialized types of backpacks, and so does the hiking aficionados. And that’s the subject of this review. Very high tech and very practical backpack specialized for hiking. Made by one of the best companies in the world, Agile is truly a fantastic example of modern design. Graced with practicality, style, and high quality, the Agile is really something.

But let’s take a closer look at the backpack. What makes it so great? What are the pros and cons of the Agile is it a purchase worth making? Scroll down and have a look for yourself.

Hope you’ll like this review ( and this item as well) enough to purchase it for yourself or your loved ones.

Editor's Pros & Cons




Allows multiple high endurance activities


Needs a lot more color options


Although two separate materials were used in the making of the Agile, the triple ripstop style of nylon is truly the star here. In fact, this is 100D nylon, which means that 9000 (yes that’s 9000) meters of the fabric (in this case nylon) used in the making of the item weighs just 100 grams. And you’ve guessed it. The numbers here make this backpack extremely lightweight, very sturdy and very comfy.

The reason behind the huge number (9000) is the fact that this is a triple type of ripstop. Which means that the amount nylon is in fact tripled in order for this item to be produced. The word D after the 100 is a metric, and it basically describes the density (or thickness) of the fabric that’s been used in the making of the item. But that’s not all. The very nylon used here is 1000mm waterproof. What does it mean? Well, it basically means that it can resist 1000mm of water pressure. Now, that’s one fantastic and strong material. But in addition to the triple ripstop style of nylon, there’s the air mesh. What’s so special about the mesh you might ask?. Well, for one it’s made in 3D technology, and secondly, it’s placed on the location where it’s needed the most. On the surface of the backpack which is the area that touches the body the most. On the inside of the item.

The 3D style of air mesh- has the most contact with your body. And because of that and the fact that you tend sweet the most on the large surface, the air mesh is inserted to help with the aeration and the ventilation as well. That way, the back of your body will remain moisture free and you’ll be left with an overall comfort too. And last but certainly not least, the stretch. It’s not just any type of stretch. It a stretch that goes 4 ways and it’s awesome. What does that mean? You can stretch the fabric in four separate ways.

Up and down, left and right. And it won’t get damaged, it won’t tear and it won’t lose the shape in which was originally bought. Let’s face it, items like these get stretched a lot in every direction, but thanks to the fantastic 4-way type of stretch, the fabric will remain just the way it is.


A lot of the comfort comes from the materials for sure. But just with any other product, the comfort isn’t solely dependent on solely one thing. This item is no exception, and as expected several other factors play a huge role in comfort. Yes, the fact that there’s a stretchy and water repellant nylon with a 3D style of mesh helps. But this is a specific one size fits all type of a backpack, which really amps up the comfort.

There’s no need for searching through the sizing chart. Also, the straps of the item are not only thick but also padded for an extra dose of comfort. The fall nicely on the shoulders and because of the padding they tend to stay comfortable in place without the fear of falling or sliding off. Also, there’s the twin link. It’s large, it’s light and so easy to use. The adjustment system is custom but what it does is, it eliminates the well-known pressure points especially around the sternum area. By eliminating those pressure points, the berating and the overall comfort is encased, thanks to that twin link.


Because this is a unisex backpack, with a one size fits all type of sizing, the fit is also universal. It will fit nicely even the broader type of person, the shoulders will fall the same on males and females and the straps are adjustable enough to be able to fasten even the large-chested individuals.


When we mentioned earlier that this is a very lightweight item, we actually meant it. The Agile backpack weighs just 330 grams. That’s right. The weight without the additional accessories is only 330 grams. It’s basically the size of Anita’s apple cereal bag and it’s amazing. But with the added accessories, the total weight of the item is 390 grams. How cool is that?


Although specifically designed and marketed for trail running, the Agile is so versatile that you can actually use it for every single open-air type of activity. Going for a short hike? Take the Argile with you. Going for a weekend camping? Yup. It’s best that you have it on you.


One of the most prominent characteristics of the Agile model is multi-functionality. The multi-purpose style of versatility really enlightens the entire outdoor activity. Because regardless of what type of activity you will choose, the versatility that comes with the backpack will make the entire experience much more pleasant. It has quick accessibility for every component and area on the item, and the comfort that you’ll get while wearing it, cannot be replaced with anything. Oh, and it also contains a bladder that’s well equipped to carry 1.5 liters of water. Just to keep you hydrated on your outdoor adventure.


Don’t get fooled by the one size fits all labeling here. That’s meant for the consumer, in order to accommodate more versatile types of bodies, and not to exclude anyone that would love to wear this particular backpack. But the actual Argile mode has dimensions that can be found on the simple description box. 45 x 22 x 18. That’s right. 45 cm is the length or the height, 22 cm in width and 45 cm is the depth of the backpack.


All right. There’s plenty to be said about the performance of the Agile, so, just a heads up warning. This is going to be a much longer portion. One of the basics feature’s that really deterging the performance are the fantastic harness construction, the shoulder strap that’s padded and perforated at the same time.

The hardness style of construction actually wraps the backpack around the body in order to bring comfort and to disperse the load of the inside in a more even and stress-free way. The construction also features plenty of components and pockets that also amp up the performance. Most notably there is the main component, the internal pocket that’s re-enforced with a zipper, and the 2 external pockets made out of mesh material and let’s not forget about the 2 sets of front pockets that also come with 2 additional soft flasks.

The first pair of front pockets are soft and elastic hydration pockets while the second set is the stretch pocket located in the front. That’s’ where the flask go. Oh and there’s no way of forgetting the different type of carrying systems that also contribute to the performance of this particular model.

The first is the pole holder. Made with 4D, it can easily connect the different poles of the backpack in order to carry several items all at once. The gear carrier which is elastic and very versatile is also one great feature here, and so is the helmet carries and the small but very practical key carries. You can attach the helmet and you keys safely without worrying that they’ll get lost along the way.


Don’t think for a second that the straps and the adjustable fastening system are the only contributors to the overall protection. There’s a different set of protection here and it’s amazing. The entire construction is re-enforced with small but very handy reflective details. They’re inserted on the surface of the backpack in order to enhance the visibility when you’re located in poorly lit areas. This feature will come very handy at night and an area where the weather conditions really diminish the visibility.


Much like with the comfort, the durability of the item doesn’t always depend on the materials used in the construction. Sure they help big time, but they’re not the only source of durability. However, mentioning them is a must. The triple ripstop made with 100D nylon is always a good choice of material and so is the use of a 3D style of mesh.

But the construction of the backpack, the basic design and the practicality that comes with really contribute to the overall durability. There’s that fantastic harness construction. And that construction would be totally useless without the lightweight feeling of the entire item. Weighing at just 330 grams (without the accessories), the harness construction really bonds with the weight and makes it easy for you to move, while wearing the backpack. The durability is truly a team effort and you’ll be able to feel that teamwork once you have the item on you.


The Salomon’s official website has simple but very precise maintenance and care instruction that you’ll need to follow in order to prolong the use of the Argile. Firs rule that you must follow is that you don’t dry clean the model. Secondly, if you put it in your washing machine, wash it on very low temperatures. 30 degrees Celsius is the maximum allowed washing temperature. Do not tumble dry the item and definitely don’t bleach it. And of course, don’t even try to iron it. The direct heat of the iron will damage the materials, and the model will be ruined forever. Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be able to wear it for a long long time.

Bottom line

Although Salomon advertises this particular backpack for trail running, the versatility, the lightweight nature, and the comfort really make this a fantastic item for every outdoor use. Whether it’s for your weekend hike or for your camping trip, it will become very handy and very practical. It has a one size fits all type of sizing, it's unisex and most importantly will be able to carry every single valuable item.

Your flasks filled with water, your helmet, your keys and pretty much everything you store in the 45 cm deep cavity. It has 8 separate (both internal and external) pockets and padding in the perforated straps. It will truly become one of your most beloved models and will look for an excuse to use it more and more.